Other Cigar Accessories

Other Cigar Accessories

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There are a variety of accessories that any cigar lover should have. From ashtrays to travel humidors, divot tools to cigar holders, there are many great gifts and accessories for every cigar aficionado out there. Accessories make great gifts for your cigar aficionado, especially if you don’t smoke cigars yourself.

A travel case is an important item for a cigar smoker. A case protects them in a pocket or suitcase from being damaged by the environment or weather. Whether you only need to carry a couple cigars or need something large enough to store 15 or more, there are cases for everything in between.

Cigar holders and ashtrays provide a spot for a smoke to rest their cigar, should they need to fix a drink or answer the door. With all the unique styles of ash tray, it’s not hard to find one that fits with your décor or needs, and come in a variety of different materials and designs.

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