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Cigar Terminal
Sells : Cuban Cigars
Based in : Switzerland
Online Since : 2007
Rating : 997 ( : 1020, : 23)
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Description (from the website) : Based in Geneva, Switzerland – The Cigar Capital of the world, Cigar Terminal aspires to become a point of reference when it comes to authentic and original Cuban cigars and Cuban Cigar smoking with a complete selection of Cuban cigars along with vintage and special edition series.

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  1. Experience:

    Cigar Terminal is my Cuban cigars supplier for the last 3 years.
    They ship their packages in a timely manner and the delivery tax free without any problems so far.
    I will continue to do business with them for a long time.

  2. Spunoche says:


    The gentlemen at Cigar Terminal have really got a good thing going. Their delivery was quicker than expected, and discreet (which was a must in my country if you know what I mean), and my items arrived sealed in vacuum packaged sleeves. They also have ultra quick email response. I will continue to do business with them.

  3. Experience:

    The service exceeded expectations for my initial order. I experienced efficient order entry, very good communication and convenient tracking. Very fast turn time. A pleasure to do business with!

  4. KylefromLabrador says:


    Great communication, quick shipping, and tax free arrival. My experience with this vendor was fantastic, I highly recommend them for anyong looking to get a great deal on top of the line products, in an incredibly timely manner.

  5. Experience:

    I made my first order this this website last week. I have to admit I ordered from them because of their competitive prices and good recommendations off this website. But its been going on 10 days now and they haven’t even shipped my order yet. If nothing by tomorrow I am sending them an email asking whats up. For those who have ordered from them before, they do supply a tracking number?

    Update (May 23 2011) My order with cigar-terminal arrived Friday. Everything looked okay and they gave me a $20 discount coupon for the unusual delay that occured.

  6. Jeff UK says:


    I have just placed my second order having been delighted by my first. The order was properly packed and sealed and arrived without any interference at the UK end. I’m currently filling a new humidor and plan to continue placing orders!

  7. SylliBoy says:


    Just recieved my first order couldn’t be happier. Package vacuum sealed, trackable shipment, competive pricing and good customer service.

  8. Experience:

    I was alittle skeptical at first because of the low prices, but the package came today in a sealed unopened box without any problems. Ken even emailed me to make sure i received the package. Will place another order again in the near future, highly recommend..unbeatable prices for the real thing

  9. Experience:

    An excellant experience. I was a little skeptical using cigar terminal for the first time but i must say the customer service was exceptional, i received my cigars in excellent condition within 5 days of my order. Very professional and easy to work with…they have a customer for life!

  10. PollyWolly says:



    This is the REAL DEAL!!! Great Prices, authentic merchandise, expedient shipping, no hidden or BS additional costs, just the goods, the whole goods, and nothing but the goods.

    Have purchased from just about every major Cuban cigar dealer on the web, but just recently bought from Cigar Terminal and really thought at first (because of the rediculously low prices) that it was another Costa Rican scam, but it wasn’t. Have already placed two orders and will be placing many more!

    Update #1 (July 14 2011) MY SECOND REVIEW!!!







    Update #2 (Aug 22 2011) Now more than a month since my last update, I have placed a total of six orders and it is in the area of dozens of boxes that have been shipped to me so far.

    This allows me to not only confirm the legitimacy of the cigars, but to acknowledge to the entire cigar smoking community that CT is by far the best place on the web to purchase your Habanos!

    They ship so fast it will make your head spin. They are true to life, real honest to goodness, professional business people who will quickly quiet your fears and concerns about whether or not you should try to bag some Cubans from someone selling on the internet that you have no idea who they are!

    Now I am here to tell you that you will be happy as a lark when you get the first box of Habanos via USPS delivered to your door about a week or less later. I live in Pasadena, CA and mine take just about a week.

    You won’t be going to jail either. Don’t worry, my buddies and I have been doing this for years. If you are really afraid to risk money, then try a cheap box and pay the shipping charge (still cheaper in most cases than anyone else).

    Update #3 (Feb 19 2012) I now have purchased many times from CT and remain thrilled every single time I receive my shipment from them. They are always fast, complete, legit, and packaged like no tomorrow.

    My last orders from competitors were a huge disappointment! Not legit and expensive!!!

    The people (especially Ken) at CT are real business people with a keen sense of right from wrong, and really care about their customers.

  11. Experience:

    I have made my first order with cigar-terminal,
    besides the super prices they have,I have recieved an exelent personal service from them, jast recived my cigars a few days ago,real thing.I realy enjoy them,I definitely will order again,thanks cigar-termonal!!!

    Placed my second order,I couldn’t resist!!!

  12. habanoC says:


    Placed and received my cigars earlier than expected, in original intact box With all seals!!! I will be ordering more in the future for sure!!!

  13. Experience:

    I have received my order few weeks ago. It arrived in 2 weeks, I checked the bar code number on Habanos website and they are authentic. To be honest I was also very lucky with the custom, they didn’t understand what there was in the parcel..

  14. Experience: Neutral

    Can’t give them a “thumbs up”. Several questionable issues with Cigar Terminal, maybe they don’t mean anything but something for potential customers to think about. 1) First three times I tried to order from them, items that showed up as IN STOCK were actually OUT OF STOCK. I was notified after the order was placed that they had inventory control issues. 2) Unlike the 2 previous reviewers, bar code numbers were cut from all 4 boxes I received. So I cannot verify authenticity. Seems quite unusual that my codes were cut off when the 2 most recent reviews had the codes left on.

    3) Cabinet of Partagas Shorts I received has different label sizes then my previous Shorts received from other locations AND there is a huge color disparity in the wrappers. (Factory code and year are the same on this cabinet compared to another one, but do differ in month.) The others I have purchased were all dark, dark brown wrappers (think dark chocolate) while the ones from Cigar Terminal are many shades lighter (think milk chocolate). Yes, the shade difference is THAT SIGNIFICANT.

    Of course, I haven’t smoked any of these yet side by side. Future purchases from Cigar Terminal TBD.

  15. Experience:

    I just got my first order from Cigar Terminal. The order took a couple days to get processed being my first order but once it shipped it only took two days door to door.

    I also ordered a cabinet of Partagas Shorts being my favorite and most smoked cigar to compare to other vendors. The box came as promised completely intact with original labels and bands. The box was sealed and shrink wrapped. The cigars look good and I am sure they are authentic Partagas Shorts. They too have light colored wrappers and the filler is a little looser than I am used to. As a result the cigars burn very hot and fast. The flavor is authentic but the cigars are not the quality I hoped for. I suspect it is a quality control issue from the plant these cigars were manufactured in Cuba. Don’t have the box code here at my office but the cigars are from 2010 so they are also relatively young. Will let them sit in my box for a few weeks and try another to see if they settle and get better.
    Overall, I am happy with the service and prices from Cigar Terminal but the quality is suspect. Will keep you posted…

    Update (Aug 19 2011) Following up with my review of July 20 on the Cabinet of 50 partagas shorts. They have been in my humidor for over a month now and have settled down quite well. The partagas short is my daily ‘go to’ cigar so I know the cigar intimately. This batch are just ok. The look and smell are typical of any other batch. However the cigars are not packed well with and burn fast and hot. Still, the flavor is the wonderful partagas flavor I enjoy regularly.

    I have since received two additional orders from Cigar Terminal. On July 28 I received an box of Romeo y Julietta Wide Churchills and a box of Ramon Allones Specially Selected. I have only smoked one of each. The RYJ was a wonderful change up to the brands I usually smoke. It was a much bigger cigar and lasted for over two hours. Much to my delight it burned very cool and smooth. Mild to Medium in strength but very rich in flavor. I will let the rest of these age for a few months.

    The Ramon Allones is also one of my regular go to cigars. The wrappers are dark and the cigars look and smell wonderful. This particular batch are rich and very flavorful.

    The third order I received is a box of HDM Epicure Especial Tubos. While I have not smoked one of these yet, much to my suprise and delight each of these (when I opened and inspected) cigars were covered in a delightful white powdery plume. They look and smell amazing and I can’t wait to light one up this weekend.

    In the meantime I just wanted to post how satisfied I am with Cigar Terminal. These guys can’t control the quality of the cigars that are shipped to them from their distributors but from a customer service perspective I give them the highest rating. They are responsive and really care about providing quality service. I highly recommend trying them for your own experience. I am sure you will like…..

  16. CHolliday says:


    I just received 2 boxes of Paraagas, a Serie P#2 and a Serie D #4. The boxes were poor quality and the seals had clearly been replaced. There was no bar code and the seals did not wrap around the bottom of the box. Worse still, one of the seals had the remnants of another seal stuck on the end. The Series P smokes pretty well, but the D has poor flavor. Maybe more time in the humidor will help.

    Update I received a call from CT’s customer service department this afternoon and they very politely explained why the issues existed described in my earlier post. The explanations were convincing and I accept them. The cigars are good.

    Update #2 (Feb 6 2013) I just received my second order from CT and it was faultless. The more popular cigars are young, but that’s Cuba. They need the hard currency. The higher end sticks are excellent! I recommend CT to all my friends. You might have to wait a bit longer for shipping than other online providers, but its worth the wait.

  17. Experience:

    Ken is awesome!!!!

    My cigar (SIGLO VI) arrived in just 3 days after placing the first order and his communication is superb. His stuff is 100% authentic Cuban cigars so folk don’t worry about the authenticity. I tried other vendors out there but this site is 100% legit. He always answers his email in timely manner and always give you the status update regards to shipping. Ken is a honest business person..Ken I wish all the success!!!!!

    I have ordered 2nd Cigar (Partagas D #4) and I’ll order some more very soon.

  18. gcastrovil says:


    Recently placed two double orders with Cigar Terminal. Authentic Cuban Cigars, Prompt delivery, Very competative pricing. I have been smoking Cuban Cigar brands for a number of years. These guys are the real deal! Thanks Cigar Terminal

    Update (Oct 23 2011) Recived 1 box of Cohiba Robustos, 1 box of Romeo and Juliet short Churchills. Both boxes came together in 1 week. Ken did work with me with my request, thanks Ken. The cigars are young but the price is right and the customer service is great. As for the cigars I will age them a bit and enjoy them at a later date.

  19. Olddeadgolfer says:


    I ordered two (2) boxes of cigars from cigar terminal (Montecristos and Partagas Serie D N. 4). In exactly 7 days they were delivered as promised with bands and seals in tact. I had ordered a box of Cohiba’s from another online vendor that will not be mentioned but after 2 months, they have still not arrived and I have asked for my credit card to be credited and my money refunded.

    I had a personable telephone conversation with one of the guys from cigar terminal to ensure that I was guaranteed delivery and even shared a cigar story or two.

    I will be ordering from them again, and am very satisfied.

  20. Experience:

    I was very nervous about making my first online purchase, as I’m sure most people using Cigar Inspector are. After speaking with the folks from Cigar Terminal on the phone I decided to take the plunge and order a box of Trinidad Reyes and H Upmann Magnum 50. Within a few hours of placing my order I was notified that the Magnum 50’s were out of stock and if I would like to substitute them with something else. I asked for the Partagas Serie P No. 2 and they happily obliged without any additional hassle on my end. I tracked my order everyday but to my surprise the package was delivered in 6 days before the tracking had shown them reaching the country. I smoked one of each right out of the box and although the Trinidads needed a little time to recover, I was amazed at how well the P2s smoked. In the end, I couldn’t be happier with the product and service delivered by Cigar Terminal.
    Honestly, not only do they have outstanding prices, but the customer service and quality of the product on my first order far exceeded what you normally expect from online retailers. If you’re curious about trying this vendor I would recommend giving them an opportunity on your next order.

    Update (Aug 27 2011) Update to my earlier review. Placed another order with Cigar Terminal and once again they have come through with flying colors. Ordered a box of Monte 4′s and H Upmann Magnum 50′s. Enough has been made of Cigar Terminal’s amazing service, and they have some of the best deals going. But what really impressed me was that the Magnum 50′s were from Oct 09, certainly not vintage by any means, but very nice age for a vendor that gives such great service and must have a quick turnaround on products.

    If you’re concerned about how low the prices are I think I know why they are able to offer such outstanding deals. You’ll see on their site that they only deal in full boxes. No singles, no samplers and no special combos, which means much lower overhead on inventory management costs. I think in turn for not offering these services that they are able to quickly process orders and pass the savings on to the customer. Just a theory, but something to consider.

    Thanks again Cigar Terminal, it’s a pleasure doing business with you.

    Update #2 (Sep 27 2011)

    Received my third order from Cigar Terminal.
    10 x Monte Petit Edmundo
    10 x Partagas Lusitania
    25 x Bolivar Petit Corona
    25 x Fonseca Delicias
    All boxes from 2010.

    Once again, great quality cigars (haven’t tried the Fonsecas) and fantastic service.

  21. Experience:

    I made my first order with them and my order arrived in NY in a week .Montecristo’s and Partagas. “Fantastico” everything was first class from packing to cigar quality. I’m a happy camper and will re-order from them again. Thank you all for you comments it was a deciding factor in ordering these. I don’t have to run to Canada and pay retail plus high taxes on the same cigars.

  22. Experience: Neutral

    I ordered a box of Montecristo No. 4’s on Aug 14th, received them on Aug 24th.

    I am in Canada (Ontario) so I was expecting the dreaded duties+taxes and so for a $129 box, I payed $113.18 in taxes. This is however still cheaper then buying locally.

    The box arrived vacum sealed, however the barcode was removed from the outer authenticity seal, so I have no way of checking if these are authentic through the Habanos website.

  23. dogbreath says:


    I plsced two orders. The first went very smoothly. the second was apparently mixed up with another and was delivered to another address. I called Ken and explained the circumstances. He was very apolgetic and told me he would ship another order. He was very responsive and concerned which is a very positive sign of a well managed company. I received the reshipped order very promptly and would not hesitate to use this vendor again. Strongly recomend for their honesty and integrity.

  24. Experience: Neutral

    fast shipping that’s for sure… got my ramon specially selected and monte petit edmundo. The wrappers look and feel different from the other box which i got from auth dealer here, i’m willing to give it 1 wk in my humidor and see if its related to harsh condition during transport. The cigar seems very light [dry], again maybe due to the transport.

    Update (Aug 30 2011) Ok, i’m reversing my previous statement to neutral, i’m not sure how to edit my previous rating. Got contacted by the shop via email, convincing me to let it stay in the humidor for a week and will see the difference.
    Had one y’day taste the same but very light in weight [1wk in humidor should solve this], but fairly loose roll vrs usual rather box pressed tight roll. Will update again in a week

  25. Experience:

    Impressed! Ordered a box of Trinadad Robutso T’s and recieved them in a week (US) and Cigars were in great condition. I have been using only one internet provider but decided to give these guys a try and glad I did. Now I have two reliable providers for my cigars.

  26. Experience:

    Ordered a box of Partagas Salomones. Box arrived quickly in great condition and cigars smell great and look ready to smoke now. Will give them a few weeks in the humidor with their brethren and then report but this looks like the real deal to me. I will be a repeat customer for sure.

    Update #1 (Oct 4 2011) Update to my September 7th review. Just received 2 more boxes, Partagas lusitanias and El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme. Got them in 5 days. Look and smell terrific. Ken is a superstar.

    Update #2 (Oct 12 2011) Received 5 days after placing order, box of Monte No. 2 and box of Cuaba Salomones. Quick and reliable vendor. What a great find this place is.

  27. Experience:

    The people at Cigar Terminal did everything that they say in their site. I found them very helpful.If you send an e-mail, they answer promtly. I received my cigars in great shape and in a timely manner. I will be buying my cigars from them in the future.

  28. Experience:

    Very price competitive, excellent customer service

  29. Experience:

    I have been smoking cuban cigars for 20+ years and these are the best cuban cigars by far. I have SLR regios that taste sooo good. I have had 4 cabs of 50 the last 2 years and by far these were the best in flavor and quality. Have ordered twice and will continue to order. This is truly the place with the best quality cuban cigars.

  30. Experience:

    First order was a box of Montecristo #2. The order was promptly filled, delivery was quick, and the cigars were perfect. Unfortunately I could not leave them alone and they are almost gone. Service was good and email queries were promptly answered. So far so good mail order as it should be!

  31. Experience:

    I placed 2 orders & both arrived fairly quick and I was pleased with the product. the 1st order was a maybe touch dry ,but a week in the humidor all was well

  32. Experience:

    After a few email conversations with Ken I placed my first order. He always responded promptly and the order shipped promptly as well. My two boxes arrived quickly in great shape. I look forward to placing another order soon!

  33. Experience:

    Excellnet Seller. I place very orders an all arrived without problems. I buy Bolivar Belicos ED 2009, Partagas Lusitanias, Bolivar Gold Medal, Montecristo Petir Edmundo.

  34. Experience:

    Very Fast shipping. Customer service is A+. Will order from Ken again!! Thx Ken. Recommended

    Update (Oct 6 2011) Another order received quickly and in great condition! Very immpressed!

    Update #2 (Nov 11 201) Another smooth transaction with CT and fast shipping! They are great! Very happy with them!

  35. Experience: Neutral

    Cigar Terminal by far exceeded expectations, placed my first order Hoyo Epi #2’s & Cohiba Siglo VI. Received it in a week. Fast shipping excellent packaging & awesome cigars. 2nd order is being processed. I emailed with a few questions and received a response within hours. Cigar Terminal has been excellent to deal with, great prices only sweeten the deal. I do believe CT has now become my go to. Can’t wait to get my next order in and place many more in the near future.

    If you are looking to deal w/ an excellent outfit Cigar Terminal is absolutely one to try!

  36. Experience:

    Ordered two boxes 9/14/11
    Shipped 9/15/11
    Swisspost tracking “16.09.2011 Departure from border point of origin country”
    No receipt as of 9/29
    Emailed cigar terminal 9/28 no reply.

    Update: Just delivered 9/29/11. Would like to remove earlier thumbs down. A couple of observations: Montecristo #2 dated Mar 11. Partagas #4 dated Dic 10. Neither box had the barcode on the bottom. Contrast a box ordered from competitors — montecristo #2 Jul 10 with the bar code. Not sure whether additional 9 mos aging makes a difference but I suppose that is how they can offer a substantially lower price. Will smoke tonight and report.

