Glass-top Humidor

Glass-top Humidor

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The distinct advantage of glass top humidors is obvious: the glass top provides a window to check on the cigar’s humidity and temperature without physically opening the case. Opening the case, especially a smaller one, can change the climate drastically, and take time to return to the correct climate.

Glass top humidors, like traditional ones, provide a controlled climate for a cigar to age properly, without getting damaged by the wrong temperature or humidity leading to cracking, poor smoke, or a poor burn. A humidor is irreplaceable to anyone who collects or smokes cigars, and prefers to buy them in advance to smoking them.

Before placing cigars into any humidor, however, they should be seasoned first and brought to the right humidity and temperature needed to store cigars in. Humidors are seasoned by placing in a dish of distilled water for several days prior to placing cigars in there to get the internal conditions up to the optimal humidity and temperature.

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