Travel Humidor

Travel Humidor

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Travel humidors are designed to carry anywhere from 1-20 of your favorite stogies. If you’re taking a few cigars with you while traveling, they may come across damage from crushing, changes in weather and humidity, or dry out, if they’re not taken care of.

Smaller travel humidors come in a variety of styles from leather bound, hard plastic, or aluminum. The benefit of these smaller humidors is the protection from crushing or bending that can happen to cigars that are not enclosed inside your pocket. A bump from a strange, or a stumble, could bend a ruin your favorite cigar.

Protect them for short or long trips by bring a travel humidor to keep them safe from the accidents that happen in life. If you’re going on a longer trip, consider buying a hard fiber-glass humidor to keep them safe on a plane trip or other vacation that could subject them to the carelessness of others. You can’t prevent mishandling of your cigars, but you can prevent any damage from being caused.

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