    Second update: The cigars are completely authentic and at least the first one I randomly smoked was great.

  37. Roberto Pe'rez says:


    This is the second shipment I have received from Cigar Terminal. Got my shipment in 5 days, 3 boxes everything looks great, so far I’m happy with them.

  38. Experience:

    Friendly, informative, affordable and reliable. These are the words that come to mind while describing my first experience with Cigar Terminal. Ken keep up the great work. Your shop is one of a kind. “Thumbs Up”.
    Rick, Ontario Canada, client for life!

  39. Experience:

    I have completed three transactions with CT and could not be more pleased. Every shipment has arrived in a week or less, every box has been vacuum packed, and I have a high level of confidence that all of the cigars are authentic. Some of the boxes are quite young, but I have found that to be true of higher priced vendors as well (and I have no problem with setting aside those cigars for proper aging). In short, their combination of price, responsiveness and reliability has made me a happy and continuing customer.

    Update (Nov 29 2011) I have now placed several orders with CT, and each one has been filled in the same way as the first: Prompt delivery, secure packaging, and fresh, authentic cigars. Customer service has been impeccable. All in all, I could not have asked for a more positive experience.

  40. Experience:

    I was a bit sceptical, as there are always potential issues with fakes and customs. Also, I have noted other sites say duty free, but offer prices not too far off from EU brick and mortar shops.
    I am very pleased to say that cigarterminal is #1 in terms of dealing with all these concerns. I have to say, I was a bit suprised by how good they are!

  41. Experience:

    I ordered a box of Monte Cristo El Mundo and a box of of Pastel no. 2, the orders were shipped very fast and the customer service was way past great. I have also made five previous orders before this and they all came in with perfect timing I did not have to wait very long. Just ordered a box of Romeo and Juliet Wide Churchill and am expecting to receive them any day now. Thank you Ken for all your help with excellent customer service, and I would definitely recommend Cigar Terminal to anyone who loves cigars and great customer care.

  42. Silver600rr says:


    Excellent product and fast shipping. Exceeded my expectations and was skeptical at first but A+ service

  43. planetbetter says:


    Ken and company are responsive and polite, and they deliver quality products at good prices. Delivery is relatively quick. Their new warehouse has a great selection. Recommended.

  44. Experience:

    My first order was a glowing success. Not only does Ken offer some great prices, but the customer service and delivery time are up there with the best of them. I will gladly order again and rest assured that I will be getting authentic Habanos in a quick manner.

    Update (Jan 11 2012) Received another great order from Ken and the people at Terminal. Got to me quickly taking into account the New Years holiday slowdown of the mail. Two thumbs up.

  45. Experience:

    Great prices and fast shipping. it only took a week to get to me, will do busniess with them over and over again. A+++++

  46. Cigarologist says:


    I am no stranger to Cuban Cigars and I am quite finicky–a pretty demanding combination.

    CIGAR Terminal is great to do business with. They promptly responded to my initial inquiries and ultimately delivered some of the world’s finest cigars, in perfect condition, right to my front door within 1 week.

    As part of my multi-box order, I received a box of H. Upmann Magnum 46. If you are familiar with these, you will almost certainly agree they are fantastic cigars by any measure of critique and for the price, they are perfect daily go-tos. The point I want to make about these Magnum 46s is that this particular box is dated June 08. The cigars are almost uniformly covered with a light dusting of plume. They are in perfect condition and flawless in construction/appearance…they are by far the best Magnum 46s I’ve smoked. Ever! Other cigars in my order are also in perfect condition, but as young as March 2011.

    I am pleased with my experience and will certainly purchase from CIGAR Terminal again. And again, and again, and again…

  47. Experience:

    excellent customer service, fast email respond time i will keep ordering thru cigar terminal it dont get any better than that!!

  48. Experience:

    Ordered a box of Vegas Robaina Famosos, taking just 10 days from Switzerland to Australia. Excellent condition, fast shipping and most importantly – the genuine article. Great place to shop for high-end cigars at unbeatable prices

  49. Experience:

    Ordered a box of partagas serie D no. 4 on november 1st and they arrived on the 9th. I live in Australia so thats pretty darn fast. and didnt get charged any tax. Also, they were extremely helpful when I asked a few questions through email and their replies are super quick. I think i found my permanent cigar supplier!

  50. Experience:

    I decided on Cigar Terminal after determining that they were offering the best prices on the particular vitola that I was looking for. Ordered through the website, they performed verification – something I am very happy about. Subsequent to CC verification, my cigars arrived at my friend’s house, sealed and safe. Upon opening the cigars were in perfect condition, still at good humidity. Overall, excellent transaction.

  51. Experience:

    It was the first time a made an order to Cigar Terminal. I am very satisfied with their behaviour as professionals, the delivery time and the quality of the cigars they sent me. I ordered a box of Partagas P2 and one box Boliver Royal Corona. I live in Greece and in 4 days the parcel was at my door. I would definately suggest this site and will start ordering exclusively at them

  52. Experience:

    Just recieved 2nd order from Cigar Terminal.very quick shipping and packaged well.Cigars are top quality and authentic.Customer service is top notch.Overall very happy.
    Keep up the good work ken and team.

  53. Experience:

    My order of 1 box of Bolivar Petit Coronas and one box of Trinidad Reyes. Order took 6 days and items are totally legit, in perfect condition and boxes were sealed. They smell oh so nice! The Cigars are very young. Bolivar stamped 06A May11 and the Trinidad MSE APR-11 so the majority are going to sleep for a good long while. Thanks Cigar Terminal! I will order from here again.

  54. Experience:

    These guys are great!!! I Placed my first order about two months ago and only ordered one box to just check them out. They shipped fast and it was received just as I had hoped. The cigars were fantastic. I quickly ordered three more boxed and this experience was just like the first. I could not be more happy. Today I place an order for two more boxes. My advice to you is to place an order with them and don’t worry about a thing. I’m sure to order many more from Cigar Terminal.

  55. Experience:

    Impeccable service and quick timing. Sticks arrived and after two days of rest were in perfect condition. They were in amazing condition upon arriving but they set quickly and looked perfect.

  56. Experience:

    I have ordered a couple of times from them and have personally spoken to Ken, and have regular e-mail correspondence as well. I am very fussy about my cigars, but have ordered numerous boxes without any problems. THe cigars are great, and even a after just one week in the humidor, they smoke like a dream. I have ordered a wide variety just to get an overall view, and have been very impressed both with the quality of the cigars, as well as the customer service. Well done Ken, Keep UP the good work and keep DOWN the prices :-

  57. Experience:

    Fast email respond & Fast Shipping & Nice Packing , Excellent customer service.

  58. Midwest cigar says:


    Fast shipping and authentic cigars, which were in excellent condition. I can ask nothing more.

  59. Experience:

    Ordered a box of Montecristo no.4 and Bolivar Royal Coronas on 11/24/11. Within 9 business days, received the boxes (both dated MAR 11) in a vacuum sealed pack. Very pleased with the condition and quality of the cigars as well as the customer service. Will be ordering again soon.

  60. Experience:

    Just received my first order from cigar terminal and it was not a small one! Wow!!! Great service, and great communication throughout. Couldn’t be happier, very trustworthy website that delivers. Highly recommended!!! A++++ in my book.

  61. Experience:

    December 8,2011
    Stellar! The best prices,integrity and delivery. No question on the authenticity of my cigars. My only regret is to have dealt with other vendors. Cigar Terminal gets my highest endorsements!!!

  62. Experience: Neutral

    Fast service, low price, good packaging & good cigars. Couldn’t ask for more.

  63. Experience:

    After spending some time looking for an alternative to my usual retailer, I decided to buy from Cigar Terminal, mostly based on the great reviews i read here. I am so happy i did! They responded to my email within 1-2 hours . Cigar Terminal shipped the cigars promptly with tracking and the cigars arrived in 7 days, unlike the typical 2-4 week window Puro Express required. I could not be happier!

  64. Experience:

    My first order from Cigar Terminal was absolutely great! I’ve ordered from a few other vendors between visits to a LCDH. Experiencing a few road bumps from time to time, I decided to give CT a try. I’m happy I did. The cigars arrived before expected, in outstanding condition, and without doubt to their authenticity.

    LCDH quality to the front door is what most of us strive for. This happened with my first order from CT. I can’t wait to place another.

    Update (Jan 26 2012) I just received a box of San Cristobal De La Habana El Principes, and a box of Trinidad Reyes from CT. Both arrived within a week in great shape. The El Principes even have plume on them; that’s a good sign to me.

    I’m going to resist the urge and let these rest for a month or two. The smell of these cigars are amazing!

    Update (May 13 2013) I just received three boxes of Cubans from Cigar Terminal. The condition was outstanding. I’ve only tried the Partagas Shorts so far, and the taste/draw was spot on. I’ll be ordering from them again.

  65. raidernick says:


    WOW. Cigar Terminal has better customer service than Amazon! I had an emergency 1 week before Christmas. I placed my order and received it 3 day before Christmas. This was an international order to boot. Their customer service was fantastic (responded faster then when I send my wife a text!). Cigars were in perfect shape – no shipping hold ups. They have my business for life. (*results may not be typical but they came through for me LOL)

  66. DaniloSilni says:


    This is going to be my only vendor from now on. I placed several massive orders and i am extremely impressed with Ken and Cigar Terminal. He is a very helpful and insightful individual. All orders were received in a very timely fashion. They are vacuum sealed and packaged perfectly. Several of the boxes i ordered happened to be aged a few years which is awesome. I have ordered so much from many vendors and this will be go-to vendor for many years to come!

  67. chicago_hans says:


    After two experiences and as many disappointments, I placed a small trial order with CIGAR TERMINAL because the in-stock assortment is large, the prices are great and the comments were all positive.
    After two shipments I can only echo all other positive comments: the prices ARE great; Ken is an alert communicator; the sticks are carefully packed in a sealed plastic bag and a sturdy box; the cigars arrive in perfect condition.
    CIGAR TERMINAL is my ideal supplier.

  68. St.Alphonzo says:


    Because of all the positive review comments, I decided to place my “first” order with Ken shortly before Christmas. The cigar inventory is large and although alot of cigars were out of stock that could be due to the popularity of his website and or the holidays. I was able to find my preferred cigar size, the Mareva and had no trouble locating my daily smokes. S&H is a flat $25.00 and if you place an order for two boxes or more, the combined price of cigars and shipping broken down by stick makes these prices very much in line with COH and PE (my other vendors). The two boxes of cigars were shipped (probably a day after I placed my initial order) via Swiss Post and the tracking number was sent via email. Seven business days later on New Year’s Eve, the cigars arrived in Delaware. The cigars came in “one” non descript shipping box (to allay wife’s suspicions!) and the original cigar boxes were carefully vacuum sealed in a plastic bag. Unlike some Swiss Post shipments from other vendors who package their contents in bright “yellow shipping bags” that scream “Look At Me!”, it was nice to see nothing was festooned to the box other than the shipping label. CIGAR TERMINAL is an ideal supplier and will use them in the future. Keep up the good work Ken. You have earned my business.

  69. Experience:

    I ordered my first cigars from Cigar Terminal and they asked me to post my opinion. Let me tell you first, i am new at ordering cuban cigars but have smoked all the NC highly rated cigars. This was my second box that i have ordered with the first being from another online site. Both delivered the cigars very fast and had good service…answered emails quickly, etc. I ordered Ramon Allones Speciality Select from both vendors. The boxes were the same, with the burned in or imprinted information on the bottom of the box. Both had the bar code removed so i could not run it thru to guarantee their authenticity. The cedar paper inside had the diagonal cut in the right hand corner on both boxes and both had the small parchment paper in the four languages. The label on the left hand side of the box looked the same (i have no black light to see if the seal is there). The cigars had the same prelight taste as the first box. As far as the cigar is concerned, i guess i am sold on the fact that all of you know, that at least these cuban cigars are superior to any other cigar i have had. I have nubbed every one I have smoked and hate to put them out. The only cigar that comes close IMO is the Padron 1964 and they cost more! Here is the major difference in the two sites that I have ordered from. Cigar Terminal is 90.00 cheaper per box and they charged me 25.00 for shipping. The other site sent a small gift of cigarillos. So in the end i paid 65.00 less from Cigar Terminal than the other vendor. I will certainly use Cigar Terminal again but don’t know what to order next. Maybe the Monty 2? Do they compare in fullness and taste to the RASS?

    Lastly, if these cigars are not authentic they are the best I have ever had and would buy them over and over again.

  70. Experience:

    This is the best place to buy cigars from in the entire world! I have used 4 different places and cigar terminal is the best! Ken is so helpful and always replies to emails within a few hours. I have had nothing but positive experiences here and will be a life long customer.

  71. tommythecat says:


    I have made several buys from these guys and had really good results. the quality has been good and i do need to give a thumbs-up to their exceptional customer service!

  72. Experience:

    I placed two different orders with them and both times I got bad results. First time I order, I was notify three days later that cigars were out of stock and that’s because I emailed them to find out status, so I ended up canceling order and placing it with someone else. Second order I placed, I emailed them 1 day after my order to make sure the cigars were oin stock and they said oh yes we have plenty and that they will email me tracking number shortly. I waited 3 more days and after not receiving my tracing number I decided to call them and after 15 times trying to reach someone , the gentleman told me that my order is been processed and that they moving their warehouse to a larger location so that’s why it’s taking longer. EXCUSES
    Why didn’t he tell me that when I emailed him first time?
    So for the second time around I canceled order from them.

    Update #1 (Mar 28 2012) After a misunderstanding with Ken i have to say that i recieved my order last week and the cigars are on top shape.
    I placed another order today for three more boxes and i will continue to order from them for now on.
    Great company to get authentic cigars.
    Thanx Ken

    Update #2 (Apr 3 2012) I placed my order of 3 boxes of Partagas D#4 on March 27 from CT and i just got home and my cigars were waiting for me today, took less than a week.
    Cigars are on top shape!!!
    Thanx again Ken.
    Keep it up… Customer for life here.

  73. Experience: Neutral

    I ordered some Partagas Serie D N.4 that got delivered yesterday, but I noticed that both the seals on the box were already cut. The cigars themselves look good, but I am fairly new to the cigar scene and am I little bit nervous that they got replaced with fakes somewhere along the way. Does anyone know why the box seals would be cut?

  74. Experience:

    Just received my first order from CT. Ordered two 50 counts bolivar pc and por larranaga pc they look outstanding. I been ordering from different vendors but I think I just found a permanent supplier. I am very pleased with the customer service I received. Will be placing another order in the next week or so.

  75. Experience:

    Let me start by saying that I’ve been into cigars for about 7-8 yrs and have smoked my share of crap. Found CT 2 yrs ago and have had nothing but a very positive experience, both in terms of customer svc and quality smokes. I would not hesitate to make a purchase from them. There shipping is super fast, and the stick have always arrived in perfect shape.

    Update (Apr 1 2012) Just received another order with 6 business days shipping, way to go CT. You have earned a customer for life.

  76. Experience:

    I just received my first order of cigars.Two boxes tightly packed One Trinidad coloniales and one Cohiba coronas especiales ,both are in excellent condition.They arrived promptly in just a few days.
    Thanks Ken I shall order more soon.

  77. kostas_greece says:


    very good site! the customer support was absolutely awesome and very friendly.i contacted them 3 times for some details and they had answered me within a day every time… the cigars was in perfect humidity and the prices super good! the boxed had cabanas serials and all the things that should had!! i will definitely buy again from them!!!

  78. stogiedude says:


    I took a chance with C-T, perhaps against my better judgment. But with all the positive and few (if any) negative comments from sophisticated buyers, I bought two boxes of HdM Epi’ No. 2’s. Great price was suspicious and a too-good-to-true, but turned out TRUE!

    While waiting for my order, I checked out every possible method of confirming genuine Cuban product. I even had jeweler’s optics to examine the holograms and bands, etc.

    Upon, arrival, I noted that the factory number code were removed and I freaked. Yet, I examined every other element and everything pointed to genuine Cubans. I opened the box to find a genuine sweet, tell-tale aromoa and I waited a few days for conditioning. Lit one, and bingo! I called the ower to thank him and he explained why the removal of the I.D. number.

    I’m ordering some more today. Glad I took the chance.

  79. Bartolomeo says:


    Cheap prices, fast shipping, great customer service…will be ordering again soon

  80. Experience:

    Ken is a great guy. Placed an order with him for epicure 2 – he took great care to clarify matters with me. Communication is first class. Shipped on time. Am enjoying the cigars now. Definitely recommended. And great prices to boot :)

  81. Experience:

    Ken and Nestor provide answers to all your questions. Delivery was 7 days. Very competitive prices. I will be ordering more.

    Update (Feb 21 2012) I just received my second order from Cigar Termianl. 7 days total delivery. Excellent service. Cigars look great…Montecristo and Partagas #2′s as well as Partagas Serie D#4

  82. Experience:

    After reading a lot of positive reviews, I decided to order a box of BBF’s from CT. The cigars arrived in great shape seven days after ordering. They look great and smell even better. I plan to hold all of the smokes until a special occasion occurring in three months time; we’ll see if they make it!

    I’ve already placed a second order…

    Update (Feb 27 2012) Another order received without an issue. Shipped quick, arrived quick. Don’t be scared away by having to pay shipping; figuring it in, CT is still lower than a lot of other online shops! The smokes I’ve received have all been top notch.

    The worst part is trying to decide what to add to the humidor on my next order!

  83. Experience:

    Placed my first order with CT and not only recieved excellant communication,but a perfect box of authentic bolivar(gold medals). i am very pleased with CT service for a first oder,and will definetly order again,Thanks.

  84. Experience:

    Fantastic customer service all around. I needed to ask them some questions and they were extremely helpful. Ordered the cigars two days after I order from a domestic site and these showed up more quickly. I was very impressed.

  85. Experience:

    I placed my first order with Cigar Terminal a few weeks ago, communication has been very friendly and prompt. I just received my cigars today and they look amazing, construction and aroma spot on. 100% the real deal. Also impressed with there pricing, I will be back for more in the near future for sure.
    Keep it up guys!


