Small Humidor

Small Humidor

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If you have a small collection of your favorite individual cigars, or don’t need to store more than a more of cigars, than small humidors are perfect. Usually holding less than 25 cigars, sometimes 40, they can hold a box of cigars to keep them in good condition for many months.

Small humidors are usually found in the sub-$50 price range, because they only hold up to 25 cigars. However, the highest quality humidors, like Diamond Crown, can run upwards of $200 or more. Because most cost less than $50, small humidors are usually great for beginner cigar enthusiasts who need a place to store only a couple cigars.

Small humidors come with a variety of different features for each customer. Each company offers different features with their product, but it’s not hard to find one that includes hygrometer, humidifier, and offers a traditional or glass top. And as with most humidors today, a Spanish cedar lining is something to search for.

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