Cigar Inspector Merchandise

If you love browsing and commenting on and want to show your support, one great way is to purchase some of our merchandise. We’ve designed T-shirts you can wear proudly and posters you can hang on your wall to showcase your love of cigars. We chose Redbubble as our printing provider based on multiple positive comments we heard about them. If you want to request a custom version of one of these items (with text or colors of your choice, etc.), simply get in touch with us via the contact form and let us know your request.

Here are some of the designs :

Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Smoking is often seen as a vice, but if so, it’s sure worth it to have a vice or two, isn’t it? Mark Twain certainly thought so. This design features a graphic of the famous American novelist and his proclamation, “If I cannot smoke in heaven, I shall not go.”

Check out all the Mark Twain T-shirts here! (different colors)

The Cigar Flavors Wheel

Cigar flavors wheel

Do you ever find yourself reaching desperately for a descriptive word for a particular flavor while you are penning a cigar review? This graphic is perfect for showcasing as a poster on your wall and having handy when you are smoking and writing down your thoughts in your cigar journal or blog. Having the flavor wheel (read about it here) in front of you can help you to focus on the experience, detect subtle notes, and organize your thoughts.

The flavors wheel is available as a poster here!

Che Guevara

Che Guevara

Che Guevara merchandise is already some of the trendiest merchandise you can buy. Around the world, Che’s iconic face represents social revolution and independent thinking. Che was also a huge cigar aficionado though! This design features Che’s iconic face with a cigar in his mouth. Show off your rebellious spirit and your love for cigars at the same time!

Have a look at this T-shirt here!

What’s Your Shade?

What's your shade?

This eye-catching spectrum of colors is a great way to declare yourself a cigar smoker, and makes for a great T-shirt design. It’s also a perfect conversation starter since it poses a question.

“What’s your shade?” is available as a poster and as a T-shirt.

The Tobacco Plant

Tobacco Plant

This simple design features a graphic of a tobacco plant. This is a great graphic to display for the simple reason that anybody who recognizes the plant instantly for what it is probably is a fellow cigar-smoker. A great way to meet people who share your interests!

The tobacco plant is available as a poster or as a “Roman style” T-shirt.

I Heart Cigar Inspector

I Heart Cigar Inspector

And finally … if you love as much as you love cigars, you can show the world with the “I Heart Cigar Inspector” design! We are proud to say that this T-shirt is one of our bestsellers—thanks to all our wonderful readers!

Show your support by getting this T-shirt here!

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Have a cigar-related design idea of your own that you’d love to see printed on a poster, T-shirt, iPhone or iPod case, sticker, or another item? Submit your design idea (or the design itself) via our contact form. If it’s selected, you’ll get a T-shirt or poster for free! Also let us know if there are any other types of merchandise you’d like to see sold here.