    Update (Mar 11 2012) My second order arrived the other day, without waiting for them to recover in the humidor from the long trip I lit one up, Without a doubt genuine Cubans here.
    Thanks to the guys from Cigar Terminal

  86. Experience:

    Great experience because of great communications. Relatively quick shipping. Very good prices. Am recommending them to my friends.

  87. Experience:

    Had a very good experience buying cigars from Cigar Terminal. Email communication was prompt. Delivery took about a week from order. Cigars were received in perfect condition. Authenticity, absolutely no question they are the real deal.After buying counterfeit Cubans and learning the hard way I have a valued appreciation for a trusted source like Cigar Terminal.I will certainly be ordering from CT again.

  88. Experience:

    the service is great, the product is real. Extremly proffesional and friendly service. I would reccomend them to all.

  89. Experience: Neutral

    Can anyone explain why the bar code is cut off? Just received my box of Cohiba Secretos Maduros, and the bar code was so ever gently cut off? What’s up with that? Will post again after I smoke one.

  90. Experience:

    Just ordered a box of BBF from them as this is my first time order online, and I received the cigar few days ago. It come with great smell and good condition. Will try to smoke one few days later, but the buying experience this time is very good.

  91. Experience:

    I just received my first order from Cigar Terminal, after waiting for a 50 cab of Party Shorts to come into stock. The cigars took about 10 days to arrive after spending about a week with our boys in customs. The three boxes of my order were all looking and smelling very good. Now to let them rest and wait for springtime. So far, I am very please with the cigars and service from Ken.

  92. PunchPunch says:


    Cigar Terminal provides some of the highest Quality Cigars.
    buying cigars from an online shop is far and away from B&M service, and one not even on the same continent.

    So I will list some positives.
    Quality of sticks are very good. No chicanery going on here!
    above comment goes out to a few HK dealers as well as various UK distributors.
    Communications are promptly responded to.
    Shipping is good. could be faster but a flat rate of 25 dollars is superb for larger orders. So far been through a few orders and most have come through within 6-9 business days with one delayed shipment, but eventually received. The prices are unheard of, once you factor in quality, service, the worry free experience of trusting someone you can’t choke to death @ any given moment. I don’t know if you guys have noticed, Many vendors have been dropping their prices. No Uk or Euro crap exchanger, these can add up in a years worth of ordering I’ve always been overcharged never under.

    Ken is a very good guy and tries his best to accommodate your needs. A part of me wants to be elitist (most cc smokers are as you know boys!). To spread the wealth seems more appropriate behavior for a cigar lover. With that said if you’re not ordering from CIgar terminal, You are missing the CC train. Place an order and in two weeks yall can thank me by sending me some sticks!

    Enjoy your next order, cause I’m enjoying mine right now.

  93. Experience:

    I’ve been smoking Cuban cigars long enough to know Cigar Terminal most definitely sells authentic cigars.I have order 4 times from Ken within the last few months,and as stated by other reviewers the customer service is top notch.
    The true measure of customer service is not measured when everything is running smooth but when something goes bad.On my third order the cigars never arrived,but that is when Ken shined the brightest-quick emails,store credit
    re-ordered cigars arrived.Very professional.
    2 thumbs up for CT and kudos to Ken,and of course will be ordering again. sorry 4 the long post

  94. Experience:

    ordered several boxes…the smokes are authentic…Ken is hella cool..he responds back to you quickly…boxes come in the mail quickly..dont be scared or unsure about this site..ITS ALL TO THE GOOD !!!!

  95. Experience:

    Fantastic vendor. Authentic sealed boxes. Fast turnaround and shipping. Careful, effective packing with everything arriving in perfect condition. Email communication is fast and detailed at all stages of the process with tracking numbers provided.
    Really can’t say enough good things about Ken and Cigar Terminal. No nonsense, it’s all good. After your first experience with CT, you’ll be looking forward to placing your next order.
    Thank you, Ken.

  96. Experience:

    I would like to start by saying that I live abroad and am able to buy cuban cigars freely. I am in the states for business and to visit my family for a short time. I have heard horror stories and was hesitant to order form an online retailer. I was referred to through a friend and was pleasantly surprised. Ken assisted me politely and promptly with any questions or concerns. The cigars were all genuine and in very good shape after being shipped such a long way. They also arrived rather quickly (5-7 days). I have ordered several orders while staying in the states and if I am ever to return I would use them again without concern.

  97. Experience:

    Quick shipping
    Adequate packaging
    Attentive customer service
    Lowest prices

    Cigars didn’t taste like they should
    Cigars were very dry
    Construction issues
    Authenticity issues

    I purchased from CT based upon the myriad reviews here on Inspector. I will say that Ken is a nice fellow and I wish nothing bad against him, but these cigars are not the same as the authentic Cubans I smoke on a regular basis. How do I ‘know’ what a ‘real’ Cuban cigar tastes like? Well, the taste of a Cuban, when it’s right, is an experience in flavor and smell that is like a sensory overload for any lover of cigars. After 23 years of smoking, I will say that you WILL simply know! That being said, NONE of the sticks out of ANY of the FIVE boxes purchased gave me flavors that I would deem worthy of a true Cuban cigar. The cigars may have provided a slight essence of the appropriate respective flavors, but it wasn’t present the way it should, and in many cases was outright disgusting in taste, or didn’t carry throughout the entire stick, leaving a harsh, unrefined, flavorless smoking experience.

    Cubancigarwebsite provides interesting information on what to look for in determining whether a Cuban cigar is real or not. The packaging on these was very convincing, sans a few errors I noted. There was also a sponginess amongst some of the sticks, which shouldn’t have been there. I cut open a Vegas Robaina and discovered a piece of filler with a large stem still attached. There were some questionable looking pieces of binder and filler leaf as well. The color of the Bolivars was not the same as any of the ones I know to be real, and the flavor was pathetic. The Hoyos may have been the closest to being smokeable, but there too they paled in comparison to real ones I’ve smoked and often turned harsh part way through. The Cuabas were next to flavorless.

    In conclusion, when something is too good to be true, it usually is. These prices are fantastic, but apparently too much so. Ken refunded my money upon shipping the cigars back and I thanked him for that. At least the return wasn’t a hassle. If you have been enjoying cigars from here, as many seem to have been doing, then I’m happy for you. However, I demand better and I get better as evidenced by my side by side comparisons of CT cigars with those of confirmed legit sources. Caveat Emptor.

    Update I’ve been smoking cigars for 24 years. I smoke top shelf stogies such as Opus X, Anejo, Padron Anniversary, La Palina, Viaje, and all sorts of Cubans. I also smoke economy models if they taste good. It’s all about flavor depth and smoothness. With this in mind, I am truly dumbfounded. I must live on a different planet than everyone else, because the cigars I’ve gotten from this place were bad! How can almost everyone on this site unconditionally love this place?!

    Me and my buddy ordered $700 from CT on brands that we have familiarity with, but after receiving and resting them, it was like smoking rolled up newspaper!

    Either these reviews are plants, or PT Barnum was so correct when he said that there was a sucker born every second.

    Folks, if you think these are real Cubans, then perhaps you would like to invest in my new invention, POWDERED WATER! Just add liquid to the powdered water and BOOM! You have instant water! Only $1 per glass, CALL NOW!!

  98. Experience:

    It has all been said except I ordered a cabinet of 50. It came in a timely manner and but the lables looked off. I checked the date and the box was from 2005! Other sites would call them vintage and double the price and no I am not going to tell you what they were.

  99. Paganiser says:


    I made my second order in CT and the first was very good, I recomend it! Salut from Argentina!

  100. Experience: Neutral

    slobber, what was wrong with the lables?

  101. Experience: Neutral

    Overall a great order. Paratagas Shorts and HDM Epi 2. Shipping came in at just over a week, whoich is pretty quick. My only complaint is that they remove the barcodes. This makes me nervouse that I am getting grey market cigars. Not sure if i’ll order again. It’s worth $10 a box to be 100% sure.

  102. Norm Mowry says:


    To hell with all the other cigar sites for my Habanos! Cigar Terminal is the big name in town now and the service, packing, shipping and product is SUPERB!!!

    You want fast delivery? How does four business days strike you? That was my experience. And communication was excellent.

    From this day out, Cigar Terminal is the only site I will buy my Habanos from.

    Long live Cigar Terminal! All hail Cigar Terminal!

  103. littlefat says:


    great service and great product . just got some great Partagas Lusitanias.

  104. Experience: Is a great place to do business. After several purchases I have only had positive experiences. Prompt shipping, good selection, competitive pricing, and fast customer service – what more could you ask for. Kudos Ken, you run a great operation. I look forward to ordering again!

  105. Experience:

    Just wanted to share my great experience with cigar terminal. I had some cubans shipped to Hawaii, and they helped me through every step of the process. They were very responsive and answered all my questions promptly. I am happy to say my cigars arrived without hassle just the other day. They were fresh, well packaged and taste delicious! Their prices are among some of the best I have found as well. I would highly recommend this site to other cuban cigar smokers.

  106. sactochris says:


    I ordered two boxes and had them in less than two weeks. They look great.

  107. Experience:

    Very good service and superfast shipping to Spain. My order arrived in just two days.

    Very well packed. Ken replies fast and kindly.

    I will buy from them again.

  108. Midwest Cigar says:


    Received my 2nd order last week containing Upmann Magnum 46’s. The box code was March of 2010 and the cigars look to be excellent. My one smoke out of this box confirms this assumption! Thanks Ken

  109. PartagasEsq says:


    Been ordering from CT for a few months now, and the experience has been nothing short of spectacular. All boxes have arrived on time and in perfect condition; all samples tasted have been clearly genuine. I had a problem with one box of Cuabas; told Ken about and he immediately took care of it. Can’t say enough about Ken and CT. Don’t wanna say too many good things, they might run out of stock.

  110. Experience:

    I can’t say enough about Cigar Terminal and Ken.
    I’ve place several orders with them and all have been flawless.
    Ken replies promptly to every email I send and is extremely polite and helpful.
    If you want great sticks, great service, and great prices, look no further than Cigar Terminal.

  111. Experience:

    These guys are the ‘real deal’. After jacking around for several years with other online retailers, I was beyond pleasantly surprised to stumble upon Cigar Terminal. For one, their customer service is second to none. Ken is a superstar and a cool guy. Secondly, their selection is great, and their prices cannot be beat. And last but not least, they guaranty their product, and the delivery of their product. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say these people made 100% good on their order. They have a customer for life in me, and I will always refer these guys to all of my cigar smoking buddies in the future. I’m tickled pink to find these folks and hope they stay in business a long, long time.

  112. Experience:

    I ordered from CT 2 months ago and received my order in about 2 weeks state side and are now in my humidor. 1 box each of R&J Churchill, H. Upman No. 2, and Bolivar Royal Corona. Box dates are young, NOV ’11 for all three. They need aging but I’m having a hard time keeping my hands off from the RC’s and Churchill’s!! I have been duped in the past and have been fortunate to have real Habanos of these vitolas and these are the real deal. Only complaints I could possibly come up with is that I found cheaper prices elsewhere or CT was out of stock for my recent purchases of specific cigars. Makes sense because they supply real Habanos at great prices and professional service. As long as they have what I’m looking for CT will be my Habanos source!

  113. Experience:

    Another terrific experience with CigarTerminal. There was a small problem with the delivery of my order and Ken very quickly came to my aid and arranged a re-shipment. I will continue to use and recommend them!

  114. Experience:

    This was my first order with them and there was a problem with the delivery. But Ken took care of it right away and I am one satisfied customer. Great communication and service. Will be ordering again soon.

  115. Experience:

    Ken and the gang at Cigar Terminal have been fantastic-very professional and helpful. I’m on my 3rd order with them. I’ve been a NC only snob but as I’ve dabbled in more CC’s of late I’m being pulled in by their distinct rich flavors. Yes-they are 100% real. Service is excellent, prices are low, parcels arrive quickly with tracking info at every step of the way. Orders are packed with care for shock and movement, vacuumed sealed, in the original cuban habanos packaging. Flat shipping fee makes you want to throw another box in your cart for aging! With them providing such great service and pricing, their inventory can be a bit low at times. They are my point of reference when it comes to cuban cigars!

  116. Experience:

    Just received my 2nd shipment of Cigars from Cigar Terminal. This shipments first attempt was intervened at ISC New York. Ken wasted no time honoring his guarentee and reshipping 100 Por larranga petit coronas. They made it through and to my home quickly and are smoking wonderfully.

  117. Experience:

    This is a great company to do business with, and I can’t recommend them highly enough! I’ve received a handful of orders from them over the past few months, and every experience has been perfect. Their master tobacconist, Ken, is very helpful and quick to notify you of any stock issues with your order. Their prices are fantastic, even when taking into account their flat rate shipping. Especially if you order two or more boxes. They provide a tracking numbers so you can keep tabs on your little beauties as they make their journey home. Great customer service, great, authentic products, and excellent prices make this my go to vendor.

  118. Bottom line guy says:


    I have been debating doing this for a few weeks. In the end, after much analysis, I feel I have to worn my fellow cigar brothers: I really believe cigar terminal sells fakes. There were just too many packaging irregularities, the cigars lacked flavor and the prices were too good. “Ken” did give me a full refund, but I still cannot let them off the hook. I feel I have a duty to warn all of you. Buyer beware

  119. gcastrovil says:


    To bottom line guy. I have ordered from the Terminal a few times. I never recieved “bad cigars”. Do you have any proof? Because most of the ratings are positive for the Terminal. Maybe you just got a bad box after all Cuba is a embargoed country. I suggest give them another try.

  120. Experience:

    Just received my second order and I am very satisfied with the products and service. My wife won’t appreciate it much but I will be ordering again very soon.

  121. bottomlineguy says:


    to gcastrovil
    I find you post interesting. You put “bad cigars” in quotes, but I never used that phrase. You ask about “proof”. That is an absurd thing to say. What do you mean? A person can’t express their opinion (after buying about 6 boxes, by the way) without performing mass spectroscopic analysis on the cigars? Who are you to put forth such a burden of proof?

    I say again: based upon my experience, I feel that cigar terminal is selling fake cuban cigars. They may contain real cuban tobacco, but they are, in my opinion, not genuine Habanos. They lack flavor, contain too much short filler leaves, and have too many packaging irregularities for me to believe I got real Habanos. Further, the prices are a bit too good to be plausible.

  122. Experience:

    To bottomlineguy: I respect your opnion but I am interested in knowing what specfic packaging irregularities you are talking about. An earlier poster by the name of ST mentoned the same type of irregularties. This informaton would be helpful. To be clear I am a regular customer of Cgar Terminal and have been very happy wth ther product and service.

  123. Experience:

    I’m guessing “bottomlineguy” wouldn’t know a real Habano if it punched him in the face. Or maybe he works for one of the shadier competitors that are out there? CigarTerminal is completely legit. I’ve received 6 orders from them now, consisting of well over 300 sticks, and have never seen any packaging or flavor irregularities that would cause me one iota of doubt. Most of their cigars are young and badly in need of aging, but I’m 1000% positive their products are authentic. Their customer service has also been first rate in my experiences.

  124. Bopper76 says:


    I placed my order on the 27th of March and it arrived on April 4th…Great!!! All cigars are great condition and will rest in my humi for a few days…I ordered the Bolivar Gold Medals and Cuaba Salomon’s…Can’t wait to try the Gold Medals!! Thank you CT!!

    Update (Jun 8 2012) I must say Ken did it again, impeccable cigars at a great price!! Ordered Montecristo #4 & #2 for my father’s bday on May 30th, they arrived safe and secure to the states today June 8. Can’t wait for my father to smoke a few!!

    Update #2 (Aug 4 2012) My gf tried to order me my favorites, Monte no. 4 but Ken was out of them. So he recommended the Partagas series D no.4…WOW what a hell of a choice!! Great flavor, lots of nice white pure habano smoke!! But most importantly, the cigars arrived very fresh and vacuumed sealed. They were made in January or ENE of 2012, so they are a little young…But wow they pack a punch!!! Top notch service yet again from my man Ken!! Thank you!!!

    Update #3 (May 23 2013) I received my order on May 22nd after i placed my order on 13th, and my bank OK the order on May 15th, 7 days to get here GREAT!! Ken is awesome, he explained the new shipping and how/why it’s done. I am very satisfied with my order of Monte #4, I am going to let them rest until Memorial day, then share a few with my military buddies…This is my 5th or 6th order with Ken. Still very very satisfied, CT and Ken will be my go to guys.

  125. Experience:

    Great seller. First order did not arrive, so Ken promptly reshipped at no expense and with no hassle. Reshipment arrived safely within about a week and a half. My friends have made many purchases from ct and they are the real deal – and at a great price. I’m glad to have made the switch now myself. Thanks ct.

  126. Experience:

    I’ve made several purchases from Ken with great results. Cigars arrive vacuum packed and although sometimes they do arrive a bit dry, a week in my humidor brings them back to life. My last order did not make it and after a quick email, Ken immediately send replacements with tracking info. He also sent a box of 25 instead of the 10 I ordered because the 10 packs weren’t in stock at the time of shipping. With exceptional services like this I will be a customer at Cigar Terminal for a long time. Thanks again!

  127. Bottom line guy says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I gave a neutral, since this is my third post on this subject. I asked renowned British merchant Ajay Patel a question about the cut in the cedar lining. (Ajay speaks at cigar aficionado smoke out events, amoung others. Look him up). This is because I had learned that genuine habanos always had a semicircular cut in the upper right hand corner. The cigars I got from cigarterminal ALL had straight cuts. His answer:

    “As far as we know Cuba always cut the cedar as a quater circle on the right hand corner.”
    “For a very short time they did cut the cedar right top hand corner as straight as 45% cut. You can see these on the Trinidad Robusto Extra, Robusto T. But only for a limited period. These are now revert back.”
    Note: I included his typos. The cigars I got from cigarterminal were not the short time exceptions he mentions.

