Triple Torch Lighter

Triple Torch Lighter

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When torch lighter’s first came into the market, they were highly sought after for how well they lit cigars and the lack of additional flavors getting into the tobacco. Fitting with the “more is better” paradigm, companies have been producing lighters with 2 and even 3 torch flames instead of a single flame.

The main benefit of a triple torch lighter is the greater heat produced. Lighting a cigar correctly is done without touching a flame directly to the tobacco. By avoiding direct contact, the flavors of the lighter or match don’t get absorbed by the tobacco. By producing a greater heat with 3 torches, the cigar lights easier and faster and has a more uniform burn.

Several companies, including Nibo, Xikar, and Colibri all sell high quality triple torch lighters. Some companies even offer a lifetime replacement policy and will repair or replace any damaged lighter. You just have to send it and they’ll return it working like new.

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