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  1. Drew
    January 10, 2015

    Has anyone tried lightly sanding the interior of their humidor? Using a fine grit sandpaper, and lightly sanding the cedar planks in my closet seemed to release the cedar aroma again.

    Again, I haven’t tried this technique with a humidor–just with other cedar wood products. Would need to use some cheesecloth to clean up the wood dust when you’re done too.


  2. Jack
    February 10, 2015

    So I bought a Heritage White House humidor really cheap but it smelled like pipe tobacco had been stored in it. Certainly worth a try given how little I paid.

    It took me 3 full months to get it to the point where I could put cigars in it with little worry.

    I started with open containers of baking soda but that did very little I think.

    Then I bought a 1 pound bag of activated charcoal pellets (they sell them for aquariums, etc..). Amazon has them for about $5 (Acurel brand in my case) but you can buy them outright to or go to a pet store that sells fish stuff.

    My humidor was a large 300 count with 3 layers so I basically used the whole bag and I just poured it on the levels after putting them in a plate didn’t seem to work very well. I eventually just used the whole pound, probably overkill but cheap enough and I wanted it to work. A smaller humidor would obviously take less and you could do two “treatments” for a smaller humidor if you wanted to.

    For the last week or so I crumbled up some black and white newspaper and put it close to the walls that still had a smell. That drew out most of the remaining smell.

    I was sensitive to the smell after all that time and I could still get a sense of it but it was very slight and frankly might have been in my mind given that the cedar has a smell too.

    Then I vacuumed out the pellets and lightly wiped the inside with a towel moistened with distilled water. I had already initially seasoned it so I was good to go.

    Passing this along in the hopes it helps someone since I found a lot of discussions but no one ever reported back with results.


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