Prometheus Cigar Lighter

Prometheus Cigar Lighter

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Prometheus, the Greek God of Fire, and one of the God’s of fire in the lighter industry, was created in 1992 with the desire to create some of the best cigar lighters out there. They’ve branched out since then to create and sell high quality humidors, cigars, and innovated the way that lighters work.

Prometheus sells many different types of lighters, from traditional flint lighters to more modern windproof ones. Each is created with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure they’re working for years, providing a perfect light to your favorite cigars.

A good lighter is as essential to smoking the perfect cigar as having a good cutter or even picking out the right cigar. You get what you pay for when buying cigars and cigar accessories, so spending the money on a high quality lighter can improve the experience of smoking a cigar as much as buying a higher quality cigar or a great cutter.

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