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Online Since : 2004
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Description : (taken from the website) Czar House is located in Brisbane, Australia and at any time of the day you will find Rob, Lisa and Smithy plus a myriad of local clients in various states of work and revelry. A cigar and champagne on the rocking chairs on the deck of Czar house awaits members ….so come and visit us!

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  1. Experience:

    I had a very positive experience with They are based in Australia and receive their product from PCC (the authorized Habanos distributor for that area). While their selection is not quite as expansive as some of the other online sites (but close), they have all of the key basics, all of the LEs and some interesting selections exclusive to Asia-Pacific (such as limited Por Larranaga robustos). They are very friendly and unbelievably quick. Shipping is included. I did not ask for any expedited shipping and my cigars still arrived in record time (order placed on a Thursday (Friday in Australia where they are located); shipped that Monday; and arrived in perfect condition on Friday. Very courteous.

  2. Experience:

    Great company. Fine selections, fine people. A perfect place for cigar lovers and friends. Highly, highly recommended!

    Update (Oct 4 2011) Another satisfied – no – ECSTATIC happy customer here, another great ordering experience! You have to remember this is coming from Australia. It MAY take awhile to get to YOU

  3. leanderdsilva says:


    Excellent service from Lisa…delivery was quite quick and the cigars were packed very well. Have already placed my next order with them.

    Update (May 31 2011) Just received my Partagas Serie D4 and Esplendidos order from the Czar.excellent quality again!! Received in 11 days here in Canada.

  4. Experience:

    Czar is one of my three preferred vendors. Prices are a little higher than others, but service is superb. Recommended.

  5. Experience:

    Cigar Czar has the best Cubans period. I have ordered dozens and dozens of boxes from them. Every time I open a new box from them I have the same reaction. WOW. These guys have a real passion for cigars and it shows.

  6. Gigabyte056 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    The Czar is a great place to buy cigars, Top quality and great promotions at times.

    The forum has strict rules on how to post and act and the people on it, Men and Women alike abide to them.

    Rob, the owner is in support of the Cuban people, not the government.

    To neuticles, I don’t know you nor would I like to , I would advise you concentrate on things you actually know about, the idea of having a cigar club is ages old and IMHO great.

    To each is own.

    Update #1 (Oct 14 2011) Two more boxes arrived.
    Perfect condition, perfect barnyard scent and sheen to the cigars, best examples of Bolivar PC and Partagas shorts I have seen in a long time, and they were the PE level!
    This vendor is by far the best I have encountered in my 10+ years of enjoying Cuban cigars.

    Update #2 (Oct 25 2011) Another beautiful box arrived.
    Ordered the Partagas SD 4 HQ – arrived in 12 days from order to landing in my local PO.

    HQ is well justified, the box looks amazing.

  7. brazoseagle says:


    I have used Cigar Czar for a long time. They are the only vendor I trust and they are the only vendor I will use. I am blown away by their customer service from both Lisa and Rob. Anytime you have a question, you always receive a timely and efficient response. Lisa is great at special requests and special accommodations. I have never had one problem with shipping, not one. I don’t even feel the need to discuss their authenticity, because it’s not even a question. Once you are involved with such a quality vendor the question is not authenticity, the question at czar now turns to, just what type of quality do you want. Most places you think about real vs. fake. At Czar they are all real, but Rob spends the time and passion to classify his cigars into different quality ratings. It takes someone with a passion like that to be all the evidence I need to be a loyal customer for life and refer all of my smoking buddies to them as well. I am an active member on the forum, and I find it refreshing that the other members conduct themselves with honor, respect and integrity. The rules are in place to provide an atmosphere and an environment that is conducive and equal to the quality and the class of the shop and the people running it. Rob and the rest of the crew at FOH post some great cigar review videos, that can be viewed on YouTube. They are my number one source for honest and also humorous reviews of cigars. No agenda, just good information and entertainment. Look no further than the Czar, like anything else in life, you get what you pay for, and if you are wanting the highest quality, they best customer service, and the best no hassle shipping, use the Czar!

  8. Experience:

    This shop gives wonderful, personal service and ships excellent quality cigars. Highly recommended.

  9. tinknocker924 says:


    the highest quality cigars around and the most wonderful service from the czar crew hands down the best retailer in the industry..

  10. Experience: Neutral

    ok i gotta keep it real…one of my orders didnt arrive by 8-31-11, so i emailed lisa to let her know my shippment didnt arrive..well today is 9-20-11..still i have staying patient and calm.

    Update their website has a live chat , i also emailed lisa again at customer service…still no there another cuban cigar site that anyone could suggest…to me customer service says alot about a company.

    Update #2 (Oct 2 2011) well guys they got back to me and my cigars arrived. it took 2 months but i got em.
    im going to go with a different vender. to me its all about good customer service. if a customer smokes dont arrive by the the date they supply then they should ship out a sampler pack immediately !! until things are sorted. haveing to wait 7- 8 weeks for your original order is not cool…getting a sampler pack would help ease the wait in my mind.

  11. MannyFresh says:


    I’ve ordered from Czar many times and have yet to be disappointed….

    Excellent customer service!
    High Quality product!
    Great prices!

    Thanks Rob, Lisa, Diana and Kurt! You guys are the best! Smithy ok too I guess ;)

  12. Experience:

    Just got half of my first order, went off without a hitch…..recieved in 11 days from ordering. Great communication throughout. Emailed me that last half shipped and I’ll let them know when they arrive and update here as well.

  13. Experience:

    Just received my first order!Cigar smell great, smoking fantastic.Best customer service so far.

  14. sactochris says:


    I ordered the robusto sampler pack and a couple of single sticks of brands that I’ve never tried before. The order arrived in less than two weeks and looks great. They did have to make three substitutions out of the twelve cigars that were supposed to be included with the sampler pack. They had told me about one of them before my order was shipped. I noticed the two additional subs when I opened the package. They picked excellent replacements for the other two sticks that I presume were out of stock. A very smooth and easy transaction. I’m pleased.

  15. Experience: Neutral

    I ordered 5 boxes from them in Dec. two arrived in 5-6 weeks, and three have not arrived. One box arrived empty. Now to their credit they have agreed to credit my account, but i must say some of the reviews on here do not fit my experience. They also changed one of my orders without telling me they were going to do so.

  16. littlefat says:


    i have had good luck with these guys in the past. recently I had an order not show up. they replaced the order pronto. very nice

  17. dewmaster says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I ordered a box and a handful of singles, none of which arrived. The cigars were reshipped twice, but I still never got them. I did get a refund, but I’m still pretty bummed about having no cigars.

