Table Cigar Cutter

Table Cigar Cutter

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Table top cutters aren’t for everyone. They aren’t as portable or inexpensive as punch or guillotine cutters, but they can add a unique look to a smoking room or patio that is desired by a lot of aficionados. They can come with built in lighters, ashtrays, and holders for a complete collection of necessary accessories for smoking fine cigars.

Table cigar cutters can come with a variety of simple to extensive features. Some cutters offer a simple way to get a consistent cut on your cigars every time. The cutter is measured to make the correct cut every time without destroying the filler or wrapper.

However, some companies have gone further and offer table cigar cutters capable of cutting many different styles, from guillotine to wedge cut, and even include punch cutters. More expensive models, like those offered by Altadis, have a built in safety latch, and a draw to catch and easily dispose of the cuttings from your cigars.

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