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Online Since : 1998
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Description (taken from the website) : is a fun and convenient way to purchase fine cigars at great prices. Every day, we provide ongoing, live auctions on a variety of products, including cigars, merchandise, 5-packs, samplers, humidors and more. All these products are available for you to bid on 24 hours per day.

58 Comments on “CigarBid”

  1. Experience:

    Very addictive site. With patience you can get some really outstanding deals.

  2. Experience:

    I’d have to give them 2 thumbs up. Though my wife would disagree!!

  3. Experience:

    A great way to score premium smokes at a bargain price — if you’re careful and patient. Great service too.

  4. Experience:

    Most of my stock has come from here. Always get a good deal. The bundled shipping option is a major plus.

  5. Experience:

    I get most of my cigars here. Always fresh & the service is great. Always use UPS shipping. The postal service always takes too long.

  6. GerryRosso says:


    I’ve spent so much money on this site its not even funny. However, I’ve saved so much money too.

    Hey if women can say they saved $50 on a $200 pair of shoes. I can say the same thing about cigars.

  7. Experience:

    These guys are terrific. Great customer service, also.


  8. GarlicBreath says:


    I hate visiting this site. I blow my allowance there everytime. Damn the devil site!

  9. Experience:

    In 2 yrs I spent over $2500 until I won a 3 finger case but was sent a 2 finger. When I called them about it they said, Sorry, but you cannot return this item. I havent been back since.
    Now, all my $$ goes to Famous-Smoke

  10. Experience:

    More addictive than any illicit substance. You can get some great bargains.

  11. Experience:

    I’ve had, and have heard of other people having issues with CBid.
    Allegations include deceptive postings (5-packs in the Box listings, etc) and shill bidders.

    Be careful when using any auction that is privately run by a company that sells the exact same merchandise elsewhere at retail.

  12. Experience: Neutral

    With patience and self control this is a wonderful site. I have gotten deals that make me feel like I need to turn myself in to the police. So far I’ve only had good experiences.

  13. Tim Walden says:

    Experience: has great deals.

  14. Saint Jimbob says:


    With patience, and a lot of self control, one can really get some great deals on cigars. You can also max your credit card on crappy cigars too, so you really need to be well-informed to make the most of the site.

    I’ve got 2 coolers stuffed with CBid winnings, and have a small mountain of the smiley-face zip-loc baggies.

  15. ronhoffman2 says:


    i already commented about them on my CI comment, but Cbid rocks. I’ve been getting many great deals from them over the past 4 years and they have yet to disappoint me. product is always in perfect shape and gets here on time.

  16. itsme_timd says:


    I’ve purchased a lot from C-Bid and will again. Some great deals to be had if your patient.

    Here’s a tip – find the new auctions and bid low, (rather than finding auctions ending soon and trying to jump into the bidding) that way you don’t get bumped as quickly on lots that someone bids higher than you!

  17. Experience:

    great site, great selection, great prices, great great great !!!

  18. Carol Wingert says:


    I need to stop logging in so much. I will have to buy another humidor! (have 2 now)

  19. Experience: Neutral

    I just started using CBid and can see why it is addicting. However, I have bought from CI for some time. (I had to learn the internet ropes.) As to the customer service problems if you don’t get the answer or response you want, go higher up the ladder. I got an totally messed up order from CI. It took me two phone calls, and they replaced everything, corrected their mistakes and sent me two extra 5 packs as an apology. As to the other issues it’s like any other purchasing situation — if you don’t do your homework you will pay too much. Pay attention to what you are doing and you can get some exceptional deals.

  20. Experience:

    A great way to score some great deals. But watch out, it is very addictive!

  21. Experience:

    Great bargains to be had – but be patient, check out prices relative to other sites, AND don’t get pulled into the last minute bidding frenzy UNLESS the price is still below what you would have paid elsewhere!

  22. Experience:

    If you value your wallet, if you value your wife:

    Stay. Away.

