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Online Since : 1999
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Description (taken from the website) : is the foremost source for fine cigars. From our expert cigar consultants and Account Managers on the phone, to the team that oversees order fulfillment, we know cigars!

29 Comments on “Cigar.Com”

  1. Charming Karl says:


    They have intriguing weekly specials, some of which I’ve bought. Prices maybe a little on the high side, but competitive with prices here in New York City (and often lower than what I can find here). A vast inventory.

  2. Experience:

    I have used too Karl. A neat trick I learned is that you can trade frequent flyer miles with United for certificates…then you can use $25.00 increments at on purchases over $75.00. I agree it might be a little pricey but I have had great service. I only tried because of the certificates…

  3. Experience: Neutral

    A little pricey but that Friday only deal is sometimes great. Fast service and always fresh.

  4. Saint Jimbob says:


    Decent prices, and quick shipping make a frequent cigar source for me.

  5. Experience:

    Sometimes the prices are a tad high, but they always have the “hard to find smokes” that i’m looking for. being close to their warehouse, i get my orders next day.

  6. itsme_timd says:


    I’ve ordered from several times.

    There was a glitch one time with a gift certificate I received and an out of stock item. It was a pain in the butt to fix BUT the guys at were very helpful and friendly until it was fixed. I’ll order from them again.

  7. g1b6er15h says:


    Their customer service is top notch, and their cigars always arrive fresh. They have a great selection, and some of their deals are very good. They are a bit on the pricey side, but overall a great experience.

  8. Experience:

    I’ve ordered from a couple times now, and I’ve never had a problem. In fact, they’ve turned me on to one of my favorite cigars – a perfecto that no one else carries.

  9. Experience:

    I like and CI pretty much equal. I like the paper catalogs, I like the occasional SUPER DEAL. Their shipping has ALWAYS been super-fast, no hassle (seriously, sometimes the package arrives so quickly that it is unexpected, i.e., I wonder what I’ve ordered and am amazed that it is my pack!).

    Good job!

  10. Experience: Neutral

    Best customer service ever. Call or email the Sales Manager Tim. He can arrange incredible deals. The daily deals with free shipping are definitely worth keeping an eye on as well.

  11. Experience:

    By far the best place you can order your cigars from. Always free shipping, always great deals, VERY FAST SHIPPING, never had a problem with them. I ordered my Cigars, and within 3 days, it is on my doorstep. I’d give them 2 thumbs up if i could

  12. Experience:

    This is the 2nd time I’ve ordered from this company and – I am one HAPPY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!
    Their prices and sampler packs are on the incredible discount type like Cigars Intl. My cigars came so fast, time went backward!! I have ZERO complaints with, they are ROCKIN’ good!

  13. Experience:

    Placed an order with just a few days ago and today it’s already here – WHOA, that was quick! And I LOVE the fact that they offer singles prices! Rock On,, rock on!!

  14. Experience:

    Had to order over the phone to get them to ship to Canada.No problem order arived quick.Would order from them again.

  15. KingoftheCove says:


    Just a quick one here – I’m a (former) Thompson cigar customer (you can read my Thompson Cigar rating – it’s one of the most recent. the the company I mentioned in the last paragraph of that review. has….
    1) Good prices (as good or better than Thompson)
    2) Very fast shipping (free) – superior to Thompson
    3) Excellent customer communication and email status updates (non-existent with Thompson)
    4) Stogies arrived in a zip bag WITH a humi pad inside and some nice matches – sticks are fresh (uh…Thompson doesn’t offer this level of shipping niceties…….at all)

    So all in all – I’ve moved my business to (even though for the most part I had no complaints with Thompson – it’s just that is simply superior.)

  16. Weekend Smoker says:


    I am very happy with quality and speed of service from I order before noon and the fresh cigars are delivered to me the next day. All for no extra charge. The cigars are always properly humidified and their prices are great.

  17. Experience:

    High speed delivery! Used a code for a 20 stick humidor/6 cigar sampler priced great at 14.95+ $5 shipping. Ordered ~7 a.m. 10/26, on my doorstep when I looked afternoon 10/27.

  18. Experience:

    I must say is on the top of my list.
    Customer service was excellent. Order cigars
    on February 23rd in the morning and received them on February 24th in the afternoon. Cigars
    were in perfect condition. Believe me no problems with

  19. Experience:

    I must say i rarely if ever post a review on anything but the customer service/packaging/quality of the cigars at was so that i had to post a review. First and foremost they had a real person to assist me if i had any questions what so ever. second, my cigar came within three days of my order. Third, the packaging was fantastic, my cigar was in an air tight bag within another bag, their was plush air filled bags to protect my cigar, a complementary coolant gel to keep the humidity controlled, two complementary cigar magazines and complementary matches. These folks know how to treat people! (5 stars, thumbs up…. ….. whatever floats your boat, there just great)

  20. wwhwang says:


    Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Their forums are filled with friendly people that welcome newbies with open arms (so long as said newbie is not a troll or a scammer).

    The customer service is top notch and my orders are usually in perfect shape. There were only two incidences in which I had to get a replacement for my order (both of which was because UPS damaged the cigars). I got my replacements very quickly both times.

    For those of you that would like lower prices, I recommend calling their office to order. They’re much more accommodating over the phone (as opposed to an automated website) and are more likely to give you a deal over the phone (especially if you’re a good customer).

