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Cigar Chief
Sells : Cuban Cigars
Based in : Canada
Online Since : 2004
Rating : 49 ( : 55, : 6)
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Description : Located in Ontario, Canada, sells Cuban cigars with worldwide shipping.

65 Comments on “Cigar Chief”

  1. Experience:

    I ordered from based on the Tyendinaga Mohawk reservation in Deseronto,ON Canada and the cigars arrived in 3 days and were fresh and authentic. The prices are great because natives pay no provincial tobacco tax.

  2. Experience:

    Glad to see Cigar Chief profiled on this Shops site. I have ordered from them for YEARS and am HIGHLY satisfied with their product. Yes, the $25 shipping charge is a bit off-putting, but the benefit of that is QUICK, prompt and in-tact delivery. Anytime a company can let me order singles as opposed to boxes only I’m their customer! Two thumbs up.

    Update (May 9 2012) Just placed order on May 4th. May 9th it’s here! Great company, great service, wonderful product! Two thumbs up

  3. Experience:

    Great Canadian online cigar merchant, fast shipping took only 2-1/2 days from time of order to receipt !

    Most of the time the $25 flat shipping fee is advantageous if you buy in volume as the actual cost is usually higher than the flat fee.

    All products were first rate, sealed in original packaging and the barcode serial number checks through Habanos S.A. validates their authenticity.

    The only concern I have is the checkout and payment steps on their online website, I did not notice that it was encrypted during the credit card processing. It would also be helpful if they provided registration for customer accounts so you do not require to enter existing information for future purchases and a historical list of previous purchases.

  4. Experience:

    I’ve ordered 5-6 times from Cigar Chief…excellent service always…cigars are fantastic…shipping to US no problem either…my source for great Canadian releases like the Bolivar Semones and Bolivar B-2.

  5. Experience:

    Great service and amazing prices! I know most of the staff quite well and have never been disappointed! I would recommend the crew at Cigar Chief to anybody.

  6. deadearl says:


    Always great service , selection & prices , Ive had nothing but good experiences with them .

  7. Frank Rizzuti says:


    I’ve ordered from CigarChief several times now and have received excellent service. Cigars are fresh, authentic, selection is unbelievable, they arrive in just a few days and the price is unbeatable.

  8. Experience:

    I’ve ordered from them many times and never had an issue. In fact, once I got a box and a cigar had mould on it and they graciously exchanged the entire box. Very great pricing for Ontario and Canadian residents because of their tax status which is usually the killer for Canadians on cigars. If they have stock, they are the place to get them. Always check their availability first. Great weekly sales too and they often have older box dates which is great.

  9. Experience:

    Great quality cigars and a large selection of singles. This merchant has the best prices of any Canadian vendor I’ve used. Super quick shipping for North American customers…ordered on a Monday and received shipment on Friday.

  10. Experience:

    I have placed a few orders through them and each time the delivery was fast.
    The service and cigars are number 1,I am a customer for life.

  11. Experience:

    Ordered from Cigar chief and the cigars arrived in less than a week. The cigars are in perfect condition and the box was sealed as I requested. Just be aware that they charge in Canadian dollars not USD. Will buy from them again.

  12. thriftyqualityshopper says:


    Always the best quality. Genuine and very good shipping and customer service. A little pricey compared to other online retailers. Well worth the extra few dollars.IMHO

  13. Experience:

    Great service. Prompt delivery and the best prices. I am sure I will buy there again, and would recommend it to anyone.

  14. Experience:

    Ordered cigars for a corporate event. Excellent service and quality, quick delivery and unbeaten price! Will be sure to refer them to others!

  15. Experience:

    Ordered cigars from cigar chief and they arrived eithin 5 days will no problems,Great service.

    Update (Mar 3 2013) Service is A++++ .I have ordered at least two dozen times and have always recieved great service and fresh cuban cigars.I wanted to buy a box of Ramon Allones special edition cigars which they do not list on the web site,but sure enough I recieved an email the same day saying they could get them for me.I would not spend my money anywhere else but cigar chief.You will be total satisfied.Wished they would run more specials with better discounts,maybe in the future.

  16. Experience:

    Great service, fast shipping to USA, no delivery issues. Also, they are one of the few online Cuban cigar retailers who allow you to buy single cigars.