    Overall, I felt like the customer service could’ve done a little bit more to let me know what was going on with my order, basically I’d have to email them every month or two to find out what was going on. Cigar-Czar is definitely legitimate, I have no question of that, and I’m pretty sure the cigars would’ve been good quality had I received them, but there is definitely some room for improvement.

  18. Experience:

    My experience with Cigar Czar was good. I ordered two boxes of cigars and was informed via email that each would be shipped separately due to safety. First box arrived 8 days after I received their shipping notification. After 4 days, I received another email indicating the second box had just been shipped. While the first box arrived, the second box never arrived.

    After 3 weeks, I emailed their sales support to notify them I still hadn’t received the second box. The customer support was top-notch as they were very responsive to my emails. After 6 weeks and still no delivery, I requested a refund for the missing box. The refund was issued and processed after about a week.

    I will probably try them again and place another order sometime in the near future.

  19. Experience:

    Living in Brisbane I have personally visited and purchased cigars from the walk-in humidor at Cigar Czars. I have also while living abroad (Europe) ordered from them online. I feel this gives me an independent and rounded view of this retailer.

    Ordered: PETIT CORONA “SPLITS” sampler plus several assorted sticks

    Received: Similar to experiences of Sactochris and Drben, I received a substitution (H.Upmann for Bolivar Petit Corona) in my order. Listed on the website is the following; NOTE: if we are out of stock of an item we will replace it with something just as good. Also noted is; BOX code for each of the cigars is supplied. These codes were not supplied. Having both physically visited this retailer and smoked their cigars I have complete faith as to the authenticity of any purchase.

    Communication/Correspondence: As also referenced in some comments communication with this retailer is patchy. It also reinforces my opinion that without a personal connection communication can be difficult for those outside this circle.

    Shipping: All cigars were shipped loose in a Vegas Robaina box (although no VR ordered) wrapped in two layers of paper (no humidi-gel or vacuum seal) All cigars arrived in good order. I make note of these conditions as across Australian cigar fora the debate supporting ordering locally (despite higher tax/costs) uses the loss of quality due to poor shipping conditions (including use of vacuum seal, no humidi-gel) as a central argument.

    Despite the perhaps minor points I have raised they are genuine concerns. Improvements can be made in customer service/communication however I will order from this retailer in the future.

  20. Experience:

    Shipped quickly and cigars were in perfect condition . I ordered the robusto sampler.

  21. sactochris says:


    My second order from CZ didn’t show up. They had me wait a few weeks to make sure that it didn’t turn up then they resent my order. This time, it arrived in about two weeks and looked fabulous. I ordered the Robusto sampler again, as well as a couple of RE’s. They were out of the SLR Regio that comes with the Robusto sampler, so they substituted a Por larranaga RE Robusto just like they did last time. Great customer service from this place. I’ve already placed my third order.

  22. wwhwang says:


    I’ve done business with Cigar Czar twice so far. Their forums are pretty friendly and the staff is very helpful.

    Though I wish their selection were a bit bigger, the prices are competitive, the cigars are shipped quickly (given that they’re all the way in the Oceania region), and they have a great reputation.

    If you’re looking for a place to get your Cubans, definitely look the Czar up.

  23. sactochris says:


    My third order arrived in only 10 days. I had originally ordered 18 single sticks of things that I hadn’t tried yet. That’s one of the best things about CZ is that you can get singles. 6 out of the 18 that I had ordered were out of stock. When I opened the package I noticed that they had made substitutions for another 2 of the sticks I had ordered. They always choose great stuff when they have to make a substitution. I wanted that Ramon Allones Gigantes I ordered but I sure wasn’t upset to see that a Hoyo Double Corona had taken it’s place. First rate customer service is what you get when you order from Cigar Czar.

  24. Experience: Neutral

    It’s certainly an authentic and unique operation run by the team here.However,I feel that a flaw in the membership only nature of the shopping experience has developed.I feel that an “elite” core of members has grown from within the forums and those of us that contribute less and don’t order as often are shipped the crap,basically.I was very disappointed with my last order from them,poorly constructed cigars,something which Rob will have you believe that he will not under any circumstances ship to ANYONE.The only response to email notification of it was that they would “keep an eye out” for such issues next time.It is also,in my opinion,questionable practice to classify your product into three categories and then charge higher premiums on top of an already expensive product.I’m sure that Rob doesn’t pay his suppliers more depending on the same arbitrary decisions of quality.There certainly won’t be another order from me,I’ve since found another vendor who has shipped me on 90% of occasions what Rob would class as “HQ” high quality sticks (and charge the premium) at a lower price than Czar’s “PE” premium economy cigars.

  25. MiamiHeat says:

    Experience: Neutral

    If you read and analyse 20 reviews on here, there are several positives that really are neutral and neutrals that should be negatives(including mine).
    Here’s my opinion.
    The good: first order took 10 days to receive. Authentic cigars.
    The bad: it looks like every other package gets lost or delayed. I’m waiting now for the 6th week to pass to request my refund. No tracking of packages available. I’d rather not have free delivery, but have a reliable delivery.
    My conclusion: the owner should deside what it is he running – a club or a business. If the answer is business, some improvements should be made. Getting timely but meaningless responses to email is not what I call customer service.

  26. Experience:

    I have ordered from CZAR in the past and also recently. Positives – Great selection, very responsive, decent/good prices. Negatives – It does appear with my limited amount of orders, that shipping success rate compared to other sites is less. I also don’t like the policy they established a couple years ago with the HQ/PE and paying a premimum for this. Since they open all there boxes, if you order “standard” level cigars, essentially you’re getting their lower quality cigars by default. All said, I do like them and wouldn’t hesitate to used them again.

  27. Experience:

    I’ve used CZAR a few times, everything is OK, A++. Fast communication, fast shipping.

  28. cigarczarcustomer says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I had the same experience, as other’s here. They split my boxes into multiple shipments (half a box at a time) and I only received half my order. Seems curious to me, that I am having the same experience as fellow reviewers. The boxes that do arrive, were amazing and it made me that much sadder not to get the other half of my order.

  29. Experience:

    I ordered a box of Cohiba 1966 through Friends of Habanos, the storefront is Cigar Czar, which never arrived after 3 shipping attempts. I can’t say positively they were ever shipped and they don’t supply shipping or tracking info. Finally a refund was issued but it fell $30 short of what I actually paid. At the same time I ordered that box, I also purchased a box of PL ’07 Robustos and Partagas 898 through “Live from the Humidor” also part of FoH.