    C’mon, is that bargain REALLY worth p*ssin’ off the missus?

  23. Experience:

    …..And don’t forget the QuickBuy feature that allows you to completely bypass the bidding process. Even the QuickBuy price is a STEAL!!!

  24. Crazy Otto says:


    CigarBid is an outstanding website with great deals… of course some are better than others but with a little patience you can score incredible deals not only on smokes but on everything from Humidors to cutters..In fact it may be better than crack!…

  25. Experience:

    If you want cheap cigars at ok prices, this is the place for you. If you value your privacy and DO NOT want your home address past on to their MANY affiliated companies…BEWARE!!!!

  26. Experience: Neutral

    Great deals, but I was dumb and didn’t do my research on a few deals. I ended up buying a few items that were the same price, except there was shipping, which added an extra 5.95 to things I could have gotten without the shipping.

    MAKE SURE TO DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE BIDDING. Once you bid, you cant take back the bid, 15% service charge.

  27. Experience: Neutral

    I notice that cigar bid have a lot of bullshit cigars for bid but when they do have a decent cigar, say a 5-pak or 10pk, they’ll only have one or two available.
    When you have people bidding and don’t know the actual price of cigars, they drive up the price needlesly.

  28. Experience:

    No problem w/ this site. Yes, you have to do your homework or a fool & his $$ will soon depart. Just like EBay when bidders don’t know the $$ they end up getting burned.

  29. Experience:

    I’ve ordered from them a lot over the years and almost always a great deal! For moving such large volume, the cigars all arrive properly humidified and in great shape excepting one measly order that arrived damaged (they promptly refunded my money for the damaged portion). I can see how this site would be rough for those with no self-control, but, really, this is my go to site for non-cubans

  30. buff_man says:


    I use this primarly to buy for last 3 years. Do your homework and great deals can be had. Service no problem. The ran outta of 5 pack I ordered, back ordered. They sent me 20 bundle for my trouble.

  31. wwhwang says:


    After dealing with cigarbid for more than 2 years, I’ve noticed that shill bidding is not uncommon there. The forums at CBid is rife with trolls and unsavory characters.

    The cigars sent are dry sometimes. I also bought a 150 count humidor from them once. I opened the UPS box to find that the humidor’s been damaged beyond repair. I asked for a refund and they told me to ship it back and they’ll refund and reimburse me for shipping. I shipped it back, scanned the shipping receipt and emailed them a copy for reimbursement. They then told me that they will not reimburse. End result? Lost 30 dollars and had no humidor to show for it.

  32. G. Michael Gordon says:


    Retail cigar prices in California, due to taxes, equal price for Cuban cigars purchased online. I have purchased many cigars from CigarBid. I check other online sellers first, to figure what is a good price for the auction. I end up paying less, by $20 to $50, than the same box from other online retailers, and one-third the cost of a California retail store. Their service is impeccable. Just bid on a box Wed. from them in Pennsylvania, got it in my mail Saturday, and the price of shipping is one-half other online sites. Perfect condition of cigars, great prices, fast delivery.

  33. dale loveland says:


    i think the cbid site is b.s. There are better deals elsewhere. As for customer service, i bid on some cigars in the BOXES category and it turns out they were a bundle of 20, not a BOX of twenty. They said they’d take them back but i’d have to pay for shipping. False advertising in my opinion. Haven’t been back since.

  34. Doug Schnabel says:


    I have been using Cigar Bid for about 3 years. As with everything you buy online you have to do your homework. Don’t just buy because the price is cheap. I have learned the hard way on Cigar bid. I have had a few cigars come a little on the dry side but the rest were great and I have been able to try a lot of different cigars I would not otherwise have tried. I did have one shipping issue last year and the Cust. Service rep. took care of it with little effort on my part. I will continue to use Cigar Bid!

