Table Cigar Lighter

Table Cigar Lighter

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Cigar connoisseurs love to add the elegance of a table lighter to their home or office. A high quality torch lighter is an important to have when smoking a great cigar, but beautiful table lighters add sophistication to a smoking room. They add an affordable way to add a touch of class that fits with any cigar smoker’s style.

Makers of some of the world’s best lighters have included table top lighters to their list of products. Names like Visol and Colibri are producing high quality butane lighters at affordable prices. They’re a great addition to any smoker’s room and can often burn for 2 hours or more off a single refill.

Not all of the table lighters are windproof, so they won’t make for a great place to light your favorite cigar outdoors. However, the beautiful look and construction will make you want to keep them on display indoors with you at your favorite smoking chair.

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