    Fast forward 8 months and I finally asked them to ship those boxes one at a time. I had heard via a couple of forum sites that they were having shipping/seizure problems so I waited. Well they shipped the two boxes two days apart and that was over three weeks ago. Again, no shipping info provided.

    Never have had these problems with any other retailer and it’s just such a hassle trying to get product from them that the stress just isnt worth it for me. I’ll consider it a minor miracle if these ever arrive. I’ll update my post on future progression of this deal.

  30. Experience:

    I always look to their reviews when deciding to try something new. I ordered a box of 1966 EL’s and a box of behike 54’s. I made a special request to have both boxes sealed and a humidity pack attached. Emails exchanged and replied within hours. Fast forward, I got an email from Smith saying that the cigars have shipped. 4 days later it was at my door step, talk about fast shipping!! Cigars in perfect condition, smelled awesome. I’m letting them rest a while more before lighting them up. It’s my first time ordering from them and def not the last. U guys rock, keep up the good work.

  31. Experience:

    Just received my first order. Was at my door nine days after receiving shipping notification. Cigars were in perfect condition and very well packaged. Have already placed a second order. They are a pleasure to do buisness with.

  32. Experience:

    Ordered a box of Cohiba 1966 LE’s. Received 7 days after shipping notification. Great packaging and great cigars. Very happy! Will definitely being ordering from them again.

  33. Experience:

    Placed an order with them and was told after they shipped that they split it into two shipments. When asked why, they stated it was to get past customs easier. Two months later and still did not receive either shipment. What I did receive was a letter from customs that they confiscated the order. Will never order from them again based on the other confiscation complaints I have read about them.

  34. sactochris says:

    Experience: Neutral

    How is it their fault that customs intercepted the order?

  35. Experience: Neutral

    When you repeatedly buy Habanos and only have confiscations from one vendor, there’s something wrong on their end. CZ shipping problems haven’t really shown up here, but have been a topic in several forums. If Rob would make the decision to change shipping policies, these problems would practically cease.

    To update my experience:

    The box of Partagas 898 was supposedly, according to CZ, sent to my home city PO and then returned to sender. They agreed to change shipper to Air Mail? and resend. After carrier change and reship, I got my cigars quickly. I still haven’t seen the box of PL Robos.

    Diana has been good to work with at CZ. Their cigars are beautiful. If shipping problems were worked out, as was the case in the reshipment above, I’d be a loyal customer. I would even pay for better shipping to ensure receipt. For me, the hassle of having to deal with their shipping inadequacies makes dealing with them not worth the headache for me.

    Fix shipping problems and I would have easily bought a dozens or more boxes from them this year.

  36. Experience:

    I’m not familiar with the details of shipping policy but I’ve certainly felt similar effects to the above poster.Waited their stated 6 weeks for an order that never showed up.No tracking information as promised so I’ve no idea where they went or to whom.Was not offered a reship but to be honest wouldn’t have taken it up anyway.Refund was given reasonably promptly however.I’m done with this vendor now after two less than satisfactory transactions.As I stated in an earlier post,I still believe that they have a core “elite” group of customers,they also being the most frequent members of the forum family,whom they treat very well and produce good results for.I believe the rest of us receive the crap in product,communication and service.

  37. Experience:

    Shipping problems for CZAR is the norm. If they go through LAX you stand a good bet that they may not arrive.
    Also, customer service stinks. There are many other vendors who stand by what they sell.
    I have a couple of packages taken, I even told him (rob) that I would pay for a more secure method of shipping but he would not do it.
    A couple of times what they said they had turned out that it was not in syock but they never told me after repeated requests as to were my smokes were.

  38. Experience:

    Not a great experience! Once order confirmed, took them 2 weeks to “process” before sending out. Approximately 1 month later got order, but order had 1 error. Emailed them 2 weeks ago, still have not gotten reply… poor communication!!! Many other better choices!!!

  39. Experience:

    It seems very apparent to me that this merchant is receiving more and more negative comments all based around similar issues.As far as I’m concerned Cigar Czar/FOH has become nothing more than a closed, elite group of buddies who look after themselves very well.But if you don’t happen to be in that group then don’t expect to receive a good service from them.Just have a read through their forums to see what I’m saying,it soon becomes clear I assure you.

  40. Experience:

    Horrible communications and service. I had to send multiple emails over a two month period just to get updates on an order I never received and that was the first order I placed with Czar.

  41. Experience:

    Finally ending my 1 year saga with Rob et al. Read above comments for full story. So, two weeks ago, I decided to email Diana since the outstanding PL 07 Robo box sent 28 November was never received. Normally Diana is good about getting back but never heard from her after two emails in a week. I decided to log in to FoH where I private messaged Rob. He answered same day and refunded my money next day via lapyap, which I appreciated.

    Bottom line: if you having success receiving shipments from the Czar, more power to you as their product is good. If you haven’t ordered before, there a plenty of other options unless you just like taking chances on product not showing up and you have plenty of other stock already. Not a pleasant experience for me asking for reshipment and finally refund, as I wonder if they think I’m just trying to rip them off!!

  42. Experience:

    I will have to go against the trend that has been building with cigar czar. Placed an order on the 4 th of February which cleared 3 days later. My order was shiped on the 12th of February. Had been talking to Rob and Diana in the meantime who kindly apologised for the small delay since they were short of staff. This kinda gave life to the problems described above but as told by Rob I had my cigars in excellent condition at my doorstep on the 19th (7 calendar days later). Cigars were in perfect condition, well packed and with all the box codes and serial numbers on them. Needless to say that all the numbers check out in the Habanos site and there is no question on their authenticity. To sum up cigar czar has my buisness the few extra days are well worth considering the quality of the received product. Thumbs up czar!

  43. sactochris says:


    I ordered a really nice looking box of Dip #2’s from their live from the humidor feature. They arrived promptly and looked and smoked wonderfully.

  44. insomniac says:


    Past two shipments of 2x boxes of cigars have been confiscated (with nasty letters coming months later). These guys are doing something wrong, as I never had confiscations before ordering from them…

  45. Experience: Neutral

    Fellow smokers, I learned the hard way that all which glitters is not gold… I really believe that Czar cigars does offer quality products but the problem is they tend to their own inner circle. I’ve received cigars boxed in used boxes, cigars not of typical cuban quality. I was told by Smithy that these poor Cuban rollers don’t get paid much so what can you expect with quality….. quote unquote!!! Thankfully I receive my cigars direct from Cuba now and warn you again: all that which glitters is not gold! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!