  35. Experience:

    Have been buying from cigar bid for a little while now and have to say that I’ve gotten some great deals. I’ve also tried a lot of cigars that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Someone in an earlier post said that they sell some s**t cigars. I would have to say that every cigar retailer is going to sell some less than stellar cigars. What I can tell you is that cbid has turned me on to some great inexpensive cigars that are a mainstay in my humi now.

  36. Experience:

    Some very good deals if you have time to play the game. I find that shipping is high, overall in two plus years I am sill dealing with them.

  37. Experience: Neutral

    What an amazing site. To get the deals you need to be patient, but when you win a bid, you know that you got one hell of a deal. In the event that you need customer service, they are fantastic as well. So give it a try. You will become an addict.

  38. Experience:






    Garbage, absolute garbage. Only worth it if your the type who is into fooling themselves, and others around you. Lets just say there is a DAMN good reason for their discounts, please do not be fooled as I was, and read on.

    Many of the cigars they sell are the “compromised” stock from, and Such as, cigars that were not properly stored and packed, and returns from other customers.

    The other issue, the one that REALLY gets under my skin, are the “legitimized fakes” they are selling. These usually include the much more expensive brands, and make it seem like you are getting an amazing deal, but what you are really getting, are commissioned fakes. These are not even made with tobacco sometimes, and some seem to even have been exposed to toxic chemicals, as some sticks smell incredibly harsh and acrid.

    The reason why this continues, is due to simple consumer ignorance/denial, and that the actual manufacture’s of these brands, have given their permission to do this. So they are in on the practice, and this IS an issue at the moment, ESPECIALLY with these 3 retailers, please look it up.

    So in conclusion, if smoking dried out cigars that taste like diesel fumes sounds like what you want to pay for, then by all means, shop here!

  39. Douglas S. says:


    I don’t know what happened to B.H.but I know i have been using cigar bid and Cigars international for several years and I am very satisfied with their products and service. As a long time purchaser of cigars online, my experience is that they ALL have issues at some point. The difference is in how they handle things from there. CI and Cigar bid have always handled any issues/questions I have had quickly and courteously. As for the quality of their cigars, I have tried many of their cigars (premium brands as well as “alternative” brands) and while I did not always like what I bought I did try them and they were good cigars. If B.H. had a problem with the companies, let CI and Cigar bid know about it, don’t just trash them online!

  40. Experience:

    Douglas S, I can’t figure if your a plant, a very blind and ignorant individual, or maybe it’s the luck of the draw, and we have been simply dealt very differently. That is not the point, the point is, they are scamming people, I happen to be one of those who have been scammed by, and as a loyal customer yourself, you might want to be a little concerned by that.

    I have contacted the company as of recent, and was simply brushed aside with their 30 day return policy, and that was that. That should tell you everything you need to know about this company.

    Cigars can arguably take months to be “ready” for some, and having a 30 day return policy shows they have little regard for the patience it takes to just simply acclimate ones own cigars to their desired moisture level, let alone any aging. Most importantly, this shows a clear lack of confidence in the products they are selling to cigar enthusiasts, and refuse to stand by these products, and ultimately take responsibility for them.

    With many of the cigars I have been sold, it can easily be proved, that they are NOT the products that were advertised on the site, at the time of purchase. Even when compared to information on the order invoices, there are clear discrepancies.

    The bands on some samples clearly do not match the bands found on the same products from other retailers, the most important piece of evidence. Many of the cigars do NOT match advertisement pictures, and samples from other retailers, in every physical regard, such as color, texture, shape, and aroma, and diverge considerably, even when compared to samples where these traits can vary.

    While arguably subjective, it is very important to note, as for taste and performance, many of these cigars all fail miserably, and are of an incredibly low quality and make. The cigars all have extremely thin, tissue paper like wrappers, and are packed very, very light. They do not burn well at all, and need constant correction, and simply just taste down right awful, displaying very little to none of the characteristics of the smoke produced by even a cigar of moderate quality should display.

    The cigars I have received from are absolutely horrible, and I can say with the utmost confidence, they are easily among the worst cigars I have ever sampled, if not THE worst.