  17. Experience:

    Great online cuban cigar shop!! Quickest delivery of any I have tried… order to delivery 5 days to colorado!!! Good quality, excellent communication. but a little more expensive then others. Would highly recommend!!

  18. Experience:

    I ordered several times from them and never had a problem.

    No “we open the box for quality check”, No ” we cut off the numbers on the seal to protect or business”, No ” It’s normal to have a weird smell when you open the box”.

    Just great cigars with at a great price.

  19. Experience:

    The BEST of BEST…No bs that they have to take the serial number off and so on..Quick delivery..REAL DEAL product….This is my new site to deal with.. THANK YOU Again.. John DI

  20. Experience:

    Single to try or box to store, I did not experience any issues related to product authenticity or quality, packaging, shipping or billing. Next time when on my way from Toronto to Montreal, I will visit Cigar Chief store to express thankfulness to people who are handling orders with care and professionalism. Single cigars are arriving ziplocked, bubblewrapped , packaged with water pillow in the box. Cigar boxes are unopened, sealed/labeled by manufacturer and also with water pillow inside shipping package. If there was a way of doing quantified evaluation I would mark Cigar Chief 95 out of 100. It would be100 out of 100 if they had comfortable shipping alternative for smaller packages.

    Update (Jun 20 2013) Once more, I am impressed by Cigar Chef’s great level of customer care and product quality. Sunday night they announced generous Father’s Day discount and I placed an online order. There was minor issue with payment that was resolved on Monday. Wednesday night I am already smoking my Bolivar! For me, there is only one way of buying Cuban cigars that still is better than ordering from Cigar Chief: visiting Habanos store in Havana.

  21. Experience:

    just ordered from cigarchief, product came well packed in excellent condition and received them in 3 days will order all my fine cigars from this site with no regrets

  22. cigar smoker says:


    Just received a shipment of H. Upmannn Majestics HF. presented perfectly Bar code checks out with the Habanos S.A. definitely worth the price and will definitely place another order.

  23. sportster says:


    Great place to business.Very well pleased with my order and service. Both items ordered checked out on Habanos website. The old adage you get what yiu pay for applies. You want the real deal they cost.

    Update #1 (Aug 1 2013) I ordered form their sister duty free site Cigar The service was first rate and the prices better. My order arrived in 4 business days and all items checked out as authentic. Well done!

    Update #2 (Nov 17 2013) Recieved 2 box order in 4 days. Great price from the duty free side. Never had any problem with 4 orders so far. Keep up the good work.

  24. semifan1 says:


    Made my first oder last month,went very smooth no problems and reached me very fast. I would use them again no problems at all.

  25. gypsy dog says:


    Got my first order from cigarchief,all items are in great condition.Fast delivery and well pacqued.Two thumbs up.

  26. Experience:

    Ordered on Monday, here by Wednesday afternoon – not too far from Deseronto (west of Ottawa). 16 Cubans (I am new to cigar smoking and was looking for something cost-effective)delivered bubbled-wrapped, in separate ziplocks, and a water pillow in a completely sealed cardboard box. The only issue was the flat $25 shipping charge. It could be done for <$10 via Canada Post. Lesson learned,,, will buy a bigger order or drive there myself for a weekend trip….

  27. Experience:

    Awesome experience with CigarChief. Ordered on a Friday, received them here in BC the next Thursday. All the cigars were excellent and they were shipped with a humidity pack. By far the best prices one can get within Canada; Well worth it to avoid the anxiety of international import fees. The only bad thing was the online tracking for the Loomis delivery service, but this is a relatively minor issue. As the review above noted, Canada Post could perhaps be a much more economical and efficient option. Will definitely be ordering again soon. Fantastic.

  28. Experience:

    Cigars are top notch, service is quick and reliable. Great place to do business with.

  29. Experience:

    excellent communication and customer service. will buy from again.

  30. Experience:

    Ordered from Sister site, Super fast delivery 5 days! Sealed and checked out authentic never had a doubt! Great to do business with!

  31. Experience:

    My experience with this company was one of the worst transactions I have ever encountered.

    I originally sent an email asking a single question about a box of cigars. After a few days with no response, I sent a follow-up asking for a reply. I received one that day and placed my $200 order immediately. I then asked via email for the final charge (a discount was being applied ‘in-house’). I never received a response to that request (after I just spent $200). Pretty bad so far.