  128. Smokethis says:


    I just received my first order from CT; great shipping performance and OUTSTANDING customer service.
    This business feels like a mom and pop shop that has expanded to the internet. What I mean is that CT is run like an old-time business; customer-first, no BS, and the mantra that selling a fair product at a fair price and treating people like people will grow the business.
    To some of the doubts regarding authenticity, I get the concerns about missing barcodes on the boxes, but Ken’s explanation is more than logical. Besides, if they were selling fakes, wouldn’t they want to make the seals look as undisturbed as possible? The seals on my boxes looked like someone ran a razor across the portion with the barcode and quickly removed it, fitting Ken’s explanation precisely. Regarding the cedar, I just received a box of Partagas SPN2 and two boxes Montecristo GE EL 2010; all of the cedars had a quarter circle cut in the appropriate location.
    Cigar Terminal is the real deal and I will place all my orders with them in the future!

  129. Erika Wong says:


    I can’t say enough positive about Cigar Terminal. The service is great. Ken always replies personally to any email query. Their prices are almost always the lowest. The service is top notch and the quality of the cigars is ALWAYS the best ALWAYS. Trust me I know. I’ve had bad experiences and I have been tracking prices (I actually do it in an excel spreadsheet with conditional formatting highlighting the lowest price) across 19 different cigar stores for 19 of my favorite cigars and Cigar Terminal is the best all around. Don’t spend your time researching all of the other cigar stores. I’ve done it for everybody. Just go to Cigar Terminal!!! I really love them. The most important feature with Cigar Terminal is that you receive authentic genuine Cuban cigars. No fakes. So on the very, very rare case when CT is a bit higher in price (a couple of bucks maybe so who really cares)you KNOW for sure you will receive the authentic deal. It’s all worth it to me. With Cigar Terminal you get authenticity, quality, service and speed. Never any hassles. Don’t waste your time with anyone else.

    Update (Jul 20 2012) As always Cigar Terminal never disappoints. I received my RyJ Short Church’s just yesterday, part of my 4th order, and smoked one right off the truck. I must say I liked it more than the Cohiba Maduro Genios that I just finished smoking moments before. Cigar Terminal’s customer service is like working with your friend. Ken answers questions even if they are not directly related to a purchase. I have a big order planned for my retirement and it will definitely go to Cigar Terminal and Ken’s group. But Ken will have to keep up his great service and product quality for 8 years during which I will continue to give Cigar Terminal my smaller box orders. You can’t lose.

  130. Experience: Neutral

    These guys have a lot of happy customers. I’ve ordered and received 4 boxes from CT: boli pc and mont LE GE 2010 . The Bpc are some of the best I’ve had , and I’ve burned a boatload , the monts. look great .
    Now I must complain ……with all this terrific service and these tasty cigars you guys are going to run out of my smokes!
    I’m no Cuban expert ( as they’re illegal here in the states so I’ve never had the pleasure of smoking one from my local official store) but whatever CT is slingin’ I’m buying, and am 100% happily satisfied !!
    Ps . My wifes family lives in Cuba , and I would probably trust Ken over the tobacconist in their parts with the authenticity of Cuban cigars …his are certainly as good as if not better than the sealed box stuff that has been brought back. Buyer beware: your going to need a new humidor .
    Good life friends.

  131. Experience:

    Sorry I wanted to mark my experience positive.

  132. border bandit says:


    Awesome company. After doing alot of research on cubans and where to buy, I found cigar terminal. Reviews were good, so I thought that I would try them out. I have ordered 3 boxes of cigars from them in 6 weeks and have received all of them, with no damage and true cubans. shipping to US was 6-7 days – faster than most US based shops to my front door. Highly recommend!

  133. Experience:

    I recieved my order once again in about a week. I have access to “genuine” cubans all the time as i spend half of my time oversea where you can buy them from either a duty free shop at an airport or a local s.a. habanos dealer.
    My conclusion, CT sells the real deal. I cannot account for the missing bar code or differences. The best i can say is they may be a slightly lower grade or different shade, but they do taste the same. At least for the cohiba sigilo 1’s. But for the price difference, i would rather go to CT, unless it was like a behike or some other high end cigar

  134. Experience:

    partagas salomones and culebra. very dry condition. culebra has not habanos but havanos.
    havanos is letheal mistake. after one month humidor, all cigars has little flavor. oh my god.

  135. Experience:

    I used CT for the first time and was very happy with the product, customer service and fast shipping. Prices also where great. Thanks CT.

  136. Marcus says:


    Received some moldy Monte #2’s on two different occasions. There are better dealers out there.

  137. bevilj says:


    Just received my 4th shipment this year. Another box of Hoyo Epicure #2’s and a box of Juan Lopez selection #1.About a week on the delivery and the cigars are flawless.2010 on both boxes. If you haven’t tried the Juan Lopez selection #1 do yourself a favor. Lots of Honey and coffee and leather which I personally enjoy.

  138. Randall says:


    Prompt and courteous service. Great communication and fast, fast delivery. This was my first purchase but most assuredly will not be my last. Buy with confidence.

  139. rjshibata says:


    I have been purchasing Havanas online from many sources for about 12 years. I started to order from Cigar Terminal in 2011. Good service, competitive prices, and most important, genuine Havana cigars shipped. I have placed repeat, multi box orders from them with good success.

    Because of credit card fraud, my cc is sometimes blocked for overseas transactions. (This happens even when I tell the cc company in advance that I am going to order from overseas!) CT has been patient and polite during the time it takes to get the matter cleared up with the cc companies.

    At this time, I have no hesitation recommending CT to anyone interested in ordering Havanas online. You’ll receive genuine Havana cigars.

  140. David A. says:


    Just bought of a box of the Bolivar RC’s, one of my favorite smokes. Shipping was fast, (think I received them in like 5 days or something) and was packaged perfectly. Product was authentic. Will be ordering more in the future.

  141. Experience:

    Third time I have ordered, 4 boxes totaled this time.Fast and quality can be said, I received one box dated jun 07, and can say it is totally awesome! and wont say what it was!

  142. Experience:

    I’ve ordered twice from CT. The first box of Cohiba Siglo IIs arrived in 8 days. The second shipment was held up at the border. I informed Ken and he told me to wait a couple of days. After a couple of days, I contacted Ken and he told me he would resend the package. The Boli PCs and Party Shorts arrived in a week. Thanks to Ken for resolving the issue!

  143. dandichristopher says:


    great overall first experience,except that it took 2 weeks for delivery.i think because i was a new client,just placed a new order and i will respond after my second order arrives.they are real and true to there cohiba taste.cigar terminal is the real deal.thanks guys, dan

  144. Experience:

    I never post reviews about anything, but I felt compelled to add my 2 cents to this thread. I’ve smoked hundreds of Habanos cigars for all over the world (from various Casa De Habanos stores to Davidoff in London). I’ve also order countless boxes of cigars over the internet from 6 different online retailers over the years, and I can say without hesitation that cigarterminal is 100% the real deal. I honestly was a little hesitant at first because of the low prices and only ordered two boxes. Yet they came as advertised – with tracking, in less than 7 days, sealed (although the bar codes were removed) and securely packaged – and the cigars were in perfect shape. There is absolutely no doubt that these cigars (Trinidad Coloniales) were authentic. I’ve since ordered more boxes, and my comments above equally apply to each one. Frankly, I hope you choose not use cigarterminal so there is more stock available for me!! Thanks again Ken for your excellent services and products! BG

  145. Experience:

    I want to let everyone know that Cigar Terminal is by far the best place to go to get authentic, fine cigars. Ken is a pleasure to work with, always prompt to answer questions and concerns. I have placed multiple orders and all have come quickly and well packaged.
    Thanks Ken!!

  146. Experience:

    I just placed my first order with Ken at Cigar Terminal. So far Ken has answered all of my questions very quickly. I look forward to a smooth transaction. I will update review when I recieve my order. Ken thanks in advance for all of you help.

  147. dandichristopher says:


    great experience,the second order arrived within 8 days(much quicker).ive been smokin cubans for 35 years, plus.true cubans, no doubt.the only negative is that i wish they would get some out of stock cubans back in stock,so i can buy them…please

  148. Experience:

    Received my box of Regios from cigarterminal yesterday, in exactly a week of ordering. Already smoked one and it was wonderful. Good service from Ken and excellent quality cigars. Wouldn’t think twice before shopping here.

  149. Pantelis-cigars says:


    I am very pleased from the service, timely delivery, quality and price of cigar-terminal website and I am definitely suggesting same to my friends.

  150. Experience:

    My second order with CT and everything perfect. cigars are real Habanos, no doubt.

    Thanks Ken.

  151. SanDiegoConnoissuer says:


    Unbelievably great customer service. Delivered the real product. Highly recommend for purchases.

  152. Isleepem says:


    Generally, I don’t write a lot of reviews, mainly because if you pay for a service, said service should be rendered. If all of there transactions go
    as well and prompt as mine did, then I highly recommend CT and plan
    to do future business with them. The Partagas ser. D 4, were shipped
    properly, came in fresh, and made it in 10 days after the order was placed.

  153. Experience:

    Cigar Terminal sent my order quiet fast, all cigars came vacuum packed with no damage. Assistance was also prompt (I asked about cusmtoms clearance in my country, which can be tricky from time to time). So overall, I can say quality/price wise, the cigar terminal does a great job.

  154. Experience:

    Cigar Terminal and Ken are top rate. I have had multiple orders that came through in excellent condition and authentic as they get. Unfortunately one shipment did not make it for reasons that you can guess. Ken stepped up and immediately re-shipped. It arrived today. I recommend Cigar Terminal to anyone without hesitation.

  155. ibrahim says:


    Ordered cigars from Cigar Terminal. Delivered in 10 days without any problem. Thank you Ken, thank you Cigar Terminal…!

    Update (Nov 20 2012) My 5th order arrived safely from CIGAR TERMINAL.
    Cigars are very well, packed well and shipped in time. Thank you Ken for this service. I’ll continue with you. Very good service!

  156. nikesupremedunk says:


    Took a leap of faith and ordered 3 boxes from reading great reviews on here. Not to mention the prices are unbeatable. Lucky for me, the cigars arrived in FIVE days to the states, in flawless condition. I really couldn’t be happier with CT! Ken is also a nice guy to talk to, and responds very fast. The only con I can think of is that they don’t have some of the cigars I want to order! But what I love about CT is that they carry a lot of 10 packs where other sites don’t, which makes it easy for me to buy and try without the commitment of a 25 box. To wrap this up, you really can’t go wrong with CT: authentic CC’s, best prices I’ve seen, SUPER fast shipping, and great communication.

    Needless to say, I just placed an order for 2 more boxes. Thank you Ken!

  157. Islayphile says:


    My first order from cigar terminal was flawless–they went out of their way to accomodate my requirements, and the cigars arrived in good condition and as described on their website—very pleased and have since made a further order!
    Thanx Ken

  158. DIY pete says:


    First order with CT and I am very pleased. 11 days from order until the sticks were in my Humi resting. One box was from May ’09, just over three years age already. Can’t ask for more than that.

  159. Experience:

    Just ried them. Order came quickly – a little over a week. Cigars were perfect.

  160. sumbrada says:


    Highly recommended! Have placed at least 5 orders over the past two years. ALL cigars were in perfect condition and were packed very securely. Orders arrived very quickly except for my most recent order, which encountered a “detour.” Ken quickly sent a replacement order, which arrived safely. Ken’s a great guy to deal with, and I’ll be ordering again in the near future.

  161. Experience:

    Follow up: have placed 5 orders to date. One order was 10 boxes with no issues. However, my luck went south when one was “lost”. Ken fixed it in 2 seconds upon a inquiry status email. Had everything I lost re-ordered and shipped to me in about 5 business days. USA retailers are not as quick as this! Every stick from CT has been smoking excellent and arrives quickly in pristine, original, cuban packaging (sans bar codes). Ken has been very prompt and professional in our correspondence. Highly recommend this online retailer-the prices and service are great. You can not go wrong doing business here.

  162. Stevogf7 says:


    Placed my order on Monday 25th of June and got them today. Am perfectly happy that these are the real deal but they had the barcode removed am guessing this is because CT are shipping cigars all over the world and dont want them traced back to them?
    Got him sent to the U.K and there was no problems with customs etc, even though the parcel was marked as cigars!!
    Pay day on Thursday so I’ll be placing another order then but this time asking if parcel description is changed!

  163. MiamiHeat says:


    Well designed, efficient website. Great prices. Easy to order. Tracking info provided. My first order arrived in 7 business days. Cigars are authentic, no doubts. This is as good as it gets. Thank you, CT!

    Update (May 22 2013) Second purchase from the CT. Geneva to Miami – 6 business days. No complaints. Thank you!

  164. Cigarologist says:


    I just received my latest order from CIGAR Terminal. This time I went Bolivar all the way! Two boxes are young, dated MAR 12, and one is dated APR 09. All arrived, well packaged, in 6 days.

    There was a slight problem with one of my last orders, and Ken was quick to make it right (the true test of customer service). It is great to have a supplier that sells unquestionably-authentic Cuban cigars, and at super reasonable prices. The level of commitment to customer satisfaction is truly second to none.

    CIGAR Terminal demonstrates excellence consistently and as a result I am a happy customer…again…still!

  165. BBCigars says:


    First try with Cigar Terminal. Fast, friendly & professionnal. Impeccable service!

  166. dandichristopher says:


    5 orders,5 excellant supplies of cuban cigars.anyone who gives anything but a positive score does not know cuban cigars.

  167. puffish44 says:


    Before I ordered from cigar terminal i was a little hesitant about being screwed. I had been a happy customer until recently of one of their competitors that offered free shipping. I corresponded with Ken and he reassured me that I would be 100 percent satisfied, so i made the leap of faith. From the start they were very professional and even sent a tracking number. I recieved the package today of my Partagas Series D No. 4’s today. They were vacuum sealed, had the traceable barcode removed, like most internet order Habanos, and they were in tip top shape when i opened the box. Unlike their competitor they was no mold or anything except tip top robustos. I will definitely order from them again.

  168. delta Greece says:


    First order, great service very good quality. I’m very satisfied… I hope to continue so.

  169. Experience:

    Excellent cigars, excellent service. I had an order go awry a while ago. Ken took hold of the matter and replaced to missing order. These people have become my sole cigar vendor as a result.

  170. Experience:

    I just received my very first order from and was exceptionally pleased with the order process, secure delivery, and the fresh authentic quality of my cigars. My seciond order is pending forthwith! Mark

  171. Eventide says:


    Well, all of you can’t be wrong and you weren’t. After reading everybody’s glowing reviews I took the plunge and ordered a few boxes from Cigar Terminal. They arrived in the expected time frame and were packed very well. They were in great shape and smelled like a dream. 2 out of 3 of the codes were missing but it sounds like that’s just protacol. Very pleased with the customer service as Ken was quick to assist me in all my queries. You rock, Cigar Terminal. Truly the real deal.

  172. Experience:

    Very first order from Cigar Terminal just arrived. A box of Cohiba Siglo 2. Genuine, well packed, smelled fantastic, probably the freshest best smell of Cohiba! Stunning service.

  173. tomothebuilder says:


    Excellent service.
    I’ve always previously ordered from a competitor, and although I’ve never had a problem, I was never 100% sure of the product. When their prices increased I decided to try Cigar Terminal, based upon the reviews on here.

    I ordered 10 R&J Churchill’s in Tubes. What I like best is you get a proper order confirmation, email updates and a tracking number.
    The cigars arrived in under 5 working days. Unfortunately to my dismay, they arrived with white mould on them.
    I emailed Cigar Terminal with some photos and Ken responded within 24hrs. He allayed my fears, spoke to his warehouse team, told me what to do with the cigars and offered his apologies.

    He also gave me a significant discount off my next order.

    Before I placed my next order I emailed to ask for the box dates and whether they would open and check the cigars before they were sent. Again Ken was very quick to respond and graciously agreed to check the contents of the box prior to shipping.
    I have just ordered a box of Cohiba Robustos and will hopefully be placing many more orders in the future.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Cigar Terminal, you get a very good, personal and friendly service.

    Update #1 (Aug 9 2012) Great company. Further to my previous post, I have just recieved a box of Cohiba Robustos. I’ve checked the Habanos website which confirmed that they are genuine. I also checked the cigars with a single I bought from a UK supplier and they are identical, just a shade lighter but a uniform colour throughout the box (they are very young anyway!). Once again fantastic service from Cigar Terminal and Ken. He’s always happy to answer any queries from pessimists such as myself!

    Update #2 (Aug 23 2012) Great company, cracking service. Since last review have ordered Partagas D4 which look and smeel wonderful, and also a box of Siglo VI which again look great. Shipped from HK with Bar-codes intact, they check out on the Habanos website but you don’t even need to check to know that these are the real deal. Highly recommended!

  174. Theoryguy says:


    Awesome experience ordering from CT. I’ve order Cohiba Siglo VI’s (7 days) and Partaga D4’s (10 days). I definitely will be ordering from them again

  175. Experience:

    Great selection, good prices, and well designed website. However the area in which cigarterminal really shines is customer service. My package never arrived and I emailed them detailing my situation. Within a day they had responded and offered me a replacement. My replacement package arrived quickly. The cigars are authentic and packaged well for shipping. I will buy again from cigarterminal and i suggest you try them as well.

  176. MichelGatineau says:



    Here are my comments on Cigar Terminal.

    Very profesionnal, the cigars were always in excelent condition and the prices are reasonable, much better than in Canada.

    Michel Guay
    Quebec, Canada

  177. Experience:

    Hello everyone.
    Ordered July 31,
    package mailed August 2,
    received on East coast on August 13th in perfect condition. Bar code numbers were cut. Trinidad Robusto T – 12 pack from Sept 2009 (!!!) and Partagas D4 – 10 pack is young from January 2012. Excellent experience.
    Just wish that more variety would be in stock.
    I always pair them with Ararat armenian cognac/brandy.
    Heaven on Earth.

  178. billjacobs says:


    Their service was as world class as their cigars. I see everyone making a big deal about bar codes being cut, but you need to relax. These cigars are the real deal. I bought some known legit cuban cigars, then purchased a box of those cigars from CT. The color, the consistency, the taste, everything was dead on to my known legit Cuban cigar.
    I recently had an issue with their stock, and they were quick to make it right, not only by suggesting an outstanding alternative that I would have never considered, but by also throwing in something extra for the troubles.
    Also I ran into an issue with getting my order. Looks like someone at the post office thought they would enjoy them more than I would. So without hesitation they stood behind their 100% guaranteed delivery and sent me another shipment.
    I have worked with Ken the past couple times, his e-mail responses are prompted, courteous and knowledgeable.
    I rec. these guys to everyone. Best quality and pricing on the net.



