Leather Cigar Case

Leather Cigar Case

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Leather cigar cases are a classy and subtle way to protect a few of your favorite cigars without having to tote around a travel humidor. Travel humidors can protect cigars for several days or longer trips, but may be too bulky to carry in a coat pocket. Leather cigar cases are perfect for carrying a few cigars in a pocket or golf bag.

A leather cigar case differs from a travel humidor in more than size. Travel humidors are airtight, and some have enough space to fit in a gel or other method of humidifying. However, leather cigar cases protect the cigar, but are not airtight. They also rarely have the space to fit in a humidifying element.

A lot of humidor companies also produce and sell leather cigar cases. Even the big names in humidors like Diamond Crown sell cigar cases. In addition to humidor manufacturers, a lot of leather companies also sell cases for cigars.

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