    I received my box of 10 Montecristo No 2 cigars for my wedding party. The day before the wedding (a few days after receipt of the shipment), I opened the box to find that each had mould spots over 50% of each cigar. To reiterate, this was mould–as in fungus–and was confirmed by the manager after photos were sent to Cigar Chief. I suppose this can be chalked up to ‘mistakes happen’, even though I’ve never received mouldy cigars from any other company.

    Okay, I send my email to Cigar Chief explaining the situation (their website says that their phone service is not available, and to email any questions). I suggested two possible options: a rush replacement (without mould) to arrive in time for the wedding the next day, or a refund (return shipment) so that I could acquire cigars locally. I received no response that day (my email was sent after lunch on a business day). After I sent a follow-up email, I received a belittling and extremely unprofessional email from the manager.

    The manager actually had the audacity to use on me the tackiest, most low-class excuse: “You are not the only customer we serve…” is the quote. Yes, I realize this, but unless you are dealing with other such problems concerning dissatisfied customers (I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case), the people who are sent $200 mouldy cigars have priority over new sales. Any well-managed business stands firmly behind such a mission statement. The poor Cigar Chief-type businesses put money and greed first, leaving the existing customers wondering what they just paid for… (Another fun fact: the manager said that my expectation of receiving an expeditious response is “naive”–that’s another quote.)

    I informed the manager the situation has now changed after such an insulting reply (that only came after I had to send a second email). I told him that I would just as soon cut my losses, toss the cigars in the garbage, and post this review. Please, folks, when it comes to quality, authentic cigars, there are myriad other high quality options. Cigar Chief is not at all deserving of your patronage.

    Thank you for reading.

  32. Experience:

    Ordered from Cigar Chief, couldn’t be happier. Even with labor day weekend they arrived in under 7 days (actual days, including non-business days). That’s pretty impressive. They were only in New York for one day, so nothing to stress about as far as customs. They are the real deal, genuine, and in fantastic shape. The packing was in great bubble wrap with water pillows. I ordered a sampler so I can’t speak to the box labels and seals, but all the label embossing and construction checks out on the cigars. Also, I purchased a Cohiba Behike 52 and the holograms on the label are perfect (there is a lot of information online as to how to spot a fake Behike and the counterfeiters haven’t managed to get the band right), as is the construction of the cigar. I will definitely be using them again!

    Update (Sep 20 2013) I have to write another review for their sister site, I ordered a bunch of Hoyo Epicure #2′s on sale. They arrived from Canada to the southern United States in 2 days. I don’t even know how that’s possible, but it happened. I had a great big smile on my face when the delivery surprised me! One note, cigar-smoke has duty free prices (great savings) but a smaller selection. Cigar Chief has a huge selection, but appears to be at the taxed Canadian price so they can be pretty expensive, but still reasonable prices compared to some of the places that price gouge. I will definitely be making more orders from both sites in the future.

  33. Experience:

    I am VERY new to the cigar world but I do my research and I agree with the general consensus of this board in that cigarchief is the real deal. Quick shipping and excellently packaged. Super fresh with a little pouched humidor which is nice. My only grip is the $25 flat shipping which is fine if you get a case at a time, but I like to try different sticks so it’s a bit of a bummer. I am going to use (their sister site) for my next order, they’re significantly cheaper if you’re not in Canada but with a lesser selection. Oh well.

  34. Experience:

    i placed a order for 3 singles my order arrived quick but the cigars were were dry and the wrapper was slipt spent 160 on 3 cigars that were dryer then burnt toast … contacted cigar chief they did not offer to refund me or even say sorry will never order from them again

  35. Experience: Neutral

    I have ordered from them many times and have never had a problem.I received some singles one time that were damaged and they shipped new ones right away and when the fresh ones arrived i just gave them the damaged ones.Can’t beat that imho.Very highly recommended.

  36. Experience:

    Received an order in 4 days well packaged and the cigars smelled great! Cost is a bit more but they were extremely easy to deal with! Kudos on my end!