  179. Midwestman says:


    Ordered 6 ten packs- shipped August 9
    Held up and finally received 50/60 August 24
    Received last ten 8/27
    Can’t blame CT for the bankrupt postal system
    All cigars are perfect, Bolivar Gold Medal with box date of Sep ’09

  180. Experience:

    Based on all the positive reviews I placed my first order with Cigar Terminal. Order received in less than 14 days. Multi box order received intact. No Problems. Yes – I will order from them again and you should too!!!!!

  181. Kenneth Thompson says:


    My purchase arived late, but was in perfect condition in the original sealed boxes. Customer service contacted me and worked with me until I recieved my order, they were very nice! Im looking forward to making another purchase in the near future.

  182. Experience:

    Used this site several times,very impressed with customer service.I like having a live person to speak to if I have a question,and I have received excellent results.I will recommend Cigar Terminal to my friends……..

  183. Experience:

    CT is amazing! Customer service was an absolute delight! Will do business with them all day everyday!

  184. Experience:

    Cigar Terminal fell in my lap. I was interested in a certain item. I pulled the trigger and placed an order.
    I had great results. Well protected packaging with excellent updates and shipping.

  185. Experience:

    I have been dealing with cigar terminal just shy of a year now. They are very professional, have fast shipping and an excellent customer service to go with. I recently had the unfortunate experience of having a shipment confiscated about a month ago. I contacted cigar terminal and my issue was resolved that same day! Already another shipment was out and a tracking number emailed to me. Now that’s customer service! It’s good to know that they do indeed stand behind their 100% delivery guarantee, not to mention you can’t beat their prices. To sum up, the best dealer on the web.

  186. Experience:

    awesome cigars, awesome customer service, awesome experience. i had treated myself to some short churhills, punch punchs, and serie d’s and they are splendid. they are legit, no concerns there. I once had a shipment seized and they gave me a full refund and my next order and the ones before came through nice and fast. thanks and keep the prices low and shipping fast and i’ll be back for more.

  187. Experience:

    I just received my 1st order and due to Ken’s prompt responses/communication and their great prices, I placed another order. They take their reputation seriously and provide a great service. You can’t go wrong here.

  188. Experience:

    First buy, Ken was great navigating my purchase through the process of the mail. Took a little longer than I wanted due to holiday mail traffic, but the arrival was as promised and the smokes are as well. Absolute positive AAA.

  189. Experience:

    This was my first experience with Cigar Terminal. They provided excellent product and very fine customer service. I recommend them highly to anyone seeking a trouble-free online purchase.

  190. Midwest Cigar says:


    Just received another order; shipped faster than that last. Cigar Terminal is a great operation.

  191. Matthew Malloy says:


    Great cigars at a fair price with fast, reliable shipping!

  192. Experience: Neutral

    Please read the rules before posting. Using a valid e-mail address is a must, otherwise your comment will be deleted.

  193. Experience:

    Just received my third order from cigar terminal. All positive so far. I’m convinced that they are all genuine. I will continue to purchase from them. Thanks to cigar inspector for putting me on to them.

  194. Experience: Neutral

    Real deal cigars, low prices, awesome service. They replaced my confiscated order quickly and happily. My regular supplier.

  195. Experience:

    Wow what great sevice my cigars arrived today in perfect condition as people are saying they are the real deal, exellent.

  196. Experience:

    Received my box of RASS from the Terminal yesterday. Arrived quickly and the product was in great shape. Thanks guys!

  197. Experience:

    I got burned for the last time by a competitor– I ORDERED a box of Monte No.2’s with both mold bugs, *YES, BUGS*, all over the box. I contacted them and they said it was “plume” (HA!) and that I was no longer welcome to order from them.

    Checked out the CI reviews for cigarterminal and decided to give them a shot. Got a box of Siglo IV’s, SerieD NO.4’s and some Monte No.2’s. The Siglo’s and D’s were wonderful– perfect condition, genuine, and they smelled wonderful.

    The No2’s were unfortunately a little moldy, but here’s where cigarterminal had me– I contacted Ken with pictures of the smokes and he said that yes, they had mold on them, and though he would be OK with it himself, he’d be more than happy to send me a replacement box. Unlike the competitor who required me to send the smokes back to to Geneva and risk confiscation (jeopardizing my return), Ken just had me send them to another nearby customer who would like to take them off my hands. I then got a shipping notice super quick, and THE REPLACEMENTS (which were wonderful) SHOWED UP TO MY DOORSTEP 7 DAYS AFTER THE NOTICE. That blew me away– I’d NEVER gotten a shipment that quick from others, nor had I had as good of customer service.

    They may be a couple bucks more than competition, but they’re still way below most others, they’ve got genuine product, and most importantly, THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AWESOME! I can’t stress how important it is for a company to bend over backwards to make the customer happy, and cigarterminal definitely did it with me. I really appreciate it and I’ll definitely be buying from them whenever I need a Habano order. Good job guys!

  198. Experience:

    Great experience. The cigars came in a timely manner. They appear to be in excellent condition. Can’t wait to smoke em’.

  199. Experience:

    Second trip down the road w/ CT and ordered a box of Hoya de Monterrey
    Epicure # 2’s and I have to say these guys delivered and came through again. The box arrived in about a week and the cigars were like they come
    out of a humi.. Had to burn one right away. Absolutely no complaints. I think they are keepers.

  200. Experience:

    Ken is the Man. Cigar Terminal has made me a lifer! This is the Best company to order Cuban cigars from. Professional, courteous and Amazing. I’m a Lifer!!!


  201. Experience:

    If you have not purchased from cigar terminal you are missing out! “Ken is the man”, I could not have said it any better. His proactive handling of a problem I did not know I even had just blew me away. I am about to place my sixth order with him and have been very, very happy with the cigars I have received, QUALITY AND CONDITION ARE TOP NOTCH!! Looking forward to a long and happy relationship!

  202. Experience:

    My 2nd order this year (more than six total over the years). As always with Ken, excellent quality, super pricing, and stellar service. I’ll surely be ordering again soon. Thanks Ken!

  203. Experience:

    My first order with CigarTerminal. I was apprehensive about the process, whether I would get my cigars, and how the customer service would be in the case that I didn’t receive them. Well, my initial fear came true; the first shipment stalled at customs. I reached out via phone and email, and CigarTerminal was receptive and responsive to both, assuring my that they have a 100% guarantee that I receive my product. Two weeks after my initial shipment was sent, they resent another parcel, which cleared customs this time around. What I really liked was their willingness to look into the shipment information from their end, offering insight as to what was going on. All in all, a very positive experience for me! I strongly recommend CigarTerminal and will be ordering from them again!

    Oh, the cigars arrived in perfect condition as well. :)

  204. Experience:

    Great customer service! Shipment held by customs, and they sent out a replacement batch promptly and courteously. Great company!!

  205. CCSmokerState12 says:


    Too good to be true, had an order of cigars to try our their website, small order to test the waters.

    Got the cigars fast but checked the band and box codes for reference and actually had the wrong band on it!!! Should have had Standard Band A for Partagas but it had the Standard Band B instead and incorrect date.

    Buyer beware, too good to be true.

  206. Experience: Neutral

    Please see the quote below taken from the CA forums. It may or may not shed some light on your band issue.

    Many of the habanos bands have changed. That Partagas band is the new style, I have 2 boxes of shorts both LAE Feb 11 and one box is the old band and the other is new band. And these came from…….

  207. Experience:

    Placed and recieved my second order. My order of Partagas Serie D No.4’s arrived ahead of schedule and in excellent condition air tight seal. Had two so far. Perfect! These guys have figured it out. More business to come.

  208. oxnardjose1 says:


    My experience with Cigar Terminal was grate, on time delivery, good customer service, good and tasty cigars. even though there were storms in New York I still got my delivery on time!
    They will get my business from now on!

  209. Franklin G says:


    Have place several orders from Cigar Terminal. They have been prompt, the products have been first rate. They are very reliable . At times, there have been issues with some stock but that has been a minor concern. Prices are exceptional too. I plan to keep ordering from them.

  210. HighlandPark18 says:


    PSD4 x10 came in two weeks to Canada with no customs issues. Box serial verified legit on Habanos.

    Smoked one ROTT and sure enough, that salty caramel Partagas taste came through. This is the real deal!

    Went ahead and ordered a multiple box order after the 1st positive experience and fingers crossed, hope they continue to deliver.

  211. CigarGuy61 says:


    Arrived no problem. The box is real, but it had already been opened. Barcode had been razored off. Cigar smokes OK, but I expect EVERY little thing to check out.

  212. Experience:

    Ordered Cohiba Robustos and about a week later my cigars arrived. Look good, haven’t smoked them yet, resting in humidor. Good service, good feedback, will definitely use again.

  213. Experience:

    Have ordered twice and have only positive things to post. Exceptional delivery and quality. Prompt response to emails. Very competitive prices. Have alerted my friends to this site. Will definitely use again.

  214. herrsugarbeet says:


    The ordering process was easy, and a very lovely box of Romeo Y Julieta cigars arrived in about two weeks. They are a gift, so I cannot comment on the quality, but the box is very impressive and I’m sure the cigars are wonderful.

  215. Experience:

    Excellent first experience with Cigar Terminal (in fact my 1st time ordering online). So I was a little apprehensive. My cigars arrived on time. I had requested for the boxes to be opened and contents inspected before dispatch. That was done and all the cigars were in good condition. Obviously they were stored under proper conditions and because they were well packed, they not only survived the journey but arrived in excellent shape. This has been a very encouraging first time experience and I am going to be ordering more very soon.

  216. Experience:

    Have been ordering from many website i must say cigar terminal provides the best service, Few times i have lost or the cigars did not arrive on schedule this is when you see how helpful they are, strongly recommend to all cigar lovers.

  217. Experience:

    Wasn’t sure about them so I ordered a small/cheap box of Trinidad Reyes. I am completely satisfied. The cigars arrived just as they said, seal non broken, code for havana is valid. Couldn’t be more happy! Next order coming soon ;-)

  218. havanajohn says:


    I placed a second order with Cigar terminal, and the CoRos arrived in less than a week in perfect condition. This should be your “go to” Cuban cigar purveyor. Fast and easy, and great customer service from Ken. I will definitely be back.

  219. Experience:

    Truly great service. My package got lost in the mail and the folks at cigar terminal took care of it. When my package eventually arrived the quality and condition of the cigars was excelent.

  220. Experience:

    My first order came as promised. Very well packed. Excellent service and follow up provided by Ken. Unbeatable prices from within UE. For sure will buy next time. Many thanks

  221. Experience:

    Very reliable and very good service.
    Genuine Cuban cigars, well packaged and stored.
    Will be buying more from this site. I would suggest you do the same!

  222. Experience:

    I’ve ordered from them several times over the past few years and they were great. Recently, I think the quality has gone downhill with some questionable cigars, which look, taste and smoke nothing like items previously received from them.

  223. Experience:

    I’ve order multiple times from CT and each time the shipment have been promptly delivered overseas (5 to 7 days). The responses to my emails are very quick and I have had no problems with any of their cigars. Will continue to order from CT again.

  224. Experience:

    I too have ordered from Cigar Terminal and each time the order has been promptly sent. Customs and delivery at my end can be a problem, but Ken has gone out of his way to help there also. Responses to my email queries have also been prompt. Well packaged and enjoyable product. I will be placing more orders with Cigar Terminal.

  225. Experience:

    the guys at cigar terminal were really helpful with my past order. I had cigars sent to thailand where i was staying for a month and the package somehow got lost. I emailed Ken and he persevered to try and track down the package. He even offered to send me a new shipment if the order did not come in. For that I am grateful as it was a real reflection of their professionalism and customer service. The package finally arrived anyways and all’s well that ends well. Thanks guys!!

  226. Experience:

    Have had many orders from there. Ken is fantastic at getting back on stock and really any question you have. This is my go to source and I will continue. Of course, they also have the best prices that I know of.

  227. Macrophylla says:


    Have had three orders now, always promptly shipped and arrive in great condition. All the barcodes are removed I assume to protect the distibution channels but boxes are unopened and there is no question as soon as you pop the lid as to the authenticity. Prices are great just wish Ken could keep the Behikes in stock

  228. Kenneth Thompson says:


    My cigars arrived on time and in perfect condition. Customer service was very helpful. Looking forward to my next purchase, happy Holiday!

  229. Experience:

    Positive Experience,
    Very profesional, excellen service .
    I received a box fast and in good conditions ,
    nice and reasonable price and excellent sellection of Cuban cigars. Recomended !

  230. Experience:

    You can’t go wrong with CT! I’ve ordered several boxes from them this year and have had no problems what-so-ever. Each order was received in great shape and in a timely fashion with codes and seals all legit and in tact. My last order, received 12/26 arrived in 10 days. Although the packing box was in rough shape due to the high volume of shipping traffic for the holidays, both cigar boxes inside were in pristine condition, inside a vacuum sealed plastic bag and plenty of package peanuts for protection. My only complaint is they seem to send alot of “green” product. Wish I could get older box dates. Hate waiting for my Gars to season for a year or two before smoking them! lol Punch Punch box date of 10/10, but Trinidad box date of 6/12.

  231. Experience:

    Box of 20 Monte Cristo Open EAGLE, freshend in the Humi for a few days, didnt need to, they were/are wonderful smokes. Handeled as advertised.
    I found the prelight draw sweet. first third was light but definitive of a monte cristo. Second third was very good, the flavors were begining to develop and enhance … pure enjoyment. the final third was packed with all the wonderful spice, woody flavors I have come to enjoy. This is my Fourth purchase, I have no complaints, i got what I paid for.

  232. Experience:

    I placed my first order on December 21st and got my delivery on December 31st. I ordered a 10 pack of Cohiba Siglos VI. They arrived in great shape and they were authentic. I am a happy customer.

  233. Hoyo~oneshot says:


    Place an order My Bank called thinking its was fraud so make sure you call your bank for international charges so your order will go thru I did mine for a short time line

    Will repost on when i receive my cigars

  234. Experience:

    10x Partagas Serie D no 4. Came boxed and sealed. Good sticks, good price. Received in about 6 business days.

  235. Experience:

    This is my first time ever posting a comment…The product and service has been outstanding! Kind and professional communications and fast shipping. Orders have always been spot on…A very happy customer :)

  236. Experience:

    Not much to say than great service and honest communication with Ken. Ordered HDM 25 Epi 2 and 12 Trinidad Reyes, arrived in perfect condition at my doorstep. Most definently recomend cigar terminal. Very happy indeed.

  237. steppewolf says:


    Great service indeed. First shipment got lost and while I tried to secure the sake of the second Ken helped me a lot with alternatives etc. Fast shipment with friendly and smooth transaction. Have ordered Partagas D 4s and regarding the issues of fake products I can say that I also purchase them from local shops as well so have the chance to cross-check therefore except the serial number being torn off no further issues were detected. Coloration, size and weight are identical but still waiting to smoke them but so far seems ok. As said, CT is my prime online purchase destination and quite happy with this, thanks a lot Ken.

  238. Experience:

    Many successful orders here, as well as a couple of group buys. Meticulous packaging and prompt shipping. When his stock fits my needs, Ken will always get my business.

  239. Experience:

    Ordered over 1,500 worth of cigars, 11 different boxes, 3 different shipments, and not a single problem. Fast shipping, fast email responses, great prices, and some of the best customer service in the business. I will continue to use Ken and cigarterminal with confidence!

  240. Experience:

    Cigar Terminal did a very good job of sending my products discreet, in the box, fresh, and quick. Package sat in customs a couple days then was sent out to my adress. Ken was great and re-assured me the package will get through to its address.

  241. Experience:

    My first experience with Cigar Terminal. Vey good customer service, fast reply in communication, fast shipping. Overall highly recomended. Will do bussines again for sure.

  242. pinarello6 says:


    Been ordering from CT for about a year now. The positive is, they are hands down the least expensive AUTHENTIC habanos on the web.
    The bad…your gonna have to wait to smoke those great priced smokes. All date codes from CT are within a year ,if not less, than the time I placed my order. Some as young as 6 months which almost negates the great price. Would like to pay a little more but grab some boxes with a couple of years into them.
    Basically, if its a commonly purchased smoke (cohiba robusto, partagas D4) expect some young boxes.
    I also cringe every time I see the customs declaration form they fill out which is on top of their packages. Contents of my package is “cigars”… least they are honest

  243. Experience:

    These guys lost my biz on the first order. i’ve tried all the Swiss and this was the final one, so I figured try em. After placing my order, no word for 5 days. Finally, after 5 days get an email that the box was out of stock. So I could upgrade to a 25ct box, which i don’t have the funds for. So I’ll order that box of 25 but from a competitor. Heard these guys were fast, but my experience on my first order will keep me ordering elsewhere. I could have had my order in the time it took to receive an email saying “out of stock”.

  244. downrightGREAT says:


    Shipping was FAST. Cigars arrived vaccuum sealed and in pristine consition and appropriate humidity. No question of their authenticity. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  245. Experience:

    Customer service is really good. Ken helped me through the buying process and made my purchase easy. It was a bit slow for the delivery to arrive my country, but bottom line it still arrived within 24 hours. Cigar packing remained intact, and quality of the habanos speak for themselves. Thanks Ken!

  246. obviousadams says:


    Just received my first order from them. It took 10 full business days but all arrived as expected. By every measure I can find these are authentic habanos and are happily resting in my humidor as I write.

    While my first order was in transit (and after reading all the great reviews) I placed 2 more orders. On one order they emailed and apologized for being out of stock. They offered to substitute a more expensive product but I declined because I wanted what I originally ordered. Since the product I ordered was on sale they told me to set up a stock alert and they would match the sale price plus give me free shipping once the product was available- just order and email them afterward. Sounds pretty fair to me.

    I don’t want to risk sounding too glowing but so far I think this is going to be my go to habano shop. I’ll post again when my other 2 orders arrive.

