Humidifier Gel

Humidifier Gel

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Humidifier gel comes in a lot of humidifiers and maintains your humidors humidity at the correct levels. Though it’s already included in a lot of cigar humidifiers, eventually it must be replaced. Several companies offer replacement gel for humidifiers to keep your favorite cigars in the right conditions for longer.

Ci-gel and Thompson offer replacement gel and solution, but Humi-care is the most popular choice for high quality humidifier gel. Humi-care sells all of the accessories that are needed to maintain correct humidity levels inside of a humidor.

Humidifier gel comes in packages that can protect different amounts of cigars, so getting the correct size to the size of your humidor will ensure that your cigars are being given the best treatment. Buying the wrong gel could mean an exaggerated humidity level that will ruin the wrapper and could make a box or more of your favorite cigars un-smokeable. Just make sure to get the correct gel for your humidor and humidity levels.

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