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Cigar Humidors Online .com
Sells : Cigar Accessories (mostly)
Based in : FL, USA
Online Since : 1999
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Description : Unique cigar humidor designs combined with a collection of cigars and accessories at discounted prices.

3 Comments on “Cigar Humidors Online .com”

  1. Experience:

    I want to Thank you for putting a quality product out there to obtain so easily on line. Nothing like this is available in the area we live. After viewing several sites, a lot of thought still went into the humidor I picked from your site for my husband. They all seemed very nice… When the package arrived of course there was normal wear and tear from shipping, I was a little nervous. I opened it up to find another perfect box completely surrounded with loose packing material. When I opened the second box the humidor was again encased but with packing foam to hold it firm. When I pulled it out it was perfect and so beautiful ! I immediately saw quality. I pulled up the picture on line to re-read and compare. The Venetion’s picture does not do this humidor justice, honestly.

    My husband knew I was humidor shopping for him but did not know what I had picked out. When he opened the box all he could was WOW. He took note to the nice tight solid fit of the lid to the box the rich color and the beveled glass. He is overall impressed and I call it just plain handsome.

  2. pinarello6 says:


    I purchaed a Bolivar cabinet humidor from theses guys. I live about 1 hour from warehouse so I picked it up saving money on shipping. Quite simply put, they were about half the cost of everyone else I compared online for the same EXACT humidor and it included a free Cigar Oasis XL Plus which was almost to good to be true. Drove there, walked in and paid, they loaded into my van, and I was gone. From what I can see, there are the wholesaler that supplies these units to numerous vendors…vendors mark up of course so you can eliminate middle man by purchasing directly from theses guys. To boot, the Bolivar cabinet humidor was the best thing I’ve purchased in along time considering price and free Cigar Oasis. I get nothing but compliments on it. Great product.

  3. Experience: Neutral

    I will buy with them and let you know what happens.

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