  46. tuezberg says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I really like these guys and would love to give them all my business but I am about 3 for 6 as far as orders getting through from down under. They have been great at replacements but its just not enough to keep trying.

  47. Experience: Neutral

    Like others have said, Great group of people to deal with! I’ve been a customer for years, but orders just don’t get through! They have to come up with a better shipping system with tracking. Communication is great, refunds never a problem!

  48. Experience:

    Fabulous communication pre-order, tracking and comfirmation. Great experience. Cigars excellent quality.

  49. Experience:

    I have placed multiple orders with them. Great service and great cigars. I would highly recommend to anyone.

  50. Experience:

    Placed 3 orders with the czar and 2 were confiscated at LAX. After a few emails back and forth two orders were reshipped from a Swiss warehouse via NY and made it to my door without a hitch. Quality was good and customer service was excellent. I will request that any of my future orders not be shipped through LAX. I am constantly on the FOH forum and find it extremely entertaining and informative.

  51. Experience:

    Ordered 20+ boxes from them and have not had a single problem. All boxes arrived expertly packaged. The record was 4 days from Brisbane to Sweden.

    used to order everything from CoH, but i really feel the smallish premium is worth a lot at the Czar. From CoH i sometimes got mediocre looking sticks. From Rob i’ve only gotten spectacular boxes.

    Not really in the inner circle at FoH forum, but i can’t say i feel there’s a A-Club and a B-Club.

  52. Experience:

    I fell for Rob’s PSP/HQ/PE program but I learned that the way a cigar looks has nothing to do with how it will taste. I read on Czar’s forum (FOH) that someone bought a PSP box in 2010 that smokes like crap today.

    Ordering from Czar (now called cuntint) was smooth. Getting the cigars was a different story. I ordered 2 boxes in October ’13 and they haven’t showed up yet. I had to keep emailing them for a tracking, a refund or a reshipment. They agreed to ship back after 2 months but I am still waiting. I am not located in the US.

    I just hope to receive my 2 boxes as they don’t seem to care much about refunding me. It’s put up or shut up basically.

    I’ve been reading FOH and I agree with some of the posts above. It seems like it’s a group of “bros” who take care of each other. Rob is always loud and clear but when someone voices himself, he’s told to stay quiet or leave.

  53. StillWaiting says:

    Experience: Neutral

    To those whose orders never arrived, what happened? Simon, two months is an exceeding long time to wait for an order. Can you follow-up when something happens?

    I too have now been waiting more than a month and I am getting concerned. With no tracking, there is little recourse except to contact Czar and hope they treat you right. I am not located in the US.

  54. Experience:

    @ StillWaiting:

    I am still waiting. No sign of the boxes and “customer service” with Rob is basically resumed to a polite fock off. The guy doesn’t care.

    To answer your question => normally the vendor sends new boxes or refunds you. I contacted Czar more than enough at this time.

    I am not holding my breath any more. Whether the boxes show up or not, I am done with Czar. They are other online vendors.

  55. Experience:

    I ordered one box at the end of Christmas sale and it arrived in perfect condition. It took a week to process but this was a sale and after holidays. I recieved it 10 days later. I cant really believe that they ignore e mails. They refunded me once when a box didn’t arrive in 2012. They are honest and I trust them implicitly. Its not their fault if an order gets snagged by customs. I have always recieved great cigars. Happy smoking everyone!

  56. Experience:

    Can’t blame any vendor for seizure, customs and taxes but you can blame the vendor when the service and communication are bad. This is the case.

    Won’t order again. Bad experience.

  57. Experience:

    They may not have the prettiest site, most extensive selection, timeliest customer service, or fastest delivery…
    But if you are patient (and have a sense of humor) and want quality cigars at very reasonable prices, they are it. Been buying from them for years.

  58. Experience:

    In response to Jim above:

    – prettiest site: who cares, neutral
    – most extensive selection: negative
    – timeliest customer service: negative
    – fastest delivery: negative

    – if you are patient: maybe
    – and have a sense of humour: seriously? for what? because of all the negatives maybe?

    – reasonable prices: not any less or more than any other reputable vendor

    conclusion: BIG NEGATIVE

  59. Smoke Ring says:


    I used to purchase many boxes from them, but their prices have slowly but surely gone up, up and away. To the point where they are considerably higher priced than some other Swiss vendors and the cigars are not the hand picked boxes. Receiving your cigars from this vendor has also been a big issue as their packages seem to have a abnormally high seizure rate from the customs boys. I say stick to the forum as it is a great one to interact with other cigar bretheren, but buy your boxes elsewhere.

  60. Experience:

    I have placed multiple orders through Czar but since they have changed their international “business”(CUNTINT) things have changed. Their cigars are legit as are MANY others sites. Most other sites the cigars are in my hands in 2 weeks (Swiss). However I have placed 2 orders through them over the last 8 months and have not received either. They still ship via Australia and the boxes have been confiscated in customs both times. Not their fault, in fact after several months they refunded my first order. However, the run around for the second order has been going on for 4 months. After multiple emails describing the loss in customs, I was sent a replacement order that was never shipped (not a customs issue but poor handling by them directly). My advise is to go elsewhere unless you have 6 months to wait and wait and……..

  61. Experience:

    Not as fast as some, but some of the highest quality cigars I’ve ever bought. They run a lot of sales many months at 15 % to 20 % off so many things end up cheaper than others. They also communicate well in my experience. Once when a box never came they ‘re sent after the month that had passed and offered to refund if I wanted. I see others had some issues getting their boxes but really cant comprehend how they ignore you. 5 years and never had them ignore a communication. I buy with confidence it will work out or be rectified if there are problems, but like I said only had one and got a great box. Just my experience.

  62. Experience:

    One week to process at end of sale, one week to be delivered in Northern America. With sale price, 13 dollars cheaper than the cheapest competitor. 1 Box of SLR A. Lovely box, colorado color, barnyard aroma and 2 years old. Worth a two week wait to me!

  63. Experience:

    I have ordered about 10 times from FOH, 9 Shipments came right away, 1 shipment was sent right away but got stuck in customs. I emailed them and they sent a replacement pretty quickly. Its not there fault when this happens. And considering the shipping is free I don’t know what else people are really expecting. The prices are one of the lowest and they offer free shipping. If you want authentic cigars brought to your door in the same amount of time as other websites that charge twice as much your are living in a dream world.