  247. Hoyo~oneshot says:


    Update: My First order got lost at post office not sure if it was Customs or Post office
    Ken quickly resent new order with tracking number
    9 days and it was at my house U.S …
    Inspected the box then cigars all 100% real Cubans box dates may 12 and Feb 12

    I will be ordering again for sure

  248. Phattgoody says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I have ordered a few times from them and have never posted a review . I have been smoking for over 10 years and I certainly don’t call myself an expert but Im not a novice.

    I read all the reviews here and I gotta say a lot of them look suspicious. One guy said he went to the Habana official website and verified the authenticity. How do you do that without a serial #? Im curious.

    Anyways in this last order I received a box of Partagas Serie P Habanos SA #2. However on the bottom of the box there was no factory code . Just the usual” Hecho in Cuba, Habanos s.a, .totalmente a mano.

    In all the years of buying boxes this is the first time I have received a box without a factory code. I have emailed cigar terrminal and will post the results of that conversation.
    I am smoking one now but its rather uneventful and young

  249. nishdog007 says:

    Experience: Neutral


    Although it’s uncommon, I have seen that happen from time to time. From past experiences and stories of other folks you quickly learn “Cuba is Cuba”; sometimes there’s no explaining how things work.

    I’d look at other tale tale signs (habanos sticker, warranty seal, uniform color & shape of cigars, etc.) Also, as you mentioned, If you’ve already emailed them, I’m sure Ken will get back to you and give you a proper explanation.

  250. phattgoody says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Update ,
    I was contacted by Ken and it seemed like an honest explanation. I accepted it and In all fairness I placed the Parts #2 in my humidor. I noticed some greenish mold on one of the sticks. This made me feel a little better as I have only seen this mold on cuban tobacco.

  251. Experience:

    Terminal is the very best. These guy’s never fail to impress me with their customer service(Ken rules)their fast delivery(five days to Seattle)and the quality of the packing. I just recieved some monte 4’s and I believe this is one of those”good boxes”. There really is no reason to even ponder any other CC retailer. Gotta dig the terminal.

  252. Experience:

    Great cigars from the Terminal(Ken). Ordered a box of Hoyo Epicure No. 1 and they came in perfect shape. Nicely packaged(vacuum sealed)for the long trip and fast delivery to the east coast. Will order again soon.

  253. Experience:

    Cigar Terminal is great! Fast shipping and everything in perfect shape. Looks like I’ll be dealing with them a lot.

  254. Experience:

    Cigar Terminal did a fine job sending the box of Diplomaticos 2. Shipping was flawless and my first experience with them was fantastic. I will let the Dip 2 rest a bit before I go full force on it. Couldn’t resist but smoked a few the first week. It is slowly coming to live and i thoroughly enjoyed the flavor and aroma of the cubans that cannot be duplicated elsewhere.

  255. Experience: Neutral

    Great experience with Cigar Terminal. Quick shipment and authentic product. Ken also provided great communication through out the process.

  256. Experience:

    Have ordered a number of time from CT and every time has been superb service. Ken is legend- (wait for it) ary!!
    Cigars have been great every time

  257. Experience:

    Don’t know how you got desiccated cigars from CT. I just got 2 boxes of Monte #1s and 2 boxes of Monte Grand Edmundos. If anything, they were over hydrated. Spume on the #1s. Oh, did I mention they are awesome?

  258. Experience:

    MINT MINT MINT!!! I called cigar terminal firt just to get a feel for who i was ordering from. The person i spoke to answered all of my questions and left me at easy.

    Regarding the purchase itself…..flawless!! Deliver, packaging, quality all perfect. Compared the code on the box with the Habanos website and it was legit! Love the sealing of the sticks with a little boveda inside.

    I’ve sinced ordered again!

  259. cigmondo says:


    I’ve bought cigars from most of the online vendors, from the Canary Islands to Hong Kong to Switzerland. Cigar Terminal is my #1 go to vendor. If you want service and quality, they are the best.

  260. Capt Haddock says:


    I finally placed an order with this vendor. On the plus side: definitely relatively low prices. On the minus side: the quality of the cigars was poor: the majority of the sticks in a box of ERDM CS were plugged, and all the labels were loose. I am not saying the cigars were not genuine CCs; what I’m saying is that they were of inferior quality.

    Bottom line: You get what you pay for

  261. Experience:

    Having read the reviews on here I decided to give this vendor a try. I pondered the site for a few days and took the plunge. I ordered a couple of boxes and they arrived in excellent condition, and so far have smoked perfectly. There responce to my emails was quick, and genuine.
    Overall very good expreance with this vendor will be using again.

  262. Experience: Neutral

    I was thrilled with my cigar buying experience. The cigars arrived quickly. They were fresh in sealed boxes and I will buy again. A first class transaction!

  263. mmullighan says:


    Thank you Cigar Terminal, great product, great service!

  264. Experience: Neutral

    It’s been almost 3 weeks since I placed my first order. Ken told me the cigar is being help up by customs over in NY USPS since March 2.

    Right now, I am not happy about what has happened with my shipment. Anyone else have this same problem?

  265. Hoyo~oneshot says:

    Experience: Neutral

    To fkim119

    yes i had the same problem held up in customs I kept watching the tracking # never left NY USPS
    Ken sent a new package got it in 9 days so be patient bro Ken will make it right for you

  266. ScottyBoy says:


    Gotta say I’ve been fortunate enough to not have anything help up w/ CT. Companies I used before them, yes…but not CT yet. Trust me though, Ken will take care fo no worries. Hang tight.

  267. Experience:

    I put my first order with CT back in February and it took some time (4 weeks) to arrive. I contacted Ken while I waited and he informed me that the cigars were held in NY due to a mail backup. Ken asked me to wait a week or so to see if the cigars showed up, otherwise he would resend my order. I was very satisfied with his service (prompt and detailed explanation of the issue). The Cigars showed up a couple of days after. They were fresh and the real thing (trust me, I know the real thing). I was so satisfied with the service and the cigars that I put a second order (even more expensive). This order got here in 4 days! Again, extremely satisfied regardless of the hiccup with the first delivery. I would strongly recommend CT. Enough said.

  268. Umut Kuzucu says:


    Cigar Terminal has a good service, I ordered one box cigar begining the march and I recived the cigars yesterday safety and no damage. First of all I have been havana 20 times mostly for festivals and partagas amigos event. I ordered Saint Luis Rey Reigos, and smoke yesterday nigt. It was a amazing, I am advise cigar terminal all my friends. longs ashes fellas

  269. Experience:

    Just received my order that took 5 days from order to delivery – phenomenal!

    Well packaged and in great shape when the arrived


  270. Kthompsondelray says:


    My cigars arrived on time and in excellent condition. One of the best cigar merchants on the web! THANK YOU

  271. GBoccialetti says:


    On the recommendation of a noted cigar maker, I checked out CT to find a box of Upmann Magnum 48 LE 2009s. The ordering/shipping process was smooth, with great communications from Ken. Cigars arrived quickly, in original packaging/with seals, sealed in another sleeve and in great shape. I’ll happily return to CigarTerminal for future purchases.

  272. MisterBlue says:


    Bottom line – CT is my new go to online vendor.

    There is definately a marketing push here on inspector by CT with all the recent posts and to me it makes sense because they really do have a good selection of current production CC’s and they get them to us with good service. The prices beat almost everyone else. They are responsive. They rectify any lost shipments. They ship out of their warehouse a day or two after I order.

    I started with small orders to get comfortable with them and now do not hesitate with larger orders. The most recent order was 2 CoRo SLBs, 1 Monte 2, 1 RASCC, 1 Party Culebs, 1 Party D4.

    If you read this Ken, thanks for the service and the cigars. (and for getting the Monte520s back available!)

  273. christian says:


    ok, so i don’t usually post reviews on websites. but i actually took the time to post a review for CT. the reason? amazing packaging and from swiss to hong kong, took 4 days and this is INCLUDING weekend. loyal fan.

  274. Experience:

    I have purchased from cigar terminal a few times. The shipping seems to take forever (because I am impatient) but is pretty standard from Europe. I had a couple of Montecristo Grand Edmundos that were split when they arrived, but the folks at Cigar Terminal handled and resolved that issue professionally.

    Everything looked, smelled, and tasted legit. However, the big test was to come. Since I had two split sticks I decided to perform an autopsy. sliced into them and the moment of truth. They were both 100% long filler great quality. They did not unravel without the wrapper. These were beautiful cigars. They might have even smoked well torn, but it was worth it to me to find this. It would cost way too much to make fakes of this quality and sell them at that price. Destroying those cigars was well worth it to me.

  275. Theoryguy says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Right not I’m not happy with CT,my package has been held at the Post Office for about a month

  276. Experience: Neutral

    Theoryguy, I am in the same boat with you.

    They sent me a second order right now, and 10 days has passed. Still hung up at the post office.

  277. Experience: Neutral

    Very interesting. I’ve also been having the same issue as Theoryguy and Frank. I’ve placed dozens of orders with CT over the last year and have been very happy with their service. Typically an order takes 5-7 days to arrive, but my last two orders have been stuck at the post office for 2 and 4 weeks respectively. I’d be interested to know if this is a widespread issue everyone is experiencing right now.

  278. Experience:

    I`ve got 12 boxes tied up. They have always made good in the past. Don`t blame CT for what your government does. I`m sure they will work it out. Patience is a vertue! I HOPE!!!

  279. Imisssmoking says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I’ve ordered from a different vendor only to have my cigars get held up and never arrived. After reading the reviews I though I would have better luck with CT, but I’m facing the same problem now with my order from them… I’m not sure what to do. I’m so jealous of everyone getting their cigars :( At this point I’m afraid the same thing is going to happen even if they are reshipped

  280. torontonian says:


    Absolute pleasure to deal with.

    100% legitimate cigars, in all-original packaging, uncut stickers, and the serial number checked out on the habanos website. Ordered Trinidad Robustos T, arrived a few weeks later, in perfect shape and basically ready to smoke. They were a box from 2010, so they’re really perfect for smoking today. The packaging was nondescript but protective, with a bubble-wrap bag sealing in the humidity.

    Note to Canadians: they sent them through their Hong-Kong warehouse, which made me a little bit suspicious at first. However, the product I received is absolutely legitimate, perfect condition, and has been clearly well cared for.

  281. Experience:

    (Apr 8 2013) Same thing for me. My order hit NYC on 3/10. It hasn’t left yet. Ken has offered to refund my money, but says they have another method they will try shortly. I’d rather wait and try to get the smokes. If it fails another time or two I may have to go the refund route, but as of now I need my new sticks! Spring is here!

    Update (Apr 18 2013) Patience pays!! Ken got me replacement cigars in about a week. He offered to refund my money, but, I chose to wait it out and was rewarded with som efresh smokes. Once again, reinforcing why I use CT!!

  282. Experience:

    Great experience! My boxes arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Both boxes were enclosed in an airtight bag to ensure the conditions remained reasonably good through the shipping process.

    From the time I received the shipping notice, it only took 6 days to reach my doorstep (suburban Washington DC). I will absolutely buy from here again!

  283. Experience:

    Cigar Terminal is a great vendor and Ken is a pleasure to work with. My experience has been AAA+! Cigars are genuine and high quality.

  284. Experience:

    I oredered some Bolivar cigars which got stuck in New York, when they were shipped. A surprise because the first shipment came through quickly and with no problem. After a reasonable wait to make sure they were not leaving NY, the cigars were reshipped, arrived quickly in a sealed box, which was in an airtight bag. the cigars are fresh, delicious, and I’ll be back! Thanks

  285. Experience:

    Made a first order & initial shipment was witheld.
    Good communications was maintained &
    Cigar Terminal resent my order which was delivered quickly and in excellent condition.
    A stand up establishment, looking forward to more transactions with them in the future.

  286. Experience:

    I ordered two boxes from CT, I recived my 100% legitimate cigars few weeks after placing the order. In one box the cigars were in excellent condition, in the second box they were a bit dry at first but now once I have had them 10 days in the humidor, they are perfect. Great customer service and value for a great product, I have already placed a new order and will continue to do business with them as long as they keep delivering a good product.

  287. Experience:

    What a month. My March 28th review was bad luck. My next shipment was captured and did not make it to me. However, Ken and cigar terminal took their time and reshipped my order once they figured out a more reliable method. My order arrived today and all of the cigars look beautiful.

    I have placed several orders with Cigar Terminal and this was the first one that didn’t make it to me. I will not lie, I was a little nervous how they would handle this. I was quickly relieved and put at ease. I will admit that I do purchase from other sources as well, including LCDH shops, and will attest to the quality of the smokes that I have received.

    They don’t carry some of the specialty items and don’t sell singles, but their prices and customer service are top notch.

    as long as they remain so customer oriented I will check their site first and will always compare any other vendor’s prices to theirs. The only reason to buy anywhere else is if Cigar Terminal does not carry the exact smoke you want.

  288. Misterblue says:


    If I could post a pic of the recent Monte 2s from CT you would drool while ordering as many as you can afford from Ken. Good stock, excellent service, nice price…gotta love it!

  289. echaplin says:


    Great site with good prices. My first order was nabbed by customs. They sent out another order which I received in about a week. Communication was great, no questions or problems. I would order from Cigar Terminal again.

  290. Camshaft says:


    These guys are true to their word,it took three tries but I got my sticks in great condition.they continued to provide great feedback on my order and I couldn’t be happier!i will definitely put my trust in them on my future orders.

  291. chefmint says:


    Hands down the best customer service ever. I bought a box of Partagas Series D4’s which took about 2 weeks from order till delivery, 6 days in shipping. Ken answered every question I had along the way and when I received my cigars, he answered every question to assure my total satisfaction! The best customer service I have ever received. I highly recommend buying from Cigar Terminal not only for the great cigars but because of the customer service of Ken.

  292. TNTitans52 says:


    First shipment got “caught”. A second shipment was sent w/barcodes still attached (usually they aren’t). All boxes checked out. These guys provide STELLAR customer service! Don’t hesitate to deal with them!

  293. obviousadams says:


    Ordered several times and Ken is great. Of course there are shipping issues every once in a while but that is part of the deal and has nothing to do with CT. Awesome experience every time.

    Update (May 10 2013) Another great experience with CT. What more can I say?

  294. sarkozy says:


    Ordered 2 boxes of MC Grand Edmundo LE. Arrived in 4 days. Fabulous cigars in first class condition. Ordered again. Very responsive service. Thoroughly recommended.

  295. Experience:

    I have been buying smokes from CT for some time now. They are my “go to” first choice for shopping for Cuban smokes. Just when I did not think it could get any better from CT they decided to change the way they ship smokes.
    I must say I was a little worried when they
    told me about the new system for shipping. Well
    long story short, the smokes got there in record
    time and in excellent shape. CT is the best vendor for the money, beats all the rest in price, customer service, and shipping…..

  296. fekaufmann says:


    I did not belive. The cigars arrived in Santiago, Chile at my door. Simply perfect. I really recommend it. The best price and honest people (Ken). I am in my fouth box. Go for it!

  297. Cigarologist says:


    Just had to chime in here, yet again, with good news and complete satisfaction.

    “With the recent scrutiny wave of US Customs,” as quoted by Ken in response to a direct inquiry, I was holding my breath a little. Ken pointed out that the odds are still in our favor and reminded me of CT’s delivery guarantee.

    I received a ship notification on the 2nd and a package at my door on the 8th. That’s 4.5 business days. What’s more, the package contained one box of Cohiba Siglo VI (April 2012) and one box of Trinidad Robustos T (March 2010).

    As a customer, I’m not particularly easy and my loyalty is absolutely conditional. Ken shoots straight and continues to impress, and has always delivered fantastic product to me. My experience with CT has been, and continues to be, flawless.

  298. Cigar Punk says:


    Well gentlemen, the jury has deliberated. The verdict is that Cigar Terminal is “The Real Deal” with the goods to back it up. All serial numbers came attached and checked out on the Habanos SA website. I’m very pleased to have finally found a supplier with authentic cigars, reasonable prices, personal contact and reasonable shipping costs and time. I recently received 7 boxes from them and they well all good! Tr them out for yourself and I hope that you will be as pleased as I am. I’m Canadian mind you. I realize that some of our brothers south of the border and having a lot of trouble at this time. My empathy for your situation.

    Ken seems to be very accommodating and honest about the goods and the process. I hope you give them a chance o impress you. After my recent dealings with another couple of on-line suppliers I was a little skeptical that there were any honest suppliers out there. I can’t reiterate mow pleased I am at this time with Cigar Terminal. Thanks Ken for re-instilling my faith is this somewhat sketchy on-line industry.

  299. NYC Hoyo Lover says:


    Can’t say enough good things about the way Cigar Terminal handled my order. Even though the first two attempts never got through, they sent a third set of cigars which finally made it. Were very responsive when I let them know about the troubles and replacements were immediately on their way at no cost. Will definitely use them again.

  300. horton21 says:


    I highly recommend Cigar Terminal. A recent order fell prey to the recent scrutiny – more than once. Each time, replacements were dispatched without question and without cost until my order arrived.

    I have ordered multiple times from CT. Each order resulted in authentic product arriving at my door. I remain very satisfied with Cigar Terminal.

    This is an honest vendor and a good person. Send your business to CT.

  301. Experience:

    Placed my first order with Cigar Terminal after goin back and forth for month now. I received cigars they looked in great shape. Everything looks to checkout. Ken was quick to respond to any questions I had about delivery. Will be coming back for more.

  302. Experience:

    I ordered 898s on the 5th, they shipped on the 7th, In my mailbox in Minnesota on the 11th.
    I was really suprised to see them this morning. I was not expecting them until the middle of next week,not to shabby. The cigars were in great shape. I have to say 898s are had to beat.

    Thanks CT

  303. Experience:

    Just got mt 1st order from Cigar Terminal. Only 5 days to deliver to my door! Ken was there all the way to make sure my order was received with no problems. Placed a second order last night. Their products are authentic and their service is the best I have ever seen.

  304. EzDuzIt says:


    Had a great experience with CT. Kens great customer service made the experience that much better. I have placed two orders with CT and my orders came in with no problems. I received my second order in just 7 days. CT will keep me as a customer for a long time. About to place my third order.

