Xikar Cigar Lighter

Xikar Cigar Lighter

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After spending years developing some of the highest quality cigar cutters, Xikar turned to engineering lighters to complete the experience of smoking a fine cigar. Their lighters are designed to do more than just work well, but come in a variety of different styles for any customer.

Xikar torch lighters are perfect for cigar smokers because they do not ruin the flavors of a cigar. With traditional flame lighters, flavors from the fuel can get into the tobacco and overwhelm and ruin even an expensive cigar. So you taste the wonderful palette of your stogie rather than the washed out taste of the fuel.

And like all Xikar cutters, their lighters include a lifetime warranty. Should it ever break or cease to work, send it in and they’ll repair or replace it, free of charge. You just need to send it in. So while they already are high quality, should there be any defect or problem, you don’t have to worry about buying another lighter.

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