  64. Experience:

    Used to be great but every since they merged with COH, it’s just another vendor.

    Last order was a mess and I am still dealing with it. Rob the vendor is unbelievably arrogant.

  65. Experience:

    Very friendly and unbelievably quick

  66. Experience: Neutral

    I just ordered a couple boxes from them for the first time ever buying cubans

    Hopefully all goes well!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Experience:

    Was previously a happy customer of FoH/CUNTINT but will go with other vendors in the future. Ordered two boxes, and received two boxes BUT with 5 sticks each in them. Unsure of where the theft occurred (whether at the handling agent or customs) but was not offered to be made right. Shipping is not guaranteed so I will be working with vendors who guarantee instead.

  68. Experience:

    The good:

    Great people. Great selection of handpicked and inspected boxes. Handy grading system that gives you the chance to get the best quality boxes (especially helpful with sticks known for consistency issues). Free shipping.

    The bad:

    Shipping is painfully slow.

  69. Experience:

    I’m surprised to read all the negative reviews. I had pretty positive experiences from them (I’ve only bought a couple times). Diana is very friendly and helpful, to get the best quality cigars or the best prices participation in the forum is a must. I have found their cigars to be top notch in quality and low in price (again, that’s if you participate in the forum). Obviously how a cigar looks may not always indicate how it smokes and you may still get some awful smokes, but having Rob hand picking some boxes is a good place to start.

  70. Experience:

    Excellent service in all regards. Easy communications and always responsive. Excellent packaging and shipping. Out of 60 boxes ordered over the last year, typical shipping time from Oz to North America was 1-2 weeks, with a record 4 days for some. 2 seizures which were refunded/replaced within 24 hours. Outstanding quality in the cigars, best I’ve ever seen from an online retailer. Having Rob inspect everything is a great help and I trust these guys implicitly.

  71. Experience:

    This is the only online retailer that I trust 100%. Quality is good, service is excellent, and when cigars are lost or confiscated they refund or reship immediately.

    Rob, Di, Alaistair you guys are the real deal!

  72. Experience:

    With all the negative recent reviews I was a little nervous, but I really like the FoH website and love some of photos of high quality psp and hq smokes that they claim to sell. So I contacted Rob somewhat skeptical for a recommendation and a price range. He came back with H. Upmann Sir Winstons PSP. I love H. Upmann cigars so I took the chance. Processing my order took a while (this seems to be pretty common among cigar shops online-with the exception of Frederic in Knokke)

    Shipped Oct. 2 and arrived Oct. 10. Pretty fast really. I was surprised that the packaging did not contain humidification or vacuum sealed and held my breath as I opened the box. WOW, really beautiful cigars. Even at the PSP these cigars were cheaper than other shops and these are truly beautiful sticks. I saw one reviewer say that you cannot tell how a cigar will smoke based on appearance and I think that is crazy. I cigar that shows great construction and even distribution of tobacco can absolutely make the difference.

    Thanks Rob, Diana and Greg

  73. Experience:

    bad cigars are bad cigars and great cigars are great cigars. you can get both from any vendors. what makes the difference is the vendor himself. in this case, Rob is a disgrace. i ordered some of his so called HQ and they looked and smoked worse than the worst box i have had. when i contacted him, he was sarcastic, arrrogant and refused to resolve the issue.

    there are better vendors out there.

  74. Experience:

    Cigars came in bad shape – dry and broken feet. They refused toi replace or make it right. Bad experience.

  75. Experience:

    I’ve had three recent orders and all three came in very good shape. Also for free ship they arrived very quickly IMO. Wouldn’t hesitate to order from them again.

  76. Experience:

    Did not receive boxes and Czar did not replace them. Communication was a hassle. Bad experience. Will not order again.

  77. Experience:

    Have ordered multiple times and never had a glitch. The communication has always been excellent. The cigars have been exactly what I ordered. I plan to keep them on my list of places to order from. The HQ samplers are really good too. I kinda started my ” try them all ” adventure with the samplers. Great way to get to know what’s what.

  78. Experience:

    Czar lures you with wi their PSP and HQ but when you get the cigars, you realize you paid more for nothing? Worst communication. I do not recommend.

  79. Eduardo Ribera says:


    Typical online cubans. One or two that may be authentic in the box, but not true to the mark.

    I thought I’d give Cigar Czar/ Friends of Habanos a try considering the reviews and my being stuck in America for a bit without access to many more Cubans to feed my habit.

    I wonder how many people who order these smokes and give good reviews to the many sites actually know what a real cuban tastes like.. Have they been to a LCDH? Have they been to Cuba? Even bought a box at Duty Free somewhere and/or smoked often enough to know the difference in taste of a top-tier Cuban, premier Dominican or proper Nicaraguan puro to even be able to judge on authenticity? Or is the band enough for these people to be happy?

    The barcode #, while sans hologram and easily reproduced/ faked, was matching the Habanos info. The bands, while easily faked and readily available, were on point. Even the red-earth colour of the wrappers were nice looking… Customer service was likewise good…
    But never-mind that the box was clearly already surgically opened and re-sealed, the taste was without doubt not to the brand(s) and definitely not Cuban.

    General rule: If something’s too good to be true, it probably is.

    Know your prices in CUC. There is no way a company based anywhere in the world is going to be selling products at the same rates they go for in licensed shops in Cuba.. (ESPECIALLY a company in Australia, which has the highest tobacco tax in the ENTIRE world.)

    There are many LCDH’s and authorized retailers around the world that you can simply call or email and get cigars sent to your (even US) home for the fair market price, in some cases even less as there will be no Value Added Tax…

    You can spend more and get what you pay for… or you can spend less and get a box of flavorless but good-looking fakes with the occasional Havana street hustler smoke thrown in there.. Up to you. I know I’m not ordering from here or anywhere else like it again.

    When you know the taste of a real Cuban, there is no guessing or “maybes” as to what youre smoking, even pre-light. If you have to think about it, it’s not an official Habanos cigar.


  80. Experience:

    Bought a “PSP” box few months ago. So far, 11 out of 25 cigars were plugged.

  81. Experience:

    Cigars arrived broken. Vendor refused to replace. Buy elsewhere.

  82. Experience:

    Great service, great people, cigars arrived on time. Will order again.

  83. Chris venable says:

    Experience: Neutral

    The real deal. Buy with confidence. No fakes or trash. The best on the net

  84. Experience:

    By far the best quality habanos I’ve ever received from any vendor out there. Having ordered from most of the other usual vendors, I’ll never go back to anyone else.

