Wrappers A-Z: Colorado

Illusione Holy Lance - 3 wrappers

Illusione ~hl~ Holy Lance Colorado (in the middle), surrounded by the Candela (left) and Maduro (right). Photo credit: danthebugman

Colorado is the term used to describe a cigar that falls in the “reddish” brown tobacco shade color category. Just like Maduro, Colorado is really a description of color, not what type of tobacco is used. "Rosado" is often used interchangeably with Colorado. Several cigar manufacturers use this description to describe their cigar. Most notable examples are Illusione’s Café Colorado wrapper (which is very dark actually) and the defunct Don Lino Colorado (true Colorado color). It can also be paired with other wrapper types/descriptions. A cigar described as having a Colorado Maduro wrapper for example indicates that the wrapper’s color falls between the reddish brown Colorado and the dark brown Maduro color; the opposite end for a Colorado Claro wrapper. The use of this term has been few and far between. It will be interesting to see if this changes due to the popularity of the Illusione line.

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