Tube Humidifier

Tube Humidifier

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Tube humidifiers have a distinct advantage of normal humidor products. The shape and size makes them easy to fit into any humidor, even travel sized ones. A tube humidor usually is not much larger than a Churchill cigar, and can be taken out and moved into a travel humidor to protect cigars on longer trips.

The portability of tube humidifiers makes them an inexpensive alternative to standard humidifiers. In smaller humidors, it can be hard to find a product that fits. Because of their small size, they take up about as much space as a single cigar, and don’t have to be attached to the inside of the humidor.

Drymistat is one of the primary manufacturers of tube humidifiers. They also sell the necessary tubes and gel to keep your cigars safe in small humidors or travel humidors. If you need a way to keep your cigars at the correct humidity for trips or vacations, tube humidifiers offer a great, inexpensive alternative to standard humidifiers.

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