  85. Experience:

    I’ve ordered from this little shop in a far, far away land countless times and have been satisfied each and every time. Shipping may take some time but the quality is between good and awesome. Patience does pay :)

    I order and buy from other places online and when travelling but keep coming to the Aussie shop for the bulk of my purchases. It’s a bit like being part of the family, with the staff always ready to help out and answer queries.

    Thank you very much guys, keep on doing what you do so well ;)

  86. PSD4_SMKR says:


    All is good with this source until things go bad. I had a package held by my country’s customs as they wanted further documentation. FoH told me not to do anything and the cigars would be sent back. it’s been five months and FoH had not received the cigars nor have they made any offer to replace them for me. t=They simply tell me to wait….So much for a guarantee. I would not do business with this company as they do not honour their guarantees.

  87. Professor Twain says:


    Superb vendor. Super legit. Not always the best prices but outstanding service. THE message board to learn about Habanos. Great place for beginners since they sell samplers.

  88. Double DD says:


    The absolute best service anywhere. Hand picked selection and top notch customer service. Rob and crew are the cream of the crop. I’ve been a loyal customer since 2009.

  89. Experience:

    Saw their cigar reviews on youtube. Checked their forum. All seemed good. Decided to order a box of hoyo DC in end of March 2015. They arrived in 3 weeks. Decided to smoke one upon arrival (end March): plugged! Waited 1 week, smoked another one (1st week April): plugged. 2 more cigars after 1 week (2nd week April): plugged again! 2 more a week later until now: so far all plugged. The worst box of cigar. The ones that were less plugged were tasteless. So much for their HQ cigars. First and last time I shop there.

  90. Experience:

    Packaged arrived after 3 weeks. Unopened by customs yet the cigars were damaged. Poor packaging. They refused to make it right stating “it arrived”.

    Poor packaging.
    Poor customer service.
    Big no no.

    Better vendors out there for the same cigar and cheaper.

  91. Experience:

    I have no idea what any of these people above are talking about, you guys love to shit on anyone and anything you can when it comes to the internet… I’ve been dealing with FOH for over 2 years now, buying multiple boxes a month… I’ve never had one issue that wasn’t resolved in a matter of hours!.. All the cigars are 100% legit, properly packaged and come in a reasonable timeframe! I’ve had cigars arrived cracked, I emailed Rob and next thing you know a replacement box is in the mail.. YES a box, not just the damaged sticks… They take their customer service very seriously, and Di is probably one of the most accommodating (and beautiful) person in the industry!

    FOH has a lifetime customer in me! Don’t buy into the bull shit you read above… Order from them and you’ll see for yourself!

  92. Experience:

    This was my second order with FOH. First order went smooth, got a box of partagas d4’s the box was a year old quality seemed decent, couldn’t really complain. My second order was a box of RASCC, they ran the credit card the same day but it took them a week and a half just to process and package the order. After 2 weeks the order arrived and they gave me a box that was just 4-5 months old. Veryyyyy young. Very poorly packaged. I emailed them prior to them sending it out and said of the box is not at least 1 year old I don’t want it. Yet they sent me a box that was very young and I paid more than I would from some other reputable vendors that you can find here on cigar inspector. I emailed them once I received the box and basically told them that they gave me unsmokeable cigars and they lost a customer. Rob then quickly replies that I have anger issues and just being smug. These people just don’t know how to run a business. Of course I will continue buying cigars just NOT from this company. Verrrryyy risky. They also have bad quality compared to other European vendors.. I’d stay far away from this company or club whatever you want to call it.

  93. A-ficionado says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Oh, the “Moron of the Year” finally shows up here…

    For all those who may suspect the vendor based on Michael’s comments, please check the following link for a second opinion:

  94. Friend of FoH says:


    First a little personal bias… I have known Rob and the gang at CCzar for over a decade. I just thought I would get this out. They are like family to me. I have bought hundreds of cigars from them and even keep a locker there.

    I have bought cigars from all points of the globe and there are in that mix, great vendors and some poor ones. I have bought cigars from most if not all of them… I am not new to Cuban cigars. Rob and the gang are of the very few “true tobacconists” left in the internet cigar world.

    Nor am in new to the internet and the peevish behavior of entitled people. I have seen witch hunts and dog piles from just about every forum on the net, over just about every vendor… and now this one too!

    Some people just have an axe to grind and that drives them beyond the level of good taste or good judgement. After reading some of these reviews, I have to wonder what motivations are there in some of the posts. Me, I stated mine up-front!

    I don’t know any vendor that is not going to treat a ‘wanker’ like a wanker!!! I mean, sometimes the shoe fits! Do you yell at the theater owner if the movie is bad??? I guess that some people do. Are you the type that sues McDonalds because the coffee is too hot, and you are too lame to hold the cup in your car…? Those people do exist. Yes, in the cigar world too.

    So here is the deal… Mods (here) I have read the rules… Can you please request pictures of the verrryy risky and sub-standard cigars that are mentioned in a post above? I for one, would like to know if some of those who have posted about risk, frauds etc… really know what they are talking about.

    Ultimately, I would like to know if some of the posters here are the real frauds… I would like to see an audit (per the rules) and have those that are accustomed to elevating themselves by screaming at the order-taker at fast food restaurants deal with their complexes elsewhere and not infect the rest of the community with their boorish behavior.

    Thanks for the voice…

  95. Experience:

    I’ve ordered extensively through Czar’s in the lat year; a bunch of samplers, and dozens of boxes. All genuine, and all but a couple arrived in less than 2 weeks.

    The community they’ve built at Friends of Habanos forum is excellent as well, and a great resource.

    Their customer service is exceptional, and I’ve never had a delivery problem or a situation they couldn’t resolve.

    Using their hand-selected daily sales program, 24:24, the cigars:
    (1) are precisely as stated, with ages and box codes stated clearly in advance, with photos, and
    (2) have outstandingly high quality, with each box inspected and graded for aroma, wrapper quality, and construction

    Their higher grade cigars are consistently excellent, and head and shoulders over what I’ve seen come through other well-known vendors, where you’re gambling with box codes. I have had some plugs and wind tunnels with Czar’s boxes, but the rate is FAR LOWER than what I’ve had with other vendors.

    They’re the best online vendor in the world, as far as I can tell. They get >95% of my business, and have earned my highest possible recommendation.

