Hygrometer for Humidor

Hygrometer for Humidor

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Choosing a hygrometer for your humidor may seem like one of the easier tasks. But picking between analog and digital, among different types of each, is something that can’t be overlooked when finding the perfect way to protect your favorite cigars.

The two basic types of hygrometers are analog and digital. Digital hygrometers are the most popular kind because of the ease of installation and they don’t need to be calibrated. Digital hygrometers can be installed in any humidor and are easier to read than their analog countertype.

Analog humidors require a little bit more work and calibration before hand to make they read accurately and display the correct humidity. Calibrating them isn’t often too difficult, but it is important to test every so often to make sure that they are showing the correct humidity levels. The three subtypes of analog hygrometer use a metal spring, natural hair, or synthetic hair to test and monitor humidity levels.

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