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Mexico’s cigar industry is quite large and also quite consolidated, the entirety of it being located in the region of Los Tuxtlas along the Gulf of Mexico. This fertile region features rich volcanic soil and also a rich history. It is thought that tobacco plants probably originated on the Yucatan peninsula and that the natives there were smoking long before modern cigars were invented. The volcanic soil in which the tobacco is grown in Los Tuxtlas is what contributes to the unique flavor of Mexican tobacco leaves. The dark, spicy earthy flavor is repugnant to some, but is adored by others. Regardless, it’s a very unique flavor, one which makes it easy to instantly identify a Mexican wrapper when you encounter one.

So why aren’t Mexican cigars better known, and why doesn’t such a historic industry receive more respect? Once upon a time they supplied the number one cigar brand in America, but Mexico used to have severe import restrictions which made it difficult for their own producers to make blends using tobacco from other countries. This caused the Mexican cigar industry to lose momentum which has never entirely returned. Today the red tape on importing ingredients remains extensive, hampering further growth.

Mexican wrapper leaves get a really bad wrap (pun intended). Mexican tobacco is used primarily as a binder (in a ton of cigars) but occasionally is used on a wrapper. Mexican tobacco has a very distinctive earthy flavor that you either love or hate. It was rumored for a time that Padrón was using Mexican wrappers in their regular line for a few years. Some examples of Mexican wrapped cigars are listed below.


  • Mexican Cubano - indicating Cuban-seed origin, this leaf is featured in the Montecristo Platinum.
  • San Andres - Quintessentially Mexican tobacco flavor, used for example in the Romeo y Julieta Viejo.
  • San Andres Morrón - a region in Mexico, this wrapper is used on the Murcielago, Montecristo Reserva Negra, Gispert Maduro, San Luis Rey Serie G Maduro, Quintero Maduro...

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