  96. Experience:

    Huh. Every dealing I have had with the Czar has nothing short of flawless. Except my first order when I screwed up my postal code. All went well and I got. The whole crew is a complete pleasure to deal with again and again. Thanks again for the great service.

  97. Experience:

    I have purchased Habanos from half a dozen vendors linked to this site, but really only use Czar now. Outside of LCDH, this is only place where I am 100% certain I am buying authentic Cuban cigars.

    Most of my purchases come through the daily specials, where I know Rob has hand-picked top notch boxes. However, if I want a sampler or something specific, I e-mail them before placing the order. Diana is amazing and always gets back to me right away… I can’t say enough good things about the work she does!

    My orders are always shipped the week after I place them (that’s just their policy), and have never lost one to customs or thieves. Tracking numbers are always sent along with the cigars. The packaging is excellent: bubble wrap on the outside of the box, and even a strip of it inside the box near the feet of the cigars! I have never received a single damaged cigar in any of the 30 or so boxes I have ordered.

    I would recommend spending some time on the FOH forum, if you haven’t already. Rob and crew really know their stuff and can be invaluable resources to beginners and aficionados alike.

  98. Experience:

    I have been smoking cc’s for over 20 years, and have ordered from every one of the top vendors here. Once I started ordering from FOH, they became my main supplier. The quality really is amazing… The few negative comments here are only referencing the occasional problem inherent with hand rolled cigars. They cannot all be perfect. This is not FOH’s fault, and should not reflect negatively on them. Believe me when I say they have the highest quality cc’s available anywhere.

  99. Experience:

    Been a customer here for 3+ years, and smoking cubans for 20+ years. Eduardo Ribera a few posts up are clearly delusional.

    Rob has sent me dozens of boxes, all of them with great packaging, typically bubble wrap and two layers of wrapping paper and a strip of bubble wrap to protect the foot of the sticks. I’d LOVE to see some pictures from the guys on here claiming bad packaging.

    Plugged sticks? Absolutely, 1-2 in a few of the boxes, just like any other vendor.

    If you don’t behave like an asshat you will get superb customer relations from Diana, Rob, Greg and the rest of the people at FoH.

  100. Experience:

    Have ordered over 50 boxes from FoH and have had nothing but stellar service and quality.

    I emphasize quality as I have ordered through other Swiss vendors and LCDH in Germany.

    FoH is tops and my exclusive vendor going forward.


  101. ImSmarterThanYou says:


    There is no one better in the world than the crew at Czar. If you are friendly and patient you will get the best Cuban cigars money can buy. If you are demanding and rude you will be thrown out with the trash and mocked mercilessly. But if you are like the 99% of normal customers Rob and crew work with on a daily basis you will get excellent customer service.


    If you expect boxes to be shipped same day and show up with in 3-5 business days like some Swiss vendors buying on the gray market this is not for you. Stock can take a week, or more, to ship and take 2-3 weeks to arrive to the US. I have bought 15-20 boxes from Rob and crew over the last 5 years (many more from other vendors) and the cigars from Czar are the highest quality. They are handpicked and selected for his customers and the crap is not sold through Czar. The pricing is very competitive. I just received a box of Ramon Allones Club Allones that were the same price as my Swiss vendor, but handpicked and amazing to behold.

    A little advice to Cuban cigar buyers on the internet. Buying blind is a very big risk to take when you are spending $150, $250, $350 or more dollars on a box of cigars. If you have patience to receive superior cigars, and can’t go to an LCDH to pick them yourself, there is no better choice than Rob and crew.

  102. Habanos Hermanos says:


    Just received my first order from Cigar Czar. As others have said, it may take a while for orders to be processed, but I experienced 1st rate customer service.
    All emails were swiftly answered, I was sent tracking info to follow my order halfway around the world, and for someone who lives in a country with very harsh tobacco taxes, really good prices, and the order was well packaged and discreetly labeled.

  103. Anthony A. says:


    I just received my fourth order placed with Czar in as many months. RA Superiores, HDM EE’s, Cuaba Distinguidos, and now LGC MdO4’s. All stunning boxes at a great price. You always know exactly what you are getting with these guys. Shipping to North America usually takes 2-4 weeks. Look no further. Cheers mates!

  104. Experience:

    Not a single problem.

    Customer service to the max, and all you get is the “real mccoy”.

    Highly recommended!

  105. Experience:

    Multiple purchases from this seller, and never even a minor disappointment.Thank you Rob,Di & co.

  106. RaulXavier says:


    Absolutely the best habanos retail experience especially for us yankees struggling with outdated foreign policy. You have two options with these guys.

    1) Buy directly from the storefront. This will be all handpicked stock that meets a minimum quality standard to ensure you receive the best Habanos examples.

    2) Go through the forums and buy from the 24:24 daily postings. Here not only does Rob grade each box posted for sale, He gives you the box codes for what is being posted. You know EXACTLY what you are going to get as well as what quality to expect. You pay a few bucks more for the highest quality boxes, but if you are looking for the greatest examples of the cigars, this is definitely worth it as opposed to playing roulette on some other sites.

    I’ve purchased 16 boxes so far from them and will continue to use them 95% of the time. The other 5% will be for extreme deals found on moocher sticks for non-smoker friends.

  107. Experience:

    17 boxes in the last 5 months. Superior quality. They mixed up once and sent a box that I did not order…the sent me a box work about 200 more than the one I ordered. They just said to keep it and enjoy. Great guys and galls.

  108. Experience:

    Appalling service. I ordered a box of Montecristo No.2’s. Took 2 months to arrive. Were in a terrible state. Dried out with cracked feet. Never again

  109. Chris venable says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Many boxes during the past few years. Absolutely the best. top shelf. 24/24 ROCKS Highly recommend

  110. Chris L. says:


    Have placed several orders during 24:24 over the last few months without incident. Extremely good customer service and great quality (based on the offering being provided). Rob is always honest in his feedback and I enjoy the website and reviews. Keep up the great work FOH!

  111. Experience:

    First order from Czar. Selected from their 24.24 daily flash offer. Bolivar Belicosos Finos in a SLB. Arrived promptly in excellent condition. Would certainly re-order

  112. Experience: Neutral

    I ordered Bolivar Belicosos from their “fabled” 24:24. The cigars arrived after a considerable delay. Almost all had cracked feet and did not resemble the example posted on their website. Don’t waste your money. Rob is a complete charlatan

  113. Experience:

    I’ve ordered several times from these folk despite some misgivings. The last order was for a box of Montecristo No 2 from their 24:24 flash sale. After 2 weeks I was none the wiser about shipping despite requesting a tracking number. Eventually, after several emails a stroppy woman called Di (Diana?) responded to tell me that my cigars had been posted but without a tracking number. Eventually, after 4 weeks the cigars arrived. After carefully opening the package three of the top row cigars arrived with split wrappers. All are very dry and there was no humidification e.g. a Boveda. Never again. Be warned.

