Nibo Cigar Lighter

Nibo Cigar Lighter

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Nibo has been around for 16 years, creating and designing lighters and other accessories for cigar enthusiasts. Nibo cigar lighters are designed for cigar smokers and provide a perfect light every time without altering the flavors or ruining cheap or expensive cigars.

Nibo lighters feature a jet flame that burns cleanly. Traditional flame lighters ignite the fluid and can cause flavors from the fluid to seep into the cigar and change or ruin the palette. But, Nibo jet lighters have several flames that burn cleanly and make it easier to get the perfect light on a cigar.

In addition to many single flame torches, Nibo offers many multiple flame lighters. Dual or triple flame lighters produce more heat necessary to light a cigar correctly. A single flame requires more turning of the cigar while lighting, and may burn one side more than others. With a larger, hotter flame, your cigar will light easier and require fewer touch ups.

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