Humidor Seasoning Kit

Humidor Seasoning Kit

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After purchasing a humidor, it’s important to prepare it to take care of your cigars. Unseasoned humidors will suck all the moisture out of cigars, and ruin them more than help them. To avoid destroying a box of brand new cigars, it’s necessary to season a humidor and bring the internal humidity to the correct levels before filling it with your stogies.

A seasoning kit takes all of the guessing and measuring out of seasoning a humidor. Finding the correct ratio of salt to water or propylene glycol to water may be beyond the difficulty range of some, and a seasoning kit includes all the pre-measured levels inside the packet to prepare any sized humidor.

Many companies offer seasoning kits that will bring it up to the correct levels automatically. Boveda offers seasoning kits that bring the internal humidity up to the perfect level to set up your humidor automatically. It’s much easier and more precise than trying to measure the materials yourself.

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