  305. Experience:

    Received my 2nd order from CT. 1st delivery in Dec. arrived within 2 weeks and were perfect.Placed 2nd order in beginning of Feb. but due to shipping problems in NY, orders were never delivered. Ken kept me informed and reshipped 3 times. Cigars delivered in perfect condition and now in extremely fast time. I must say dealing with such a person as Ken at CT is a pleasant experience. His prices are extremely reasonable and quality 2nd to none. Will definitely order again and will recommend to all fellow cigar smokers.
    Thanks Ken

  306. Experience:

    I’ve been reciving these great cigars for over two years. I had my first loss shipment and Cigar Terminal quickly replaced my order. As always they arrived in perfect condition.

  307. Experience:

    The customer service at CT is outstanding. I have an order that didn’t arrive and they replaced it without hesitsations and in a timely manner. Ken is a great guy to deal with and I could not be happier with my experience.

  308. Experience:

    Excellent customer service and products! Emails to Ken were replied to same day in most cases. Add to this the wide selection and the ease-of-use of their website and you can’t miss with these guys!

  309. chitown joe says:


    my first order from ken, it could not of been better, my order was split up and arrived 1 day apart and 5 days after shipping, so far so good,all no#s checked out

  310. Experience:

    Cigar terminal is definitely my place for all my cigar needs. Im very happy with selections, prices and particularly the speed and reliability of all the cigar deliveries. I have recomended the site to all my cigar loving friends and all I heard was that they have been very satisfying with Cigar Terminal…. Bravo!!

  311. homme.grenouille says:


    I was extremely happy with the service provided by Cigar Terminal. Responses to my emails were prompt and helpful. When somebody beat me to their last box of Partagas Mille Fleurs, CT took the extra step of arranging to have my box sent from another supplier (I assume this since it came from Hong Kong, not Switzerland) in order to speed up delivery. It was unexpected and tremendously appreciated. My box came with all labels and the barcode, which when checked on the Habanos website proved they were authentic. Cigar Terminal will always have my business and I recommend it wholeheartedly to others.

  312. Eduardo A says:


    Got all I need in this first order:

    Competitive prices
    Efficient international shipping
    Positive authenticity check on Habanos site
    Pleasant cigar experience

  313. Experience:

    I’ve had plenty of great cigars(best in the world) traveling through Asia so I was initialy skeptical about ordering online as I’ve read the horror stories. Cigar Terminal releatedly was held in high regard by cigar afficianados all over the web so I gave them a shot. Albeit my order arrived within about a week well packaged. After in depth examination of the box and contents of the order I found them authentic. But of course I had to smoke one to determine my findings. There was nothing suspicious about the quality or athenticity of the product. Cigar terminal will be my online shop of choice. Fast delivery. Seriously fair pricing (from my findings Cigar Terminal would save you 20-50% from other online cigar shops). No negatives from my first initial test order.

  314. Experience:

    Very good customer service when called with a question quick shipment excellent value. Definately will purchase again.

  315. Experience:

    Ken has been fantastic to deal with. I had an unfortunate experience with my first order to the US that never made it. He prompty apologized and issued a refund. Now I’m living in Japan and I placed another order which literally arrived 2 days after it shipped out. Always great communication and the sticks are the real deal. Can’t beat Cigar Terminal :)

  316. Experience:

    Terrific experience, where I had a time constraint for arrival. All three packages arrived in time. Well done! Thanks.

  317. Experience:

    I’ve been ordering from Cigar Terminal for a few years, and have always had great service. I placed my biggest order with them last week (five boxes), and I received the boxes within 10 days of ordering. Ken divided the order into two separate shipments for security and quality control purposes, and everything arrived in great condition. I’ve also referred two friends to Cigar Terminal in the past, and they have had great experiences too.

  318. Experience:

    I’ve had the pleasure of ordering roughly 22 boxes over the course of maybe 15 or so seperate ordersshipments between April and today. CigarTerminal is great. I’ll give a few examples of why this place is where you want to order your cubans:

    1) Price is low
    2) Shipping is fast (every single one of mine was 4-6 days) to the states and reliable. Not a single issue with a lostcustomsslow shipment.
    3) Quality is good. Boxes are in vaccum sealed bags and cigars arrive at perfect humidity.
    4) Customer service is amazing
    5) Best of all, they sell legit cubans. You need not worry about this when you use cigarterminal.

    Some examples of really cool experiences:
    – Out of the blue, Ken calls and makes sure I’m enjoying my cigars. Who does that?!?
    – One box out of 22 had very minor mold that occurred during transport. Ken didn’t BS me like most other vendors. He tells me it’s definately very minor mold and says he will reship if I want no questions asked, but provided details about how to deal with it (which was very easy).
    – OUt of the blue, I receive a box of Partegas Culibras. I’m sure this doesn’t happen all the time, but very classy!

  319. Experience:

    I’ve dealt with Ken @ CT multiple times and it has been always positive experience. CT ships out very fast, stands behind their products and have a wonderful customer service. Great price for great cigars and great experience. Thank you Ken & CT.

  320. Experience:

    I had a great experience with Ken when I placed my first order. Any questions I asked were promptly answered and my package arrived in perfect condition only 5 days after shipment notice. I currently have a 2nd order in the mail and once that arrives I will be placing a 3rd shortly behind it. I would highly recommend CT to anyone.


  321. Experience:

    Great 1st experience with CT.
    Had a banking issue due to it being a foreign transaction. Ken replied quickly to emails/phone calls and the matter was resolved quickly.
    Total of 8 days from order to receipt of cigars. Shipped on a Monday, arrived on a Saturday.
    Will definitely order from here again.

  322. Gwichner says:


    My first time ordering and totally satisfied, great customer service , fast delivery and impeccable products . I used another merchant for years that was very good but suddenly it became very complicated to pay for your purchase so I tried cigar Terminal and I must say that I found my new cigar connection. Highly recommended!!!

  323. Experience:

    Received two boxes of Hoyo Epicures #2 in less than 10 days from shipping. They came securely packed and in excellent condition.The price was quite reasonable and ordering couldn’t have been easier. I plan on doing continued business with CT. Thank you so much for a great first experience.

  324. Experience:

    I just placed my 3rd order in the last couple months. My experience so far has been very positive. The product arrived on time in perfect condition. The customer service is prompt and thoughtful. I recommend this company, they are tops!

  325. Eduardo A says:


    I just received my second order in a record timing – less then a month – considering my country is in South America and particular shipment procedures are required. And it was very well packed.
    Very satisfied.

  326. robsaxe says:


    Just got my order from Ken and the sticks look good. I ordered Esplendidos and a box of Ramon Allones robustos. The bar code was intact on the RA but missing from the Cohibas..I don’t know if that means anything or not. Ken was fabulous to work with. All the normal seals were in the right places. Smoke report to follow.

    Update #1 – Smoked a Ramon Allones from Ken this morning..fantastic cigar. Look, packaging, barcode and cigar quality was all there. Thanks Ken!

  327. Michael Z. says:


    Got my order from Ken…cigars are not only authentic, but in really great shape! Fired up a Hoyo Epicure Especial and it was fantastic. Look forward to many, many more orders!

  328. Experience:

    I keep ordering from CT because their delivery time is exceptional and the quality of the cigars is impeccable. I could not be happier with this retailer.

  329. Experience:

    Just placed my first order with Ken. Spoke to him on the phone for about 10 min or so. Seems like a stand up guy!!

    I have been using another vendor for years now who has by ‘default’ opened and inspected boxes to make sure everything is kosher.

    I didn’t realize until speaking with Ken that they don’t do this unless asked for. I’m interested in know how many folks here ask to have boxes OPEN and INSPECTED. I would think that would be the smart/safe thing to do.

    Any thoughts??

  330. Iowacclover says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Opening up a box before I get it and do it myself makes me think a switch could take place. Never had any issues with this vendor and I always make sure to mention to not break any seals. I accept the “usual” manipulation of the bar code. The new seals allow for verification without the bar code. Do some research and you will literally see how. I’ve spoken with Ken before and it was like I was talking to a friend. Again, never any issues with CT

  331. gypsy dog says:


    Got my first order from CT today,everything arrived in great condition.Very well packed and got by customs with no problems.Customs here in Canada can be a hassle,but after talking to Ken,that issue was resolved.I will certainly be ordering from CT again.

  332. chambolle says:


    I’ve not yet put a match to my purchase, so I cannot comment on the product I received other than by appearance and aroma. But I can report a very positive experience dealing with Ken at CT. The online ordering process is simple. The range of products on offer is extensive, including some NLA models (thank you, Habanos, S.A., for continuing to discontinue some of my very favorites cigars – NOT). Ken responds promptly to email inquiries and seems to be a great guy who knows plenty about what he sells. The delivery process was quick and, how shall we say, secure. My Hoyo des Dieux and Rafael Gonzales Coronas Extra arrived nicely humidified and wonderfully aromatic. The true test will be the combustible experience, which will have to wait while these sticks settle down in my 70% RH cellar, and I will try to report back when that time comes. But in the meantime, have no second thoughts about this seller. Great prices, great service. Nothing wrong with that!

  333. cpdunn54 says:


    I am reposting this because I didn’t see the rating thing that lets you use a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” icon. My experience was definitely thumbs up. Great first-time experience. I have ordered from a different Swiss company (that my Swiss nephew uses), but CT is considerably cheaper. Even better, the customer service is outstanding, the cigars are authentic and delivered promptly. Mine arrived halfway around the world in a week. I would certainly buy from them again.

  334. mistaforty says:


    ordered 10 D4. arrived in a week US…smoked one and it was perfect (jun 12box date). put the rest down and will order another box.

  335. Fernando Camargo says:


    I’m from Brazil and I did my first purchase from Cigar Terminal!! Absolutely great…the service, the shippment time and the quality of the cigars!! Congrats to all that makes this site works!! My rgds to Ken.

  336. Experience:

    I’ve ordered from Ken and Cigar Terminal multiple times and each time it has been an amazing experience. The cigars are always fresh and they arrive amazingly fast. This most recent order—a box of Partagas Series D No.4 and a box of Cohiba Robustos—arrived in roughly five days! Talk about a quick turnaround. If you’re looking for excellent cigars and an incredible buying experience, look no further that Cigar Terminal.

  337. Experience:

    First time purchase. Had one question that Ken responded to quickly. Only one box order, it arrived quickly, a little over a week. Cigar box was vacuum packed and sealed, bar code on Habanos label was removed cleanly. Aroma texture of cigars were nice, they’re going to rest in my humidor a few weeks but excellent product, price, shipping time & service.

  338. Experience:

    Great communication and hassle free service ensured rapid delivery to Australia of my first CT order. Everything arrived in excellent condition just as described. Highly recommended.

  339. Experience:

    first time purchase from CT and went by exceptionally smoothly. made it to hawaii without any problems. ken responds very quickly and has exceptional customer service. will buy from again.

  340. Experience:

    Ordered a box of quay dorsay coronas and received them in a week to Southern California. Serial numbers and stamps were intact for authenticity. Will definitely shop from them again.

  341. massphatness says:


    Just completed my first order based on the recommendation of a friend, and I really couldn’t be happier. It’s refreshing how responsive Ken & his team are to questions. Follow up was always prompt and clear. The cigars were well packed, as advertised and arrived in a timely fashion. Will not be my last purchase from them.

  342. Experience:

    This is my second order from Cigar Terminal. I ordered Montecristo Grand Edmundo 2010 on the 23rd July, they arrived today 3rd August, all seals intact,all numbers checked as genuine and original, using the Habanos website. Opened the box, absolutely stunning is the only description I can give. Perfect construction, superb Havana smell. Thanks Ken.

  343. Experience:

    I order Super Partagas. And found them the best seen in long time.Just got bolivar petit coronas They look like they just come off line. Can not wait to try . And thank to cigar terminal. and ken

  344. Experience:

    Once again a great experience. I have ordered several boxes from this vendor and they have always been responsive and cigars arrive in great shape.

    Thanks Ken

  345. M. Landers says:


    Very easy to deal with, great experience. I will buy from them again and soon!

  346. Experience:

    Two boxes arrived 5 days after I got the tracking number. One had the barcode intact, and it checked out on Habanos’ website, the other was sealed and looked good too, the proof is in the smoke. Awesome service, and I’m still blown away by the pricing, I don’t know how they do it! Will order again.

  347. AlexiZorba says:


    After listening to my fellow botl, I placed my order with cigarterminal and Ken. Let me just say that may have been my first but nowhere close to being my last order. In fact, I placed a second and third order just a week later and am just starting to receive packages….after being shipped just 3 days ago! Ken and customer service go hand in hand. I sent a few emails and received replys from Ken in a matter of hours. Product is 100% perfect, customer service couldn’t be better, customer happy!! Thanks Ken!

  348. Scotty_Boy says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Ordered from CT many complaints. Prices and products are top notch. I’m a little curious though; why do some boxes come with the barcodes intact and others the bar code is missing? It’s puzzling…..because I like to check their authenticity on the Habanos website… ??

  349. Experience:

    Great service and product from Ken at CT! Great communication and the order arrived in just over a week…nicely packed, look and smell great. Will be placing more orders with Ken and CT.

    Thank you sir!

  350. Experience:

    In the last 4 months I had 2 shipments “lost”. Ken at CT worked with me and ensured that I received replacements with no hassle. I have been buying from CT for a few years now and I am totally satisfied. They are my go-to vendor for excellent Cubans.

  351. jcsteele67 says:


    Just received my first order from CT. It was delivered promptly and without any issues. The cigars arrived in great condition and checked out as authentic. Will definitely order from CT again.

  352. sportster says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Recently decided to give CT a try as the prices are much better than Canada. I placed 3 box order on 8-2-13. Received them well packed 8-25-13. A bit longer than advised in the 6-10 to NA. 2 of the boxes had all seals and devices intact. The Diplomatico 2 had the bar. Code #’s scratched out. I feel the box is real. I will check back later acter I smoke one in a few weeks. Customer service was very accomadating through the process.

  353. 2hH4bmt+972C42v says:


    Ordered a box of Montecristo. No tracking number but quick replies to all queries. Package received in about 2 weeks. Excellent service all around, would definitely re order.

  354. Experience:

    I have ordered many times from cigarterminal and each time is as good a the previous. Good prices, great communication, excellent condition of cigars and quick delivery time. I definately would recommend it to anyone

  355. Experience:

    Received my cigars in good time and are just beautiful as well 100% authentic. Great communication and awesome website. Ken is always very helpful and really stands by his product.
    This is the place to go!

  356. Experience:

    About a month ago I order from CT for the first time, I was a bit nervous but with so many good comments from this website, I decide to give it a try. Well, it didn’t take long at all, I got my 2 boxes in a weeek from Switzerland to Chicago, wow it’s fast and arrived in mint condition, the boxes are genuine 100%, needless to say I enjoyed them immensely and share a few of them to my cigar buddies. I decided to put another order in while I was in California, again, I got them in mint condition, just took a few days longer because the west coast. This time I took a closer look to the way CT package the boxes, it was airtight seal with thin opaque foam to protect the boxes, on the outside envelope, it appears to be a generic parcel, even I attempted to read the custom form, I couldn’t tell it contain cigar box inside, there is no tracking so it look like any normal unimportant parcel in the mail every day. I think this shipping method is brilliant, that’s why many of us have been gotten the goodies without many incidents. I just ordered my third time from CT without any worry now. I would recommend CT to anyone. Thank you Ken.

  357. Experience:

    So excellent dealing with Cigar Terminal. From inquiring about the status of my shipment, and Ken informed it probably went to Spam, to getting the product yesterday, my experience was fantastic. I am already thinking about my next order and will continue to do business with CT.

  358. Experience:

    Received my second order from CT and arrived 6 business days later. All sticks in great condition and headed to rest in my humidor. Unfortunately it’s full now, so eagerly anticipating my next order. Prompt responses to email, very friendly, and great product.

  359. Experience:

    I live in Canada and found these guys online. Their prices are fantastic, service exceptional and product “AMAZING”. They were very quick and precise when responding to my emails.

    Unless I move to Cuba you guys have a customer for life!

  360. Experience:

    First time placing an order with CT. I am very happy I did. I ordered 5 boxes and everything came in less then a week and all of them authentic. All serials checked out from habanos site, boxes and bands looks great, and smoked one from each box to makes sure. I had sent a few emails before placing my order and Ken was very friendly and quick to reply. Great place and very friendly and helpful. Will be ordering more!

  361. Experience:

    I’ve read a lot of reviews on CT before placing an order. I was not disappointed: I placed an order for two boxes, which came by post in great condition. They checked out and all the bands were there. A day after receiving the first order I placed another order (this time three boxes) and I received the order in a week’s time. Ken was really helpful and very professional, I can definitely recommend this site!

  362. Experience:

    First time ordering sticks online and so happy with the results!

    Recieved my CoRos and HDM Petits in pristine condition, along with a humipad for good measure. I know it’s already been mentioned a million times before, but superb customer service, great packaging (the thing I was MOST worried about) and overall very professional. Thoroughly satisfied indeed.

    I tip my hat to you Ken, you have a customer for life here :)

  363. Experience:

    Recently placed two orders and could not be happier with the results. 10 days from placing the order to tucking both cabs of RASS away for a nap. Cigars were packaged great and arrived in perfect condition.
    Will definitely be doing more business here in the future.

  364. Experience:

    Received my second shipment of cigars from CT. Once again, the cigars arrived promptly and in great condition. The cigars checked out as authentic and look and smell fantastic. Can’t wait to light one up. Ken is fantastic to deal with and has become my preferred source for Cubans. Thanks Ken!

  365. Experience:

    very good experience. Third time using them.

  366. Experience:

    I have been getting cubans from cigar terminal for about a year now. they are fabulous. I am very satisfied with their service. I recently placed an order with them and received it in five days. I live in california. Fast.

  367. Experience:

    Quick and smooth delivery and they even wrote to ask, if I was aware of the additional VAT upon entering the EC.

  368. Experience:

    Another order arrived quickly and in excellent condition. Unfortunately my humidor is full so next order will be some time away.

  369. Experience:

    Another outstanding order from the Terminal. Thanks Ken. Customer for life!

  370. Experience:

    I bought a box of ramon allones ss. They are always in contact with the customer from beginning to end. They are very helpful. I checked the Barcode from, real deal. Thank to all of the staff.i recommend this site to everyone.

