Cigar Tip: Cutting a Torpedo

Cutting a Torpedo

Cutting a cigar cap can be tricky. We need to cut just enough cigar to open its end, but not so deep as to cause the wrapper to unravel. This is particularly true with a torpedo type vitola. These pointy-end cigars are some of the hardest to roll because the head is elongated, making it’s construction more challenging than a parejo (standard cigar shape). This elongated head means the windings of the cap are spread out over a larger area of the cigar.

The tendency when cutting a torpedo (or piramide) is to cut way more than is necessary. This in turn can cause the wrapper to unwind, making for a less enjoyable smoking experience. Fact is, we really don’t need to cut all that much. Making a cut that is just enough to open a small air hole should work just fine. By doing this we can insure the integrity of the cigar’s construction and enjoy the cigar with a cap that remains tightly wound.