Cigar Hint

Cigar Hint
Sells : Cuban Cigars
Based in : Costa Rica
Online Since : 2010
Rating : 4 ( : 5, : 1)
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Description (from the website) : was born in San Jose Costa Rica as part of MERCANTIL DE TABACOS , suppliers with vast experience in sales and customer service in the industry of Cuban cigars. The tobacco and business experience gained by Mr. Fred Ferllini, plus his visionary mentality and sales leadership resulted in a well consolidated cigar company.

8 Comments on “Cigar Hint”

  1. Experience:

    I have done business and have known Federico for almost two years and have ordered over a dozen boxes of cigars from Cigar Hint. All have been verifiable real Cuban cigars and have arrived in perfect shape, in a timely matter and CH is very reliable. I have been smoking Cuban cigars over 20 years and visit Cuba when ever I get the chance. I have dealt with many different distributors around the world over the years and Cigar Hint is now my favorite supplier of choice.

  2. Experience:

    I received my cigars on Thursday, and could not wait for a month or so I normally put them in my humidor (usually for about a minimum of two month). My best friend, who I consider a brother, his birthday was on this Friday.
    He came over to my house on his birthday, and we decided to sample one of the Siglo III that I purchased from your store. With a good bottle of scotch, we enjoyed those cigars so much, we ended up smoking two each.
    The cigars, straight from the box were superb.

  3. Experience:

    I am a customer of Cigarhint . I have ordered many cigars from this establishment and have always found them to be of the finest quality and delivered promptly . The service I receive from Fred is always outstanding . They always follow up DIRECTLY to ensure that I have been totally satisfied with ANY PRODUCT in regards to freshness, delivery , etc …They frequently go the extra mile and include additional cigars in my order to ensure my total satisfaction …I have been absolutely delighted and will be a customer for life !! I order approximately 2-3 boxes or more a month and have been a cigar smoker for approximately 10 years.

  4. Experience:

    This is a very professional operation. Very pleased with the product and the people.

  5. Experience:

    I have recently ordered a box of montecristo 2 from – very surprised but the cigars are completely FAKE. Ive been smoking monte’s for 15 years and know which cigar is original and which one is fake, that one was completely FAKE. When I have asked for a refund they have NEVER answered any emails so I had to call to my bank. BEWARE all buyers – completely Fake cigars from cigarhint.

    There is no original Habanos from Costa Rica my friends…

  6. Experience: Neutral

    Tonyt…it’s funny because been the manager and owner of Cigarhint, I have full access to all admin accounts and Bank accounts, and there are no Tony’s nor Anthony’s registered in my database. In my entire business lifetime, just had one Charge back and that was due to a parcel seized by US customs, which was totally refunded to the client immediately not by me but by my credit card processor, Klik and Pay. Please, I’m dying to receive here or via email to manager at your reply letting me know your details such as full name, date of purchase, product and amount in order to track down your order.

  7. Luiz Farah says:


    Last Friday I received a Bolivar Petit Corona Cabinet that I ordered from Cigar Hint. The cigars are excelents and came to Brazil in 6 days after I ordered. It was a quicly delivery. And before I bought a Por Larranaga Petit Corona and Trinidad Reys from Cigar Hint and I have the same opinion about the quality of the products and Fred attention.

    Update (Apr 4 2012) I had another positive experience with Cigar Hint’s services and cigars quality. I ordered a box of Por Larrañaga PC (50 cigars) and 2 of Trinidad Reyes. The cigars and the boxes are well package and the cigars are in excelents conditions.
    I recomend Cigar Hint

  8. Experience: Neutral

    Hello everybody, I am pleased to inform that after a few weeks of having our website offline due to a cyber attack on behalf the owner of 4 websites selling counterfeit cigars hand rolled in Costa Rica and well known over the internet for this actions (SC, RH, FC and GC) we will come back most likely this Tuesday. IN THE MEANTIME, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US VIA EMAIL OR SIMPLY THROUGH OUR FACEBOOK. Klik and Pay will process the payment from our back office and we have been dispatching product to all of our clients and whole sellers regularly with absolutely no issues, just like with Mr. Farah from Brazil and many others. LONG ASHES!

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