    This company is down right criminal at this point in time, and I would HIGHLY ADVISE to take your business elsewhere, as you run a very high risk of being ripped off by these scammers.

  41. Douglas S. says:


    B.H. Your attack on me clearly shows the kind of person you are so I will not comment on you personally.I will say that If you actually have as much proof of CI and Cigarbid’s misleading and misrepresentation of their products then you should be contacting the consumer protection agencies and attorneys general in both Pennsylvania and the state you reside in. I am sure they would be able to use your absolute “proof” to good advantage. I also respect your right to say what you wish, but when you get personal with someone you do not know it just makes you sound so much smaller than you may be. I choose to continue to do business with CI (I just placed another order) and I hope you find a another company that fits your needs.

  42. Experience:

    Hm, ok then.

    For every contrary thumbs up Douglas S. responds with (who is totally not a plant or anything), I shall post a thumbs down.

    Gotta keep the balance baby!

    As it stands, owes me for product that is a combination of extremely poor quality, not as advertised, and just plain faulty/terrible, and has refused to do anything about it.

    Your turn Douggie Poo, make it good ;)

  43. Experience:

    I used CB many years ago. Smoked mainly CCs and recently used CB to get some NCs. As always, very satisfied. But addicting.

  44. Experience:

    I have used them for a while now. No problems yet. I read many complaints but most seem to be from lack of common sense. It’s a bid site basically like a clearance site. If you don’t get that you should stick with your local dealer. I here B.H rambling on about bad tasting cigars. Well they do sell many brands and some are pretty cheap in quality. I can say from experience that all of the popular brand name sticks that I have won are no different than ones from local stores. If you got a bundle thinking it was a box it’s because you didn’t read properly. All info is clearly stated. Bundles are listed in the boxes since they don’t have a bundles category. Again this falls under the common sense clause. As with any bidding do your research. See what the regular price is first on other sites before bidding. (Common sense). As for me I’ll keep buying on cigar bid but if you don’t like them then by all means stay away. Less bidding competition for me.

  45. Veronica says:


    This is a straight forward cigar auction site with many different options and lots of bargains! You sign up and enter credit card info, you bid on a product at a price you desire. They ship product with options on days you want your orders shipped. Allow a little time in humidor to adjust to your desired humidity then enjoy the cigars and the savings!

  46. Experience: Neutral

    Many good deals, but some sticks are definitely fake, like Ave Maria Lionheart, PDR AFR-75 Sublimes

  47. Chris Moorman says:


    I’ve bought over 3500 cigars from Cbid, since I quit smoking cigarettes in Feb of 2013. This at an average cost of about $2 per stick. As of August 2016, I have over 150 blends in 10 humidors, and 4 coolerdors. I have at least 100 sticks each from AJ Fernandez, Torano, Ramon Bueso, Xicar HC series, Alec Bradley, Pinar del Rio, Flores y Rodriguez, Partagas, and Oliva.
    I do my homework, and investigate each blend, and bid low. I rarely win more than 1 out of 10 bids. BUT, I can get a good perspective from my failed bids.
    Obviously, when you find a great cigar or sampler that you’ve had experience with, and can get it on the cheap, you make a big move. That’s why I have such a large collection.
    As for those who criticize the quality of cigars offered on Cbid, I wish to thank-you whole-heartedly. You are helping to keep MY prices down.

  48. Experience:

    I have ordered cigars and merchandise from CI and CBids. The prices can be crazy compared to other retailers, especially at auction. Coming from a retail industry a realize anything on clearance is either being dropped by the vendor, or 2nd quality goods (something may be wrong with them). I have thought maybe at these prices I could be getting cigars that aren’t kept as well as they are at my local cigar shop. I received a 5 pack of cigars that had been damaged by a heavy metal band during shipping, maybe they were dry too idk but the wrappers were cracked. They credited by debit card for the damaged cigars. I also got a lighter that ended up not working at all after 2 months of use. They just credited my card for the lighter. Cigars I’ve smoked have been good. I keep them in my own humidor for several months before they are smoked. Buying from them I don’t expect anything outside of my purchasing agreement but they have helped when I asked.

