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Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : FL, USA
Online Since : 2005
Rating : 52 ( : 57, : 5)
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Description : Clean website that carries a selection of non-Cuban cigars and accessories.

72 Comments on “Cigar Place”

  1. Experience:

    I’ve used this site several times. They have great prices and many special deals.

  2. surfshepard says:


    I have tried several times to order cigars from this guy and nothing. His site doesn’t work correctly and his prices are unbelievable. Is this a scam site?

  3. Experience:

    This web site is very good. Prices are always competitive and they ship priority mail with tracking. I usually wait until 1st of the month $1 shipping or the random free shipping day. I live in Colorado and my order always gets to me in 3 – 4 days from Miami. Always packed well and all products have arrived in perfect condition.

  4. Experience:

    Great customer service, ordered several times, no customs when ordering outside the US so a double thumbs up from me!!

  5. Experience:

    *I ordered some cigars from them that I couldn’t find anywhere else…service was excellent, delivery was timely. Would definitely recommend

  6. Experience:

    I ordered a box of Don Pepin cigars at substantially below the market rate. The cigars seem fine. However, the box had been unwrapped and opened before I got it. Perhaps this is linked to the extra-low price, but I don’t care to repeat my business there.

  7. Experience:

    I have had a couple of bad experiences with this company. I should have learned the first time.The promised a 2 cigar minimum and they wanted me to pay for shipping going back. They claimed the”excuse” I gave for cigar return was inadequate. Second time they wanted me to pay for return shipping for exchange of a cigar that was not described the correct way after one rep. promised me a return shipping label. Their policies and cigars are not great, hence the reflect in prices. Go somewhere else even if you need to pay a little more!

  8. Experience:

    I ordered here for the first time because the prices were amazing compared to other sites I’ve ordered from and I was tired of paying an arm and a leg for my favorite cigar. I didn’t know what to expect because the prices were very low but was hoping to get decent quality cigars. I ordered a box of Rocky Patel and it was shipped immediately and arrived in perfect condition(sealed box and cigars) a few days later. So glad I found cigarplace thru your site. This is now my goto place and I will be ordering more boxes in the future.

  9. josephus says:


    My experince has been very good todate. no problems with anything at all. products have been good and best price for my orders so far so good. really like the 1buck shiping when offered. The selection is very competitive price wise and freshness of product. Looking to do more purchases soon.

  10. B de Voogt says:


    Second time order cigars from this company,and again received in very good problems at third time is coming within 3 months.

  11. Experience:

    best buy on the net for now. service has been very good. customer service is very understanding and very nice as well. the product has been fresh with no bugs or damaged goods. I like the service I have received from this site and shall buy on regular shipments.

  12. petetheheat says:


    my cigars were received in good shape[2 boxes], but 1 of my singles had been unwrapped and cut. Will only order boxes from now on, but would use them again.

  13. Experience:

    Very underrated vendor. I’m very suprised by the low rating here.

    Their pricings are VERY competitive. Great selection of cigars(cao la traviata, AB family blend…etc). Great domestic and international shipping options.

    Customer service is great. Response is fast. ‘Cigar Ninja’ Jessica is friendly and helpful.

    For now, cigar place is my only ‘go to’ vendor for non cuban cigars. I have made several orders for the past few months without any problems.

  14. Experience:

    This is a great site. I have ordered from cigar international,, Atlantic cigar, Tampa humidor, and these guys. Have had a few orders with them and they have all worked out very well. Prices are good and I would buy from them again. All of the sites I mentioned are also good by the way except CI is too much hype at times, and they don’t publish negative reviews of products (I know this first hand). The Padron bundles at cigar place are the best price anywhere.

  15. Experience:

    Have ordered numerous times & VERY happy. Sticks arrive promptly & fresh. When I’ve had a question, staff is easily reached via phone or email & response time has been excellent. 10+ rating for this site!!!

