Savoy Humidor

Savoy Humidor

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Savoy humidors are a prize welcomed by any cigar collector. They are made with the highest craftsmanship, and are truly beautiful humidors for any décor. Their parent company, Ashton, has been producing some of the world’s top cigars for 20 years, and Savoy is a part of a group of companies that produce some of the best cigar and other tobacco products.

Savoy humidors are made with Bubinga burl, beetlewood, lacewood, and others. They also offer humidors in traditional all wood construction and glass top to fulfill your preference. All of their humidors are made out of a beautiful Spanish cedar lining that lasts and protects the contents. Savoy humidors, however, feature a front mounted hygrometer and humidification unit to monitor your cigars.

Savoy produces top quality humidors, at prices lower than most humidors of equal quality. The price, features, and quality of their products is what makes them so highly desired by cigar aficionados.

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