  49. Experience: Neutral

    I won a bid on 2/10/17. It has not been shipped. I have called 3 times. They can’t tell me when it will ship. Very disappointed

  50. RoosterC says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Cigarbid seems to have experienced a major problem. Have been trying to get in touch with customer service for weeks. Unable to contact and no information from the company.

  51. Experience:

    I also purchased on that date when they had a website update that messed up their processing I got my cigars finally and was happy with the purchase

  52. Linda Watson says:


    Scam. Check the fine print, they have the right to cancel an auction at any time. I have had winning bids seconds before closing….only to have Cigarbid cancel. They are part on Cigar International which also uses the web site.

    If they don’t get their price they simply cancel the auction.

  53. Kurtis Strange says:


    After several years things have really taken a turn for the worse. And no contact or response as to why.. I have a feeling this positive flow of comments is about to abruptly change!

  54. Experience:

    Used this site for years with few problems until now
    Last order I waited 2 weeks for delivery
    Order sent in 3 boxes — one box contained 1 cigar
    Shipped 5 day UPS rather than 2 day USPS
    6 emails cent to Cigar Bid and Cigars International
    No response
    Time to start using another company

  55. Experience:

    I have been ordering for years without any significant problems until recently. I like many others had some shipping issues. Unlike others I sat on hold for over an hour so I could speak to a person. Turns out that they updated their computer system and have had nothing but unanticipated problems with it. Not sure why they didn’t just switch back until the issues could be ironed out.

    When they updated their system one of the problems is it wiped out everyone’s shipping preference. They told me that they hope to have this worked out in a month or two. In my opinion that’s a bit excessive.

    The long hold times and extremely slow response is due to the fact that they apparently only have 2 reps to answer phones and respond to emails.

    I think I might wait a month or two before I order anything else from these guys. Being on the west coast I am waiting over a week for my packages which is just nuts but at least things should get better.

  56. Experience:

    Cigar deals are ok but Customer service is terrible, as is company management. Last Christmas they opted to delay shipments. Not a problem except that the delay through my last bid into the next week and they charged me!!! Why am I penalized for their management decision. Like others here, they tried to make me feel like it was MY fault! Didn’t work.
    Now I’m sitting where with a Colibre watch that doesn’t work and they wont even acknowledge my request to return it! I’m done with them and I would encourage anyone dealing with them to be very wary. Something isn’t right with their management team. Not sure what they are smoking!
    Ex Customer

  57. Experience:

    I have used them periodically for the past 10 years. My experience has been positive except for some shipping problems this spring. This did not concern me as my have an abundance of inventory and usually humidify at least one year.
    I am retired and in the fortunate position that the money is not an issue.
    For those of you that have a lot of stock and are having to use an abundant number of humidors, I have found a solution..
    I have 2 refrigadors. Old refrigerators and freezer make excellent humidors. They are obviously airtight, so you seldom need to add water (every 6 month minimum) and they carry an abundant number of cigars.
    I do not use Cigarbid to buy samples, as I lose self control. I have between 500 to 1,000 cigars that were purchased over 5 years ago and i doubt I will ever smoke them. Now I only bid on about a dozen different cigars that are my favorite and I purchase boxes only.
    I know exactly what the lowest price that these cigars can be purchased retail and I often do that. However, if I watch carefully I can often purchase them at 30-50% less through CigarBid. That is the maximum that I will pay.
    Happy Smoking

  58. Experience:

    RIPPED OFF I will never use this site again. I placed an order but since I recently moved the address on my account was different. When I caught it they said it was to late to change the order but the local post office should forward it. Well the tracking stated that it could not be delivered and was returned to the sender. Cigarbid is still billing my for the item even though it was returned to them and I have the tracking to prove it.

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