  16. Experience:

    Have placed a 2nd & 3rd order w/Cigar Place and am very, very happy w/svc. 2nd order was sent a cigar different from the pic shown, I contacted them & they assured me it was the same one. But I insisted and they sent postage-paid package to send that one back & replaced it accordingly. Good show!

  17. Experience:

    2nd order with Cigar Place. Cigars are well packaged and everything arrived quickly and intact. So far after 2 orders I haven’t had to pay any import tax due to the discreet packaging. (South Africa)

  18. Maurice says:


    Good selection, amazing prices, quick and friendly customer service, perfect product in professional packaging. Two orders until now, many more to come.

  19. Experience:

    I have had good experiences with this place.Their prices get better and better and their cigar packaging is excellent. The singles come with mini humidifying packages which humidify the cigars. They have more staff now which is helpful with ordering and they are willing to solve any problem that may arise with an order and more than happy to do so. Fast shipping and great service make for a great business. I will be back to order shortly.

  20. Experience:

    mi favoritas non cubans online retailer. have used their service since 2009. good customer service.

  21. Experience:

    Ordered from them in the past and would continue to do so. Great customer service, quick shipping and great cigars/prices. One of my go-to stores I recommend to friends

  22. Experience:

    Fantastic service!

  23. Experience:

    Iv been very happy with this site for the past three years. My friends are looking in my humi to see what new lable surprise ive tried.

  24. Experience:

    Fast shipping, discreet labelling on the package to avoid any unnecessary hassle with the customs, and the cigars were packed with an impressive care, so they arrived fresh & undamaged. Highly recommended.

  25. Experience:

    Just got my first order of RP Old World. Box was packed well, sealed correctly. First cigar out of the box was a bust, burned poorly, wrapper started to unroll, the whole deal. Gave it another try. Everyone since has been perfect. Must have been the time they spent in the Humi. I will buy again.

  26. Experience:

    Have ordered multiple boxes from these guys – always arrive well packaged. If you are worried about customs duties they will take the cigars out of the box and put them in a plastic bag with a humidifying pack for free, so that you are only paying customs on cigar weight, not box weight. Excellent service.

  27. Frank Rizzuti says:


    I’ve ordered from CigarPlace three times now and i can’t say enough good things about them, excellent service, very good prices and cigars are always factory fresh and sealed. Being in Canada I receive my orders in 10 days and no additional tax or customs. Five stars in my book!

  28. Experience:

    Cigarplace have a fantastic and competent service.

  29. mathieurlp says:

    Experience: Neutral

    excellent service and prices.

  30. obviousadams says:


    My favorite non- habano cigar store. I have ordered at least 20 times and only once have I had an issue- something went out of stock before they could ship. They are reliable, cheap and the first place I look for non- habanos. Love Cigar Place.

  31. Experience:

    I read the reviews here on and placed an order with Cigar Place for the Cigar Aficionado 2012 Top Picks. The order and the shipping was handled as advertised & timely. The cigars were packaged well and were in plastic bags with a humidifying pack in each bundle. Each were undamaged and appear fresh. This was my first mail order for cigars and am pleased with the experience. I will order from them again in the future.

  32. Experience:

    Did a trial and worked out well on non-Cuban tins. Well packed and protected – discretely. Locally in Brazil postal service is a mare, but got them 3 weeks after they left Miami.

  33. HujA_BoY says:


    I live in Israel and made about a dozen orders via Cigarplace.
    Each order arrived after a week to ten days at the most. No problems with tax or dutys. Each packge packed very well, with zip-lock bags and humidifaction. Great prices and very reasonable sshipping price. My best source for non-cuban cigars.

  34. ron torsella says:


    I have ordered cigars in the past and very please with cigar place. What is going on with ordering Omar Ortez Originals. It has been I believe over eight months or so since they were in stock and available for order. The wait is becoming some what frustrating. Any up date?

  35. Experience:

    Now located in Vietnam – received an order of various cigarillos in Vietnam in a timely fashion, well packed. Only issue is that promotions appear to be geared to USA customers. Maybe some promotional output for us Gringos!!

