How to cut a cigar with Aria Giovanni

For your Sunday viewing pleasure a short and entertaining video on how to cut a cigar... done by Aria Giovanni, a well-known playmate. It's not very new so you might have already seen it. Enjoy.

8 Comments on “How to cut a cigar with Aria Giovanni”

  1. Saint Jimbob says:

    Hmm, I was browsing cigar sites a little before taking the family to church, and here’s this…


  2. oh LORD! :S

  3. Oh dear. That was a wonderful video. thank you for that.

  4. More, please. :-)

  5. I wonder if I could hire her to cut and light my cigars for me?

  6. She’s soooOo hot.

  7. Ha! I love how the camera zooms in… NOT on the face!

    over and over, front and center…. NOT the face… (check 1:50, for example)

  8. bobthebuilder says:

    Being new to the cigar game/hobby,I need all the instruction I can get.I must say this is the best way to learn anything new!
    Could not take my eyes off the instructor for some reason and therefore learned an extensive amount,,,not necessarily about cigars!

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