Double-bladed Cigar Cutter

Double-bladed Cigar Cutter

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Single bladed cigar cutters have been around for years, and are the most popular for beginners. But to get a truly perfect cut, finding a high quality double bladed cigar cutter will insure perfect cuts every time without ruining the wrapper or construction of the cigar.

Double bladed cigar cutters are advantageous to single bladed because one side of the cigar is not being forced up against a dull edge for the cut. Both sides of the cigar are being cut evenly, reducing the chance of the cap of the cigar being crushed and ruining a good cigar.

Many companies offer double bladed cigar cutters, and finding a single bladed cutter of high quality is harder than a double bladed. Companies like Palio, Davidoff and Xikar offer cutters designed and improved over the years to ensure a perfect cut every time, so that your favorite collection of cigars isn’t turned into a pile of tobacco by cheaper cutters.

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