  36. Experience: Neutral

    2nd order to Vietnam. Got here in reasonable time with discrete paperwork. Well protected, but could have done with more humi-pack storage as these are not dry cured. Neutral on this one.

  37. haidenHshortt says:


    order was sent without street address, meaning the item was immediately sent back to them. They cut all communication with me when i tried to find a resolution to the problem, i would never recommend this site. very unprofessional

  38. Experience: Neutral

    Great purchase experience. Fast response, good communication, well packed cigars, timely shipping. Really impressed by the service. However, I recently received fraudulent charges on my credit card (alerted immediately by my credit card company) and my only online purchase with this card has been with CP. Now I can’t say it was their fault, but it has caused me some concern with ordering from them in the future. BTW, searching the internet, I found a thread on where others had similar experiences.

  39. Experience:

    For me CP is the only site I purchase from … never had an issue and the one time I had a question it was answered quickly by Jessica … great job and keep up the good work!

  40. Experience:

    I purchase a box of cigars each month. Of all the online cigar shops this is the best. The prices are right and the customer service and packaging are the best of any store on the web. Jessica will answer all your questions and her recommendations are spot on. The premium selection is tops and they usually have what I want in stock; if not, they will get it for me in quick time. You can’t go wrong with

  41. Experience:

    I have now ordered a collective total of 10 boxes from this site, this vendor is perfect in every way, cigars perfect, quick shipping, awesome service & great price. I even dodged the australian customs duties!

  42. long tran says:


    at this time CP is the best cigar shop i have exp.
    jessica is so lovely and ardour , fast reply and long enough to make me feel glad , good typing skill :) , because i always read some wrong words from
    another customer service , she doesnt like other machine – the customer service with cold answer from another cigar shops .

    well , package delivered fast with thier 1$ shipping .
    i will buy more .

  43. Experience: Neutral

    this is awesome website .best packaging ever , i got them only 10 day after place oder to vietnam . good protect . only 1$ shipping (1st day of the month) . no lost , no damage, no dry , no crack … everything is perfect :) thank you cigarplace !!

  44. palisadeskid says:


    I just started getting into cigars in the summer of 2013. I was going to only buy a few sticks here and there for occasions but I quickly grew out of that! Did my research online from website to website and at the time I was really into the CAO La Traviata and the first website that had them sold as individual sticks was Placed my first order for some La Traviatas and a few Jaime Garcia Reserva Especials and they arrived well packed and humidified. Since then I have ordered a few bundles here and there and again no problems with the quality and the shipping! Just placed an order recently again for two boxes – Macanudo Vintage 2006 and Oliva Connecticut Reserve. Looking to order soon thereafter for some more Xikar accessories which are well-priced on their website as well! Only issue is they do have quite a few things out of stock, more so than most other sites, but again it hasn’t been an issue for me! I cannot imagine purchasing sticks from any other site!

  45. Experience: Neutral

    Sadly my 3rd order to Vietnam has got blocked in customs. Did warn the guys that package is always opened in Vietnam customs. But not only did they get my phone number wrong, specifying drawing kit does not tie up with cigars. Hey ho! No reply today for my refund request.

    Update: A “no way” reply to refund request. Sadly I will not be using them again. Up to this shipment, all in order – but now feels like they have abandoned me. :(

  46. A-Ficionado says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Robbo: You do realize that actions of Vietnamese customs are way beyond power of any American online cigar vendor? Based on my experience (9 orders to Europe so far) the guys at are doing everything possible to avoid any hassle with the customs.

    And on top of that, they clearly state on their website: “If package is lost, damaged or held in customs, it is the buyer’s responsibility alone. By placing an order with for shipping to an international destination, the buyers accepts all responsibility for their package.” So I think it’s quite unfair to blame the vendor for problems with national customs.

  47. Experience:

    A-Ficianado is right. Robbo46 expects the vendor to solve his customs issues. It’s not only a question of policy but of the law. Buyer be careful. International commerce is controlled individually by state governments and totally out of the domain of online retailers. Don’t blame the messenger, and, as Pogo Possum used to say, “We have met the enemy and he is us!” So ease up on, they’re doing a great ob and getting better all the time.