  371. Experience:

    Received the Cohiba Siglo 2 five days after placing my order, perfectly packed, all seals intact and all numbers checked as genuine and original, using the Habanos website. Perfect condition. Thanks again Ken.

  372. jcsteele67 says:


    Another great shipment from CT. The shipping is prompt, the service terrific and the cigars are fantastic. Can’t go wrong.

  373. Hoyo~oneshot says:


    Great place to buy the real deal
    3 of my boxs codes check out at but the other box the code was cut out not sure why

  374. Experience:

    After maybe, 4 differents orders that I placed in cigar terminal page, I can say that alla the cigars that they sold are fakes, the last ones was a box of Juan Lopez no. 2, that do not taste to the real flavor of the brand, It taste like dominican cigars, dos not have tha leathery flavor that cubans have, Im really upset fr that, And wont ask again to that retailer

  375. Experience:

    The best in best! Flawless service and communication, outstanding cigars. Fast shipping with the best prices. No one can ever beat this service in cigar business. A thankful customer for good.


  376. Hoyo~oneshot says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Responding to Pedro post above lets see some pics of them fake boxs of cigars
    I have order a few time now all my Sealed boxs check out and are legit on

  377. Experience:

    Update on Aug. Post on the DP #2’s. They are the real deal. They needed a GOOD month in the humidor to settle in. I would have sworn they were off. The first one I smoked after a week was bitter. Had another couple this weekend after65% RH. And they were awesome.

  378. Experience:

    Nice taste good and very good service !

  379. Experience: Neutral

    Just placed my first order largely because of the excellent reviews on here about CT. I’ll update on the progress.

  380. russell1755 says:


    Good communication, excellent cigars, Highly recommend

  381. Experience:

    One box stuck at customs, immediately Cigar Terminal replaced w/o waiting the box to be returned. Very good service. Thank you CIGAR TERMINAL !

  382. Experience:

    Bolivar Belicosos arrived in great shape. Ordered On a Friday got to tx on Sunday 10 days later. :)

  383. German N. (Ontario, CANADA) says:


    I have experienced only fast shipping(max.5days) coming from Switzerland or their Hong Kong Warehouse. Excellent customer service! My ‘puros’ come vacuum sealed with a humidity pack to maintain its freshness throughout the long journey. Luv it!

    Thanks, again!! Ken & Mary!

  384. Experience:

    Ordered from them for the first time in October 2013 and was very pleased by the quality of the product, the time it took to arrive and the good packaging. Only positive comments to date. Communications were very responsive. Overall I recommend this supplier for anyone living in HK.

  385. Experience:

    I have purchased from Ken at Cigar Terminal for the past 6 months (4 total orders) and have had amazing experiences. I just wish I had found him sooner… I have been smoking Cuban cigars for the past 15 years and have (unfortunately?) acquired a taste for the best Cubans like Cohiba, Trinidad, Partagas, and Bolivars, and found that CT has the best prices, the fastest shipping, and unlike most online shops Ken ships all the “sealed and original” boxes vacuumed packed. I will continue to order from CT, and HIGHLY recommend this company.

  386. antonis-vl says:


    I am very pleased with the services of the company. I’ve received so far is flawlessly. Cigars are in perfect condition their prices were good and directly to my space! I suggest you definitely.

  387. Experience:

    Ordered Vegas Robaina Famosos about a week after I ordered some Cuban Behike’s from another site. The Cigar Terminal order has arrived and in great condition. Still wating on the Cohiba’s. Very pleased. Will continue to order from Cigar Terminal

  388. Elentir Mithlome says:


    In my six years of enjoying cigars, I have not had a poor experience with an online cigar retailer. However, I have tried Cigar Terminal a few times and my personal experiences with Cigar Terminal have been absolutely tremendous. This is not to put down other online retailers, instead it shows just how great Cigar Terminal is. I have placed orders a few times, and the customer service is excellent. As part of my most recent order, CT even called my home directly to ensure all the boxes had been delivered. They worked on the phone with my wife (who really doesn’t know a thing about cigars) and by talking with her determined that two of the five boxes had not arrived. We stayed in contact via email, and they were kind enough to rush-ship two replacement boxes free of charge. Every time I have emailed them regarding something, they are prompt and courteous. And of course the cigars arrive as advertised in great condition! I have told my friends about CT, and they also rave about them.

  389. Experience:

    For a long time I was looking for a good source of authentic/reasonably priced Cuban cigars. After reading some good reviews about Cigar Terminal and communicated via e-mail with Ken I finally ordered 2 boxes to try how it’s going to work for Canada (taxes are huuuuuge here).
    Order date: October 30…
    Delivery date: Nov7, Nov8…
    WOW!!!! Beautiful cigars, perfect packaging and smooth clearance through Canada Customs (you know what I mean ;) They even split my order in two shipments (I paid just for one) to avoid too much attention from customs :) I’m planning to order as much cigars as I can :)
    All I can say it’s WOW… Thank you Cigar Terminal, thank you Ken! I’m your new loyal customer from now on!

  390. Experience:

    SUPER SERVICE! Can’t say enough about this company. I placed a a large order at the end of Oct. I recieved the two shipments in less than 5 days from the shipped notice! The boxes checked out as OK via barcodes and the ultimate test smoking some. These are now my ONLY go to guys.

  391. Experience:

    Cigar Terminal lived up to the reviews. I received my order this week. They were courteous and prompt with answering my e-mails. The cigars arrived in great condition. I look forward to ordering more from CT in the future.

    Highly recommend.

  392. Experience:

    I ordered a box of Trinidad Robusto T and my experience was great. It took about 8 days for me to receive my order and Ken was able to answer all of my questions. I had a concern about the serial number, but he provided an excellent explanation. Great service!

  393. Kenneth Thompson says:


    My order arrived on time and in excellent condition. I would recommed Cigar Terminal to anyone who is looking for a first class cigar company! THANK YOU!

  394. Experience:

    Outstanding experience in every way. Now on our fourth order and have had no issues. Their products are of the highest quality, great website, honest & upfront pricing and shipping costs. Besides this, their customer service is amazing! Rapid responses, clear information and friendly.

  395. Experience:

    What a blessing it is to have this website! And obviously Ken and Mary at CT are number 1 for a reason: there is no other online source that can compete with them… From the fast shipping, and amazing customer service, to the completely authentic Cuban cigars shipped flawlessly in vacuumed packed bags, they score the highest marks in every category. You owe it to yourself to make at least one order from CT to see why they earned the number one spot…

  396. Experience:

    Positive experience in timeliness, quality, and customer service. Ken is very knowledgeable and will to work with customers itch special needs. The nipping was fast and accurate – only two weeks from Europe to the far east. And yes, the box of Trinidads were Habanos. Highly recommended!

  397. Experience:

    Positive experience in timeliness, quality, and customer service. Ken is very knowledgeable and willing to work with special needs customers.. The shipping was fast and accurate – only two weeks from Europe to an FPO. And yes, the box of Trinidads were Habanos. Highly recommended!

  398. Cameron UK says:


    1st time ordering from Cigar Terminal, the response to my order was quicker than I expected!
    I’m extremely happy with the correspondence from start of the order till arrival.
    Will be recommending the service to my friends.

  399. Experience:

    Cigar Terminal is a fantastic seller with the best prices by far. Only problem is that a number of cigars are out of stock and these stocks do not seem to get replenished. Other
    on-line Swiss cigar stores have them but not Cigar Terminal so it cannot be non-availability with the Swiss Habanos supplier. They either need to pull them off their website or replenish stocks.

    Otherwise absolutely top-notch.

  400. TravisClub says:


    This is my go to cigar place. I used to order from another place that shipped from Grand Canary, but was put off by rude service and poor quality. Cigar Terminal is the best on the web. They offer reasonable prices, quick shipping, great quality and the absolute best customer service. Ken and Mary are amazing!

  401. Experience:

    I ordered a few times and once did not received the shipment. The company was very quick on sending a replacement shipment which arrived quickly.
    Great service

  402. Experience:

    Great experience, cannot be faulted. Great communication.

  403. Colin Fraser says:


    Here in the UK we get clobbered in taxes so after a lot of searching and even using various sites I now get my non-cubans from America (Cig*r Place) and my Cubans, which for obvious reasons, from Cigar Terminal.
    Timely arrival, never lost a order and good condition of the best value found so far keep me coming back for more. The one price for postage no matter how many packages should be the standard other companies apply.
    Yes, a fair few are out of supply but I smoke better and cheaper for using them. Nuff said.

  404. Mr. Potter says:


    I have had dealings with a couple other Cuban cigar dealers and I have to say, Cigar Terminal is definitely at the top of my list. Great customer service from Ken as well as his assistant Mary in answering any and all questions I had very quickly, the shipping was discreet and the smokes arrived in perfect condition, and the price definitely makes it hard to look anywhere else. If you are looking for authentic Cuban cigars at a reasonable price, look no further. Thanks Ken and Mary! Stick with the standards that you guys have set and you definitely have a loyal customer from here on out!

  405. StogieChronic says:


    Ken and Mark was very prompt in communication. Cigars took about the 10 business days quoted, maybe just a tad longer, but cigars were vacuum packed and in excellent condition. Would definitely buy from cigar terminal again.

  406. Experience:

    Have ordered from them twice and both times I have had excellent results. Cigars came in less than a week each time. First time was in 3 days. Cigars are excellent and the customer service is also excellent. They responded to my email quickly.

    Definitely use Cigar Terminal for your orders.

  407. Experience:

    Very fast service. Ordered on Friday, delivered to Ireland the following Monday – almost over night. But the best part was when I have opened the parcel – there were Fonsecas manufactured in 2009 – my whole room was full of scent of beautifully aged tobacco – priceless experience.

  408. John Andreassen says:


    Just wanted to say thank you…for what?

    Well here it is:
    1. Great communication
    2. Great prices
    3. Great delivery

    Well…let me put it inthis way….IT WAS ALL GREAT!

    Thank you so much!

    From a very happy norwegian customer :-)

  409. Experience:

    Another flawess experience. 6 box order recieved in 5 days. All came sealed and checked out on websites. Thank you aagain for a fine experience.

  410. Franklin G says:


    My fifth order and each one has been first rate. Quick delivery , cigars well protected and exactly what I expected. Will keep ordering from Cigar Terminal. Some product is out of stock constantly which I hope can be corrected .

  411. Experience:

    I ordered the Bekike 56 box of 10 on their website. They notified me within 24 hours that the item was out of stock but expected it in about a week and would hold my order pending. After about a week I decided to cancel the order. Again within 24 hours they acknowledged my email and cancelled as requested. Ken and his assistant Mary seem very committed to customer satisfaction. I expect to try and do business with them again in the very near future.

  412. Experience:

    Discreet, fast and very responsive. Pricers are much better than buying retail and descriptors of the cigar ranges are spot on. Cigar Terminal is the ONLY place I order my cigars from.

  413. Experience:

    Received my latest shipment in Alabama 1 week after ordering. 2 boxes of Partagas Shorts.1 box of H Upman 48’s.
    H Upmans are amazing should have ordered more. Thanks to Cigar Terminal for making life so much easier. I know I will be receiving authentic Habanos and in a timely manner.

  414. Experience:

    I recently traveled from the India to London via Doha Qatar. Checked duty-free shop prices in all three airports. Cigar Terminal’s prices are much better even after paying the shipping charges. So don’t bother with airport duty-frees, Cigar Terminal is the real McCoy. Well done Ken.

  415. Experience:

    I placed my order with Cigar Terminal based on all the good reviews on this website. Well, I am happy to say I am one very satisfied customer. From the ordering, to the excellent communication and delivery, everything was first class. I highly recommend Cigar Terminal.

  416. Experience:

    I’ve ordered a times from CT, all great. Earlier this year had an order not make it, confiscated at JFK. Yesterday I got the letter from Customs about it, anyone else get this letter? Any advice on how to handle it?

  417. Experience:

    Quick, honest and reliable customer service. Shipment received in time told. Sticks were the nicest I have seen shipped in a long time. Mature aged sticks with the dust to prove it. Original labels sealed, and boxes in great shape. So impressed that I will never order anywhere else.

  418. Hoyo de Monte says:


    I ordered Hoyo de Monterey Especial,. It came in 7 days,
    Exceptional quality, it’s better than I bye from a retailer in Dominican Republic , and cheaper.
    Super tasty

  419. Experience:

    CT packaged properly, shipped promptly, and communicated well. Im a happy customer that will buy again. :)

  420. Experience:

    Great selection of Cuban cigars and great prices!!! Arrived to me here in Canada very quickly, perfectly packaged and with no additional border charges. I have already ordered three more boxes. This will be my exclusive place to purchase cigars. The best part is the customer service!!! Thank you Ken!!!!

  421. Experience:

    So….. I read all the reviews on Cigar Inspector for all the different overseas Cuban Cigar retailers. Wow, there are so many. It took me about 3 days but I read and read all the different reviews for the different sites. I then looked at prices, website, 3rd party reviews and decided to move forward. Cigar Terminal was who I decided to go with and I purchased a 25 cigar box of Cohiba Siglo VIs. I crossed my fingers and hoped it would all work out. To my surprise, the transaction was PERFECT. The cigars arrived in 10 days to San Francisco a factory sealed wooden box – no seals were broken. Labels and marking confirmed and the sticks were perfectly humidified and vacuum sealed in transit. I could not have been happier. The next day I ordered another box of Cohiba Robustos and am waiting on them now. I have no doubt they will show up on time and just as perfect as the last shipment. THANKS CIGAR TERMINAL.

  422. Experience:

    Just received a three box order of Bolivar corona, Gonzalez corona and Punch Punch tubos. All three outside of my regular smokes, just wanted something different. Tried one of each over the weekend. They were amazing!! All three were delicious right out of the box. Cannot beat the prices,service and the quality of product from Cigar Terminal.

  423. Experience:

    Ordered a box of Bolivar petite coronas and received them within five business days. Prices and customer service are great, and they have inventory that is hard to find elsewhere. Will definitely purchase from them again in the future!

  424. Experience:

    These guys are great! Authentic cigars, great customer service, great packaging. Shipping may take a bit longer but that’s fine with me a the product gets delivered and is in good condition.

  425. Jason Lee says:


    I ordered some cigars to my home a couple of days after the Christmas. In past experiences they have been received very quickly, so when I had not received them in 5 days days I was concerned. I sent an email to the info @cigarterminal address and had a response in less than 24 hours, advising me of the shipping times. A day later I received my cigars. Door to door in a week. Amazing. Quality is second to none, and the service I received was outstanding. Keep up the great work

  426. Experience:

    Have purchased twice with no problems and the cigars I received are identical to what I have purchased in certified shops in Singapore for two to three times the price. This is the source for authentic good value Cubans.

  427. Experience:

    Great service. cigars sent right away and arrived in 10 days.

    that is quick for shipments to Canada.

  428. Cigarguy29 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I placed an order 1/10 and as of today 1/16 no shipment verification. A little surprised based on glowing reviews. Waiting to hear from company. I will update.

  429. Experience: Neutral

    I have ordered plenty of times from CT. I am from the usa. But the first time I ordered, since it is overseas for me i let my bank know that i think they call themselves BCS trading will show up on my CC. Since i did that, CT and my bank have never had a problem letting the charge go through. Try notifying your bank and see what happens.

  430. Cigarguy29 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Bopper..not sure if you were referring to me, but payment was not the issue, just waiting for shipping to commence. But, not long after my post, did an email come with shipping update.

    I look forward to seeing the quality of their product and how well packaged it is.

    I’m used to ordering from another in Switz that ships same day (and great quality and great service) but it would be nice to save a few dollars and have all components on the sticks.

  431. Experience:

    After 5-6 orders I am still shocked how great they are. Outstanding service and fantastic cigars. Unbeatable. They are the best out there, hands down.


  432. Experience:

    I ordered from Cigar Terminal before and was very pleased. This last time was no exception. I ordered several boxes during the holiday season and of course the package with the two most expensive cigar boxes disappeared in our crappy postal service. Ken from CT sent out another shipment as soon as I notified him and he answered all of my questions through the entire process. I will definitely order from them again…oh, and the cigars are fantastic!


  433. Experience:

    Amazing customer service. Quick shipping. Resent my package after the first one was lost. And of course genuine.

  434. Experience:

    Ordered two boxes – Upmann Petit Coronas and Monte No. 2. After ordering I learned the Upmann’s were out of stock so I selected half coronas instead. They did a great job of informing me promptly and presenting me with options.

    The boxes arrived about 10 days later. The boxes were sealed with all labels in the proper place (stamp code removed – I prefer that it be left on, but I understand why it happens). Smoked one of each and they were great. Looking forward to having them settle a bit in my humidor before coming back to them.

    CT is one of four online dealers I have ordered from. Each is good and I won’t rule out using the others in the future, but what I like about CT is their prompt communications, prompt shipping, genuineness of their product, and pricing. Without question, I will order from them again.

    Update #1 (Apr 1 2014) Just received my second order from CT, a box of Upmann PCs. It only took four days to ship from the warehouse to my home in North America. Four days! Given the three days for CT to receive and process the order, that’s a seven day turnaround. Outstanding.

    The box was in excellent condition, fully sealed and unopened as requested, with all labels intact including the bar code which to no surprise checked out. The box has a May 13 stamp, so I will at least try to let them sit awhile. The cigars look beautiful and are in excellent condition.

    I mentioned in a prior review for another seller that I would be open to buying from any of four different sellers. I suppose that’s still the case, although in reality CT’s outstanding service and product makes it difficult to justify buying from anyone but them.

    Update #2 (Apr 18 2014) Received my latest order from CT today. This offering was a box of 25 Bolivar RCs and a box of 10 Monte PEs. As always, the delivery took about one week. As always, the boxes were in good condition, fully sealed as requested, and with all labels and codes intact and confirmed.

    The cigars look fantastic – beautiful colors, proper labeling, and a very healthy appearance. They are young, both boxes with stamps indicating 2013 production. The smell of the cigars was incredible, and the sweet aroma engulfed my office and wafted down the hallway, drawing curious work colleagues who all received a brief overview of online cigar purchasing, as well as a referral to Cigar Terminal.

  435. Experience: