Medium Humidor

Medium Humidor

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A small humidor is a great way for any beginner to start in the world of cigars, but eventually as your collection grows, so must your humidor. Medium humidors are designed to hold anywhere between 50 and 150 cigars, and though many are desktop humidors, the larger ones start moving towards a cabinet design to store larger collections.

With any humidor, it’s important to look for one with a high quality hygrometer, humidifier, and a Spanish cedar lining. A good hygrometer will make maintaining the quality of cigars easy, and a Spanish cedar lining will keep them free of mold and prevent odd flavors for getting in.

Desktop humidors are a common shape for a medium humidor, but if you have an extensive collection, a cabinet humidor may be a better way to utilize space and keep your cigars safe. Though, many desktop humidors provide ample space for 150 or more cigars, and are just as efficient at protecting them.

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