  37. Experience:

    I have a summer home in Prince Edward County and pass the Cigar Chief on my way. The store is amazing and the selection is to die for. I have been enjoying their product for years and always find the cigars genuine, fresh and authentic. They will continue to get my business as nothing compares to a large glass of Crown Royal whiskey and a Cohiba

  38. Experience:

    I’ve had the opportunity to place several orders with the Chief (& their international shipping site Singles, Packs, and Boxes have all been shipped quickly. 1 week to the southern US. Prices are excellent, especially on their international site. Packs and Boxes are sealed with no missing codes. Everything was well packed with Boveda or water pillows. Tracking numbers are included – no surprises or guessing about a shipment.
    I really need a bigger humidor…

  39. Experience:

    Going way downhill, I specifically called wich I never do, I asked them a few times wich cigars they had in stock because I was in need of them ASAP for a wedding, we went thru awhile until we found wich cigars they had, then he assured me that they would be sent out next day. NOT only are they sent out 3 days later and on a Friday (so they can sit in the shipping co’s warehouse for 3 days)! Like a earlier post said, they really don’t give a damn.

    I had also emailed em a while back about a promotion they had, buy $2500 worth and we will knock off 5-10% , when they didn’t I called them and they just responded saying I was confused :) haha too good service these clowns.

    Update-: AND now they’re raising their prices to compete with my local stores they say, geez good luck with that full proof plan!

    I never post anywhere, but their service really got to me.

  40. Madmac55 says:


    I have been ordering from Cigar Chief for almost two years now, and have had nothing but the best service from them, my orders are always delivered on time and the cigars are always in tip top shape, I have and will be a customer for as long as they are in business!

  41. Experience:

    Ordered for the first time from Cigar Chief, Corona sampler. Box arrived mangled by shipper(S_it happens). Cigar Chief had new shipment en-route in no time, hassle free. I’m now enjoying these authentic and fresh cigars. Will be ordering from them again soon!

  42. Experience:

    Very good shop very quick shipping. Cigars are authentic with serial numbers and tex stamps intact. The prices aren’t the best in the world but if your willing to pay a little extra for the best quality and all the authenticity stamps this is a great place to shop. There parter duty free store has better prices as well just a smaller selection.

  43. Matt D says:


    I have ordered from Cigar chief and like an earlier poster, received a few cigars with mold. I sent and email with photos and placed a follow-up call the next morning and they were apologetic and responded quickly to the issue by sending a fresh box accompanied by return instructions and postage. Very pleasant and took my quality issue seriously.
    Ordering on-line is always a bit of a gamble, but my Cigar Chief earned my trust in delivering quality product and standing by their posted guarantee of customer satisfaction.

  44. Experience:

    Really love dealing with them. Really great service, products ship fast and prices are good. Visited their offices before as well. Very friendly, well organized and tidy shop. Great people. Will use them any time!

  45. Experience:

    Another good experience with Cigar Chief, this being my fourth order in just over a year. Ordered two boxes over the phone, since their site was down. Received them within one week here in British Columbia. Their prices have increased, on some vitolas very dramatically, on others not beyond means. The cigars I chose were still however half the price compared to if I had bought them locally, so I went for it. The cigars were all in great condition, and decently aged. I let them sit in the humidor for a week and have started gingerly making my way through. I will continue to order through Cigar Chief.

  46. Doberman says:


    After some straggle with new website, I placed an order and only two days later received the shipment. This website is far away from online cigar boutique status, but behind it are great people with top grade product.

  47. ben diver says:


    Been ordering for 5 years, prices have tripled in some cases and recently gone up again. Duty free selection limited but they arrive quick and in good shape. Once got a crushed box but they credited me on next order for 2 bad sticks.
    They will special order LE’s if you ask and overall experience is positive. I highly recommend as they are 100 percent real and reliable. No BS just good smokes at not so bad prices.

  48. Ben Diver says:


    Duty free site is down but pricelist was posted ,wanted to mention Cigar Chief recently redid website and still will take orders by phone. Highly recommend phone ordering that way you can ask ship date. They special ordered me a box of Monte Grand Edmundos and I got them 3 days after call good customer service.
    PS no more us shipments as of yesterday

  49. Mad Marv says:


    Long time customer, Always a great experience. Then a web site redesign, then the Duty Free Pricelist is missing, and now no longer shipping to US customers. Anyone know whats happening at Cigar Chief?