  114. Experience:

    I don’t know how many orders I’ve placed via FOH now, but at least 15 boxes have come my way over the past year. I have ordered via their CUNTINT storefront (only a sampler), while the remainder of my boxes have come via their 24:24 daily sales. Every last box has met or exceeded expectations. Customer service is excellent (Diana and Lisa at the front end, and Greg for any shipping questions). Although I had been super-happy ordering from another online retailer, once I stumbled across FOH and their 24:24 sales this is the only place I now shop. Prices are certainly comparable, and the fact that I’m not buying blind on FOH is a huge bonus; I want to know exactly what I’m getting for the money I’m paying. Yes, the shipping does tend to take a little longer than my previous go-to site, but I’m happy to wait for the quality I am consistently receiving. Bubble-wrap is used to protect the feet of the cigars prior to shipping, and I have never had a problem with any of the cigars being dried out or having cracked wrappers. So, why up the price with Boveda packs when they are not needed?!? I have NEVER not received a tracking number once notified via email that my order has shipped. I know many satisfied customers who also use FOH almost exclusively. Not much else I can say….HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  115. Experience:

    Run by a self important ex Aussie bank clerk with a big chip on his shoulder. Through their FoH (Friends of Habanos) program they offer a daily selection of “hand picked” cigars. Tempted by some good looking Cohiba Robustos I was suckered into purchasing what turned out to be the worst cigars I have ever bought. With wrappers like san paper these were nothing like the dark, oily and silky looking sticks portrayed in the FoH forum. In the end I threw them away. Whatever you do don’t get suckered by Rob Ayala, the FoH owner

  116. Gary Brown says:


    These must be the rudest and most unprofessional retailers out there. I ordered a couple of boxes from the 24 special offer posted on Friends of Habanos. I’m not sure why but Diana (the girl in their office) was extremely unpleasant when I asked a few seemingly innocent questions. Next thing was that Rob, the owner, emailed me to say that I had been rude to Diana! and he was going to cancel my order and my membership of FoH. Needless to say I, like many other commenters here, will not be doing business with this bunch of hoodlums

  117. Stephen Winston says:


    I am truly appalled by this bunch on antipodean cowboys. On the surface everything looks respectable and above board, but dig below the surface and all is revealed: poor service, products delivered that do not correspond to what is promoted on the Friends of Habanos website and a high degree of arrogance. When they receive even the mildest criticism Rob the owners becomes incandescent with rage and refuses to engage. He is incredibly precious about any negative comments being made by his sidekick Di (Diana), the office girl. I’d strongly recommend steering clear of Cuntint and Friends of Habanos or you’ll get your fingers badly burnt

  118. jesse k says:


    First place I ever order cuban cigars from and they were one of the only places that sold singles which I love. They have sent me several cigars that were over 6 yrs old.

  119. Experience:

    What happened to cigar czar? The link to there website doesn’t exist anymore. Did they go out of business or change names?

  120. Gerardo says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I think just like Jesse. Yesterday I try to buy some habanos, I cant do it anymore! Im so sad…

  121. Experience:

    Yes, Cigar Czar is no more. After an avalanche of complaints they have gone out of business.Rob the owner was warned numerous times that his egregious behavior would end this way but he ignored the obvious signals.

  122. Experience:

    I have ordered several boxes from them because although they are generally more expensive, they say they check boxes before dispatch and also grade them. What lies !
    The first couple of boxes were OK , then the next was supposed to be their top grade but had pale dry wrappers. I tried their worst grade, which turned out to be poor but better than their best! The final straw was getting a nearly top graded box with cigars full of beetle holes . How is this possible if they check the boxes…its complete BS.

  123. Experience:

    I have no idea what some of these people writing negative reviews are talking about. They must have some kind of axe to grind. I have ordered more than 35 boxes from “Friends of Habanos” (formerly Cigar Czar) over the past few years! Have not had any issues with a single one of these boxes. All exactly as indicated before I purchased. This is also a wonderful forum, with many many helpful and experienced Cuban cigar aficionados!!! Every one of the boxes I have ordered have come via the daily “24:24” sales (to learn how click here… The top shelf boxes (“PSP”) have been glorious, and the ordinary ones (“Clearance”) have been better than boxes I have received from other online merchants. I will not shop anywhere else now, as quality, consistency, and customer service have all been exemplary. So, Cigar Czar is NOT “out of business”, but has morphed into the “Friends of Habanos” forum. They also have a regular retail store: CUNTINT (one for Australian shoppers, plus one for international shoppers). Visit the forum for more info. Plus, you can just lurk on the site and make up your own mind. See for yourself… is a great place to learn, mingle with other lovers of the leaf, and SHOP!!

  124. Experience:

    The best in the business by a country mile and by any metric that one might wish to rate a cigar merchant!

    There are many B&M retailers of Habanos in which you can be face to face with both the cigars and the staff where you won’t receive the quality and attention to detail that you do with these guys!

    The element of chance, almost always a risk with online purchasing, is completely eliminated by their unique MO. Hell, Rob will even accept specific personal requests via email and let you know when he’s found and set aside what you’re looking for!

    Do you pay a premium for this kind of service? Possibly, but we’re talking about roughly $20 on the box (not really what I personally would even call a “premium”) Who would quibble on $20 to have the knowledge that what you’ve bought has been hand picked by people that know cigars?!

    Haven’t used any other merchant for years, why on earth would I?

  125. Paul Kukiel says:


    Right-on, Vortigan!! I have to wonder if the negative reviews here are written by FOH’s competitors!?! Clearly these people don’t have a clue what they are talking about!! I couldn’t be happier with all my experiences with Rob, Diana and the crew, and all the people I have recommended them to have been exctatic with their new source for Cubans!!

  126. Experience: Neutral

    outside of the weeks it takes for them to finally ship orders and month it takes to get here the cigars have always been top notch and for a good price if your willing to put up with the massive delay … 24:24 system they have is the best place to find deals, but dont question the grate and powerful rob or his army of sycophants will swarm you

    also the 24:24 system is broken as hell even if you get a email out within seconds of a post goes up odds are if its rare or in demand cigar you will miss out, but dont bring this up or you will just get banned

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