  21. Dandorthewarlord says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Prices/Value- C (Overpriced. Look for specials)

    Customer Service- A+ (They make you feel like you’re their ONLY customer. They go out of thier way to make you happy.

    Free Shipping- A+ (Fast-Usually priority) They often upgrade me for free or dirt cheap to 2 day or 3 day UPS since i’m not fond of our lazy mailman. Ask em.

    Cigar Freshness- A

    Bottom Line- I order often from .com(for customer service.They treat you like a king. Make sure you look for the daily/weekend special deals, regular prices are too high.

    Overall Rating- A

  22. Experience:

    Nice place to buy cigars. Really like the “pick your own 10 cigar sampler”. Good variety, reasonable pricing, could be better, but so far, I have gotten what I paid for. Double thumbs up for now.

  23. Whoflungdo says:


    These guys are awesome. Great prices. Great service. Great selection. Great specials. Quick Shipping. Recently I had an ordered delayed because of an issue with UPS, not They refunded the shipping. They are great guys and gals to deal with.

  24. Experience:

    What keeps me buying from is the fast shipment and the opportunity to buy from email marketing by an account executive.

  25. Experience:

    Love it. Super fast shipping, quality products at great prices. Will be a customer for life!

  26. Experience:

    “Awesome selection. One of the few sites that carried all the different cigars I enjoy. Their “super saver” shipping arrived in 2 days! Their customer service truly knows the products too (I couldn’t figure out how to prime the humidifier I ordered so I had to call them).

  27. Experience:

    just want everyone to know that the service from cigar .com is terrible do not order from kirsten dintinger she will mess up the order and waste your time and if you call to complain they will connect you to the person your complaining about . I for one will shop elsewhere for now on.

  28. Experience:

    I have bought as a visitor then signed up as they changed rules on how you order. It was my second time buying their brand purple label. Very poor, came dried out and I tried to save with no luck. Threw 8 away. I emailed them on how poor the quality away and they didn’t even have the curtesy to respond.

  29. Brian H. says:


    Whoa boy, they didn’t do too well with me. Had a few cigars ordered for my b day by my mum and gram.

    Was able to grab the free “priority shipping” option, then had my cigars delivered exactly several days later (you think someone was lying at some point?). When they finally came, the box was pretty crushed up, which I knew automatically meant damaged cigars. This is most likely the fault of the shipping company (UPS, who can say they’re surprised?) but it didn’t help that the cigars were packed very poorly. No bubble wrap, just a few air bladders, reused from their OWN supply shipments (how cheap can you get, seriously? And I’m not stupid, you jerks), and all the singles were lining the bottom of the box, with a small brick of 25 cigars, of course, laid on on top of the singles, with the major point of impact, yup, you guessed it, directly over this whole mess.

    I was shocked not to see every single cigar crushed to bits, but, as predicted, there were still causalities, and most likely, will be more to come as they settle and re hydrate a bit. I’m guessing at least 40 bucks down the drain a few weeks from now, especially with the undercrowns, which are surprisingly fragile (yea, I’m not really that new, guys) and they were really dried out compared to the rest, of course. Giving one a whiff actually gave me a nose full of powdered tobacco, you shoulda seen my handkerchief, was pretty neat.

    Called customer service, and while they were helpful, as soon as I informed the rep that the 25 pack was also damaged, become a bit catty about the details (they are cheap dollar-something cigars, for Christ’s sake guys!). After a good minute of repeating ourselves, he finally told me he would replace everything I had reported damaged. Whoopty-friggin-yay!

    To add insult to an already sizable injury, one of the reasons I ordered was due to the great word of mouth going around about these guys, and that they used very thick plastic zip bags for singles… which clearly must have changed at some point, as the zip bags they are using now are made of a VERY cheap and thin plastic, not much different from the kind used to make cheap party favor goo-die-bags for children. I literally tore one in half trying to peel a bit of tape off it, clearly due to my in-human super strength (most likely not the case, if you weren’t sure).

    At least they used a humicare pillow! (SARCASM ALERT)

    I waited a few days to see if they could redeem themselves a bit with the replacement cigars they would send. They replaced all the more expensive ones, and those all arrived without damage, but of all things to screw up, yup, you guessed it, they screwed me out of the cheap dollar-something cigars. They actually just sent 5 of the 1876 Reserves, and, of COURSE, 2 out of the 5 they had sent were badly crushed (NO, YOU!). Again, those are the DOLLAR-SOMETHING CIGARS.

    So I have NO IDEA why those are such a sore spot for this company, clearly they are not doing as well as the print quality of their catalog suggest, as they could very easily afford to give me a second one, but could not afford to meet me halfway and replace AT LEAST 10-15 of the 25 pack of the stupid sodding DOLLAR-SOMETHING CIGARS. And, as seems to be their standard packing configuration, bubble wrap was noticeably absent form the packing contents (yes, I’m dinging you for that, that’s kind of a standard thing, guys, get with the customer service numb nuts)

    So yea, I’m probably (absolutely) going to be avoiding these guys in the future. That was a pretty poor display.

    You would do well to avoid them, and as Robert had posted, some cigars seems like they were stored OK, but some are bone dry, and actually turning into dust from poor long term storage. And yes, I am very aware of letting cigars rest for a few months, thank you very much, but I’m pretty sure cigars shouldn’t be disintegrating without a good reason, especially ones I’m familiar with.

    Bottom line, stay away from

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