  48. Experience: Neutral

    Gents – you are, of course, correct on comments. However, on this order, do note:

    i. Phone number was incorrectly entered.
    ii. I did warn that Customs will always open the package – that said – previous orders got through in a satisfactory fashion and I was content (as with previous deliveries)
    iii. However, after warning, recording on paperwork as drawing kit, and when customs open up and see cigars, that was bound to be an issue.

    But as we are agreed – it is buyer beware. After previous satisfactory orders, I feel badly let down and will look elsewhere.

  49. palisadeskid says:


    I posted a review not too long ago (few reviews up) and I just received that other order of a box of the Macanudo Vintage 2006 (Natural) and a box of the Oliva Connecticut Reserve in toro. Via UPS 2-Day, and was even contacted via email from David at Cigar Place just to advise me that due to the order being processed on Friday, it wouldn’t arrive until Tuesday as UPS doesn’t operate on the weekends – which I was already aware of… but it was nice to see a that they would take the time to email me to give me a heads up and even offered to discuss options should I need my cigars earlier than that. Boxes arrived fine and in excellent condition! This makes my 5th or 6th order in the last 5 months.

  50. Experience:

    1st of the month free shipping is awesome . only 2 days to received the package in CA . very good support .

    well . robbo46 , if you want to ship to viet nam , i can help you , pls call me +84993997993 , can we meet and i have a drink ? im live in hanoi , i have place some oder and all is good and timely . i know the best way to ship to vietnam without lost , damage , customs issue …

  51. marcos sanchez says:


    Excelente pagina, buen precio y servicio al cliente. Compre desde mexico y me llegaron los puros sin problemas de aduanas en 15 dias exactos despues de la fecha de envio. Eso si, algo secos pero nada que un humidor no pueda reparar.

  52. Experience:

    Here in the UK taxes are prohibitive and to put it bluntly I smoke better and cheaper by using them.
    Yes, one time I lost then to excise and a twice they asked for a bit of extra money – by the way, there seems to be no ‘standard’ in the amount asked, but still worth paying, but that is the exception rather than the rule.

  53. Experience: Neutral

    Cigars doesnt taste right.
    Highly suspicious.
    My flor de antillas taste very different fr other supplier. Batch variation or …………..?
    I leave it to benefit of doubt.

  54. hoang tran says:


    this is my 8th oder . package arrival timely , everything is perfect !!! David always give me some freebies and promotional , free shipping …

  55. Experience:

    Awesome first purchase to New Zealand. Swift and great communication. Best yet, no interception by customs here. Tobacco tax is currently NZ$681 per kilogram!

  56. Experience:

    I buy there since 2006-7. Always nice packaging, good cigar condition. Awesome place for buying cigars.

  57. A-Ficionado says:


    Another Cigarplace order safely arrived. That makes it 10 out of 10 in a row, and not a single visit to customs office required! Products have always been in top condition, so I would highly recommend this vendor. If they were allowed to trade in Cuban cigars, then I would have no need to ever shop elsewhere. For non-cc’s, you should look no further.

  58. Alistair Cairns says:


    Completely satisfied with all aspects of service from this company. Jessica takes care of me and I have never had a single issue.

  59. Experience:

    After my disaster in Vietnam and now having returned to UK, ordered couple of boxes of Oliva Connecticut Reserve. Chose USPS economy shipping and got here in 12-days to UK. Well packed and no customs issues. Looked in good condition, placed in humidors and those sticks have been good. Word of advice to USA suppliers for international orders – offer humi-pouch option!! But satisfied and will give another go.

  60. Experience:

    Great service, good prices and responses from CS is quick.
    Products are well-packaged and in good condition.
    But don’t forget check their twitter for promo codes to get better prices.
    Would buy again.

