Guillotine Cigar Cutter

Guillotine Cigar Cutter

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Guillotine cigar cutters come in two basic varieties: single and dual bladed. They’re identified by their resemblance to a guillotine blade, and cut a straight cut through the cigar. Single bladed guillotine cutters are common for beginners their low price, though double bladed offer greater benefits.

Double bladed guillotine cigar cutters generally provide better cuts, and most aficionados prefer the cleaner cut they give to single bladed counter parts. Two razor sharp blades one each side and cut through the cigar cleaner with less tearing of the wrapper. The advantage of dual blade is that each blade only has to go partially through the cigar, so the wrapper isn’t pinched or torn like with single blade cutters.

Plastic is a common material used to make inexpensive, but lower quality, cutters. Some use a cheap plastic, but there are good quality cutters made out of hardened plastics that can provide good cuts. Stainless steel cutters, however, are high quality cutters that can last a long time, though they may be a bit more expensive than plastic.

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