Humidor Jar

Humidor Jar

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Humidor jars are a great choice for anyone dipping their way into the cigar world. They’re cheaper than wood humidors, but provide the same protection for your cigars that is offered with humidors. If you know someone who is a beginner smoker without the extensive collection of other enthusiasts, it makes a great gift for their new hobby.

Humidor jars are made out of acrylic and are airtight to maintain humidity. Because of the absolute airtight nature of the jar, a Spanish cedar insert is usually put into the jars to prevent mold from forming. They even make a great choice for an aficionado who is looking for a clear humidor for 20-25 cigars.

With humidor jars, there are a couple methods of maintaining humidity levels. They include humidification foam and humidipak packets that automatically regulate the levels and are great for smaller humidors or travel humidors, such as this. Both are included, and you can pick one to use, per your personal preference.

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