Torch Cigar Lighter

Torch Cigar Lighter

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Torch cigar lighters have many benefits over other methods of lighting a cigar. Matches were the method of choice in years past, but torch lighters have risen to the top and are now favorites. Since most torch lighters are wind proof as well, they’re great for lighting a cigar outdoors or in a breezy area.

Torch lighters are preferred among cigar smokers because they do not add any additional flavors to the tobacco of the cigar. Butane is held under pressure inside of the lighter. As it’s released, a metal coil is heated to burn the fuel as it’s ejected.

The fuel in torch lighters burns very hot, so any chemicals that can get into the tobacco are burned off quickly, and the heat created is what is used to light the cigar, rather than the flame itself. Aside from the taste benefits, these lighters are usually wind proof. Because the fuel is forced quickly over the hot coil, it ignites and stays lit even if there is a slight breeze.

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