Electronic Humidifier

Electronic Humidifier

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If you’d prefer not to have to do regular maintenance on the conditions inside of your humidor, than an electronic humidifier provides one of the easiest ways to preserve your cigars with minimal effort. The electronic humidifier requires very little maintenance to keep the humidity, temperature, and air flow at the correct levels.

An electronic humidifier just requires to be set to the desired humidity, and must be replenished with distilled water every once in a while. Otherwise, it controls the environment inside the humidor with power from an outlet. The wires are small, so they don’t interfere with the humidor case, and can be installed with ease.

Hydra electronic humidifiers are some of the most popular, because of the high quality of construction, and multitude of features. A reliable electronic humidifier is important if it’s going to be placed somewhere for a long time and left untouched. Hydra humidifiers also have visual and audio alarms to warn you if they are in need of care.

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