Cuban Cigar Size Chart (and poster)

H Upmann Factory

A lot of aficionados are confused when it comes to different Cuban cigar sizes, so I decided to post the “official” chart. The sizes listed below were pulled from the Habanos, SA website. Since they make the cigars, these ARE the correct sizes and names (I hope). Traditionally there have been fewer vitolas listed, but Habanos is now putting out a lot of different sizes. In fact, they have a vitola for every possible size, even if the differences are in just a millimeter or even the presence or absence of a pigtail cap.

I have separated the vitolas into two sections, parejos and figurados (shaped cigars) (link leqds to a general article about shapes and sizes). Habanos had all of the sizes arranged by ring gauge, but I am rearranging them by length.

I am also including only length in inches and ring gauge. I live in the US, so the metric measurements don’t do anything for me (although I know some of you die-hard Habanophiles will disagree). I did have to include them when sizes differed by a few millimeters. Oddly the Marevas and Petit Coronas are identical evenly in Metric. I can only speculate that the two are included separately because the size is called different names in different factories (update: check Andrea’s comment below for more details). A lot of people ask me whether I know where to get a poster with the chart pictured below. The only source I found is Amazon, but I feel that $75 is somewhat expensive.

Cuban Size Chart

Parejos: standard cigar shape, includes box-pressed and pigtails

VitolaLength (in)Ring gauge
Gran Corona9 1/447
Prominentes7 5/849
Laguito Especial (pigtail)7 1/240
Laguito No. 1 (pigtail)7 1/238
Delicados7 1/238
Delicados Extra7 1/236
Paco7 1/849
Julieta #2747
Panetelas Largas6 7/828
Dalias6 3/443
Palmas6 3/433
Hermosos #16 5/848
Cervantes6 1/242
Parejos6 1/238
Cazadores6 3/843
Deliciosos6 1/433
Dobles (pigtail)6 1/850
Coronas Grandes6 1/842
Cazadores JLP643
Laguito No. 2638
Canonazo5 3/452
Exquisitos5 3/446
Conservas5 3/443
Cristales5 3/441
Corona Gordas5 5/846
Franciscos5 5/844
Coronas5 5/842
Carlotas5 5/835
Genios5 1/252
Conservas JLP5 1/244
Nacionales5 1/241
Cremas5 1/240
Edmundo5 3/852
Dalias Cortas5 3/843
Cosacos5 3/842
Cremas JLP5 3/840
Coloniales (pigtail)5 1/444
Nacionales JLP (134mm)5 1/442
Brevas JLP (133mm)5 1/442
Eminentes (132mm)5 1/442
Gordito5 1/550
Marevas5 1/842
Petit Coronas5 1/842
Almuerzos (139mm)5 1/840
Petit Cetros (138mm)5 1/840
Hermosos #4548
Petit Cetros JLP538
Standard4 7/840
Petit Edmundo4 3/452
Carolinas4 3/429
Robustos (117mm)4 5/850
Coronitas (116mm)4 5/840
Franciscanos4 5/840
Sports4 5/835
Magicos4 1/252
Cadetes4 1/236
Laguito No. 34 1/226
Minutos4 3/842
Reyes (pigtail)4 3/840
Secretos4 3/840
Trabucos4 3/838
Epicures4 3/835
Petit Cazadores4 1/843
Petit Robustos450

Figurado-shaped cigars

VitolaLength (in)Ring gaugeType
Diadema8 7/855diadema
Salomon7 1/457diadema
Rodolfo7 1/854pyramid
Romeo6 3/852perfecto
Tacos6 1/447diadema
Piramides6 1/852pyramid
Culebras5 3/439culebra
Campanas5 1/252torpedo
Generosos5 1/442diadema
Favoritos4 3/442diadema
Petit Bouquet443perfecto