Pocket Humidor

Pocket Humidor

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Smoking cigars with friends is something that makes cigar smoking even more enjoyable. But carrying around a few cigars in your pocket doesn’t always protect them from damage cause by the environment or clumsy people. Cigar cases can protect them from damage, but a pocket humidor is the best solution to keep your favorite stogies fresh.

A pocket humidor varies from a simple cigar case in construction and features. In addition to providing solid protection against damage to the cigars, they keep your cigars safe against the weather. A cigar can become brittle, swell, split, and lose its flavors if subjected to extremes in heat and cold over a short period.

Companies like Csonka sell fine pocket humidors that keep your cigar safe while traveling. The solid construction keeps them airtight, and the built in hygrometer allows you to check on the humidity of your cigars, so you can move them back to a humidor if they look like they’re in danger of being damaged.

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