  61. Experience:

    I ordered from outside of USA and I was very pleased with everything. The price was very good considering the price of cigars in my country. Shipping was fast, came in a non-descriptive package and very smartly done resulting in no issues with the customs. Humi-pouch inside, cigars came fresh and ready-to-smoke. I’ll order again.

  62. Neil Kraft says:


    Cigar place is my “go to” cigar connection. I can pull a cigar out of the box as soon as the UPS guy drops it off and it lights and smokes perfectly. I’ve never got a dry cigar from this place and the price is always cheaper than anyone, not just by a few dollars but usually $20 to $30 cheaper per box. I like when I order singles and they always include a water pillow to keep them moist. I’ve never had an issue with cigar place except once. I was shipped 2 single cigars when I had actually ordered 2 boxes. I called them up, they apologized and shipped the correct order next day priority. Now that’s accounability. They have my business for life.

  63. Experience:

    Last 2-deliveries to UK seized by customs! My belief is that CP do no take due care and attention to the labeling (item and HS Code) hence raises query. Cannot take the risk again and am not happy. AC supply to UK seamlessly as do certain European suppliers.

    Can only advise that customers think carefully about CP if non-USA.

  64. Experience:

    My go to place for ordering cigars internationally. I’ve never had customs issues with this place. I always open the boxes and let the cigars rest in a humidor for about 2 weeks before trying one, which is a pretty standard thing to do with cigars. I’ve always gotten what I ordered in a timely fashion and it’s been packed great. The emails they send with the deals are hard to say no to. Nothing but good service, would highly recommend them to anybody.

  65. Experience:

    Ordered from them numerous times. Excellent selection, prompt shipping. Cigars arrive in good conditions.

  66. Experience:

    My top place for international non-Cuban cigars.

    Prices – nice
    Shipping costs – very reasonable
    Shipping service – excellent
    Shipping time – excellent (some times just 8 days from order placement till delivery to my house at east Europe)

  67. Experience:

    I’ve placed several orders from this place, most without issue.
    Pricing (cigars and shipping)
    Selection (it’s expanding)
    Actual Customer service (shout out to you Jessica and Tanya)
    Shipping (speedy, reasonable and well packaged)

    Condition (only a couple rough sticks but the accessories are below standard, but always addressed – see the Pros for customer service)
    Stock (lots of variety on the site but very limited to no stock in most cases)
    The site (although fairly easy to navigate, it’s search function can be just okay and the wishlist is not user friendly, can only add one item at a time then you need to search again to add another item)
    Overall though the Cons are very minor compared to the awesome Pros. It’s worth buying from this site, they’ll take care of you throughout your purchase.

  68. Experience: Neutral

    I too have recieved fraudulent charges on my credit/ debit card after ordering from them and couldnt help but suspect it was them either. Been skeptical about ordering since…after reading this review I think I will stay away.

  69. Paul Beamon says:


    Price: lowest of 9 online stores for Acid Blondie Belacosa
    Shipping: Fast ship, 2 days using free shipping
    Service: Excellent, shipment included handwritten note.
    Product: Cigars arrived fresh and with a Bovedo pack.

    Great first experience! Kudos!

  70. Experience: Neutral

    Ordered a couple boxes of cigars on Wednesday and had them Saturday. Prices are awesome if they are running a special on the cigar you are looking for.

  71. motionsick says:


    A decent selection of sticks, and good prices. They won’t have every single thing you might want, but they a lot of the most popular. They’re always running deals on various lines, 5packs, and closeouts.

    Customer service is also very good., and shipping to Canada is probably the one of the cheapest of the few places that do ship here, and pricing is by weight. If anything gets seized by customs you can send it back and have it reshipped.

    For US customers they always run free or $1 shipping specials too.

  72. Experience:

    I’ve been buying cigars off and on for 35 years and Cigarplace has the best service and prices of any cigar merchant I have yet to find. They are much cheaper than all the other big name cigar outlets on the web and your buying the same cigars…so I don’t get the negative reviews. It’s the cigars that have the inconsistencies not the merchants.

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