Spanish Cedar Humidor

Spanish Cedar Humidor

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Spanish cedar humidors are desired by all avid cigar smokers because of the high quality of the wood. It’s very resistant to the conditions of a humidor that would damage or destroy other types of wood and ruin a beautiful collection of cigars. The wood is resistant to warping from the humidor that can happen to other types of lumber.

Though it’s called Spanish cedar, the trees often come from places in South and Central America. The wood is still equal in quality. However, it’s just cheaper and easier to produce the amount of wood necessary to supply customers with the finest wood liners for humidors.

Spanish cedar is perfect for the conditions in humidors because it’s not as aromatic as other types of wood or cedar, so it can preserve the humidity levels necessary in a humidor without transmitting unwanted smells and flavors into your cigars. Because of this, it’s highly desired by cigar aficionados and is the most common wood liner found in humidors.

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