Supreme Humidor

Supreme Humidor

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Humidor Supreme builds high quality humidors to store any cigar aficionado’s collection. They come in a variety of capacities that can store any collection of cigar you may have amassed. The beautiful finish of their humidors, and high quality construction, make them a welcome addition to any smoker’s room.

Humidor Supreme offers many different finishes and features with all of their humidors. No matter what room they go in, they’ll have a finish that will fit any smoker’s preference. Several models include a glass top for easy view of hygrometer and cigars for showing off a collection or deciding what to smoke next.

Their humidors come lined with Spanish cedar to protect cigars for many months. The Spanish cedar keeps them safe from damage due to mildew or mold, and will maintain the perfect humidor for your cigars. The bottle of Humidor Supreme humidor’s is lined with felt to keep furniture safe from scratches or damage.

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