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  1. Tee
    February 23, 2015

    Nice article. Thank you for recognizing that cigars are not just for men. Personally, I don’t care for flavored cigars, preferring medium to full bodied ones instead. But that’s what so great about an industry that offers so many premium products.
    Shop owners, please take note: the ladies are in the humidor too!


  2. Joyce Oshanick
    February 24, 2015


    You nailed it! Acid Kuba Kuba is my “Sunday Cigar”. Oliva Serie V Melanio torpedo is second on my list. Alec Bradley’s Maxx the Ego makes a statement for any woman who fires it up in public and really gets the conversation going. I select all of the cigars that go into our store’s humidor and taste each one to make sure I am supplying good information to our clientele. Taste is subjective so I don’t tell them what “notes” to expect. These are glorious golden years for the premium cigar industry. I can’t wait to discover my new favorite.


  3. Zhinka Chunmee
    February 25, 2015

    I agree with the writer!
    I have kept a journal in which I rate every new cigar I have ever smoked. I do not smoke an enormous amount, but when I do I like to keep a record so that I do not waste my time or cash on ones I will not like, I give each type an honest test with 4 cigars, that way I can be sure one was not just defective.
    I dislike the cherry and vanilla types.
    However, I adore the acids! Acid Waifs are my quick smoke favorite , followed by the Acid Blondies. the Acid toast.
    I completely disliked the Acid Extra Ordinary Larry, it reminded me of burned instant coffee with hints of hickory charcoal and WD-40.

    As far as the best of the best so far in my old age the 75th Aniversario desde 1935 Monte Cristo is my ultimate favorite,so smooth like smoking silk, never got hot and was a good 40 minute cigar, but I have not found them at our smoke shoppe in years. (these are on my 30th anniversary wish list lol)
    My second favorite smoke was the Drew Estat Tabak Especial Colada, cool, easy smoke, spicy and nutty and very nice draw,but again difficult to find these days.

    granted I have only been smoking cigars for about 15 years, but this over 50 gal wishes I had started sooner, it is a relaxing time for my husband and I and I think it has helped our marriage because it gives us a private time in which we relax with no phones, tv or anyone else horning in and that is the best date ever in my opinion.


    • kkh369
      October 12, 2017

      The only Acid cigar I like is the Gold Atom Maduro, and that is because it is BARELY infused. The rest of the Acids I’ve tried taste like they were dipped in aftershave. I really only like the infused cigars that have coffee/chocolate flavors since those notes are already found in “plain” tobacco. I especially like the Java line from Drew/Rocky Patel, as well as Drew’s Tabak Especial line. The Tabak Especial Maduro is in my top 3 right now, flavores or otherwise.

      I see that Alec Bradley was mentioned, but the reason they are some of my faves is because they are full-flavored. I really like the Sanctum, Black Market and Prensados. (I am smoking a gorgeous Prensado Torpedo right now; 2011 Cigar of the Year on CA) I like their American Classic Blend for a milder stick.

      I had to laugh a bit at this article. I have a couple of friends who enjoy cigars just as much as I do, and they would scoff at this article. We smoke 1 to 3 cigars a day, full strength, non-flavored ones. But I get that for the most part, it is still an “old boys club”. Even CA’s slogan is “The Good Life Magazine for Men”. Well, move over boys, cuz the ladies are here. In fact, the hubbs doesn’t even smoke! These are MY thing! Now I have to get back to my AB Prensado…what a fine cigar!


    • kkh369
      October 12, 2017

      Try the Tabak Especial Dulces and Negras if you like coffee. The Negra is my fave, and they aren’t hard to find (jrcigars.com) They also have them in a cigarillo size for those times when you don’t have an hour to spare for a full sized stogie.


  4. Beneluxor
    March 2, 2015

    Very nice to have this article from cool and classy Nikki Glenn.

    When helping lady friends to enjoy a cigar, I found the milder Davidoffs to often be a good choice for a pleasant feminine cigar experience

    Ladies appreciate, and often already know, the luxury name of Davidoff, and tend to like the posh look of a Davidoff cigar band. The Davidoffs that are ‘smooth & sweet & creamy’, such as the Ambassadrice or the Classic No. 3, are not only mild, but tend to burn fairly quickly, making for a nice short smoke not too overwhelming. The Ambassadrice even has a feminine name.

    Ladies often enjoy the idea of a somewhat more slender cigar, and one thing Davidoff does unusually well, is make relatively thin but mild cigars, whereas in general the very thin cigars can be a bit harsher than wider ring gauge sticks.

    A bit pricey but, ‘She’s worth it!’


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