V Cigar Cutter

V Cigar Cutter

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Choosing a cigar cutter can fall largely to personal preference. A V Cigar cutter cuts a wedge “V” shaped portion into the cap of cigar, rather than removing a large portion of the cap. Some people prefer the cut of a V cutter, especially on large gauge cigars because it does not ruin the entire cigar.

A V cigar cutter can produce a good draw in cigars that may be tight, especially on smaller gauges. The V cut can penetrate deeper into the filler, without ruining the shape or construction of the cigar. This is what opens up the draw more, but if cut too deep, can cause the cigar to become too hot.

Another benefit of V Cigar cutters is the cut prevents bits of tobacco from getting into the smoker’s mouth. The cut isn’t as open, so it prevents tobacco from falling out or getting knocked out of the wrapper during the course of smoking it.

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