Large Humidor

Large Humidor

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If you have a large collection of fine cigars, storing them in a large collection of humidors can be difficult. Maintaining the humidity and temperature of several humidors can be overwhelming and ruin the experience of smoking cigars.

Large humidors are offered by a variety of manufacturers that can hold anywhere from 300 to 5000 or more cigars. Commercial humidors can hold more than that, but may be too large of an investment for some, and often don’t look as beautiful as cigars intended for homes.

Humidors for storing 300 or more cigars come in a variety of styles. Whether you’d prefer a large desktop cabinet, a freestanding chest, or a glass fronted floor standing cabinet, there are a multitude of finishes that can match with your preference. It’s important to remember when investing in a large humidor such as this, that maintaining the humidity and temperature levels is even more important, because failing to do so could ruin more than just a couple cigars.

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