  50. Ben Diver says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I had enjoyed their service for years always the best. I had inquired a week before and no indication of shutdown. I was given no explanation of why even after being a loyal, frequent customer for over 5 years. Would like to know what’s up?

  51. Experience:

    A good shop, prompt delivery and very good about answering questions up front. Cigars always arrived in great condition. Unfortunately, they no longer ship cuban cigars to the U.S. My last order was in June by phone while the web site was down and being redesigned. Revisited the site this past week and saw the non-U.S. shipment policy stated on their product pages.E-mailed them about it and they confirmed it is so. Not sure why the policy changed, but now the search is on for a new and reliable cigar shop.

  52. Experience:

    Cigar Chief was a great business to deal with at one time but my last 3 orders have been major mess-ups. Ordered Friday for next day delivery and spent 45. for that service, it is now Tuesday and the cigars haven’t even arrived at Cigar Chief and I was told maybe they would arrive at CC today and will be here Wednesday. Previously I ordered online and after waiting for days for my order to arrive I called and discovered the order was never received because of a glitch in their computer system. I am totally dissatisfied with their service as of late, I called and voiced my displeasure with a few choice words only to be called by the owner to be rudely told he didn’t like my language. Fine, I will now deal with a competitor and buy cigars for half the cost of and take my chances on paying duty at Canada Customs. Interesting how I’ve sent so many people to Cigar Chief and I’m the bad guy because I used the F word in my frustration over their latest screwup. We are all now dropping out of financially supporting Cigar Chief and will send our money to Hong Kong thank you very much. Better prices, better service, better attitude toward customer longevity and they send a Christmas gift every year.

  53. Experience:

    Been dealing with the Chief for over 15 years now. They are the best! They are the only one I trust. I just got my shipment today, and its flawless as always. Btw, I am in Ohio. give them a call, they are shipping to the US!

  54. Experience:

    Love Cigar Chief. We use them for all of our pairing cigars because we know they’ll show up quickly and in great shape and at the best prices we can find in Canada. Definitely a recommend!

  55. Lee Mason says:


    I have ordered from Cigar Chief a few times since my previous negative experience with them. I am pleased to say the service has improved greatly and I will continue to do business with Cigar Chief

  56. Experience:

    This was my second order from Cigar Chief. Cigars were shipped out the next day! They were well packed, look and smell great!

  57. Experience:

    Nothing but a great experience with Cigar Chief. I would highly recommend you stop by the shop if you are in the area, as they have a lounge area where you can smoke your cigar sitting on massive leather furniture, and custom made furniture surrounded by original artworks. Beautiful way to spend a few hours, as the owner is often in there speaking (and smoking) with his customers. He will even offer you a maduro # 5 free of charge if you are a good customer. Now that my friends, is service. I’m a customer for life now.

  58. Experience:

    Good product and fast shipping. Would purchase from them again.

  59. Experience:

    I have placed about 10 orders with Cigar Chief thus far. I have always received prompt and courteous service. They arrive in a couple of days (choosing the $25 shipping) and are always packaged well and protected. They answer emails quickly and the cigars are always authentic. I will never go anywhere else.

  60. Robert says:


    Placed order and received it within 5 days. Packaged very carefully. Everything was in order. No problems whatsoever. Will order from again in future.

    Great transaction!

  61. Experience: Neutral

    With their products always sold out it is hard to really say anything good about that. Don’t know why anyone would pay insanely high Canadian prices anyways.

  62. Fuck cigar cheif says:


    Place is trash, wouldnt recomend this place to my enemy

  63. Experience:

    So far so good. Several orders in and to date have been very satisfied. After an order had been placed, they did call and advise they were actually out of a “gar” I ordered, however, made good on a make up selection. On the same order, there was a (1) cigar that, although was the right brand, was the wrong model. When I pointed this out, they gave me options, of which I opted to wait till my next order and they would include it then. Which they did. The flat rate shipping is obviously better suited to larger orders, and the packages shipped have always been received in great shape.As mentioned, so far so good, really good.

  64. Experience: Neutral

    Place is steadily going downhill, lots of complaints about how badly they treat their customers lately. I’d recommend you buy elsewhere

  65. Experience:

    If you complain they treat you like the bad person. Cigar Chief sucks and their prices are ridiculous.

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