Discount Humidor

Discount Humidor

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Maybe you don’t have a collection of cigars worth a $1000 (or maybe you do and that’s all you have), but it’s important to store them in a humidor so that whatever you paid for your cigars, they stay fresh and age perfectly until you can take them out to smoke them. Picking a discount humidor can be hard, especially when some deals can be too good to be true. But by saving money purchasing a cheaper humidor, you can invest it in more of your favorite cigars.

Trim a few dollars out of buying a humidor by going with a smaller size. Humidors that hold more materials require larger and more cuts of lumber, so finding one made with cheaper wood cuts will mean a discount humidor that still keeps your cigars safe. Avoid all the fancy accoutrements of more expensive humidors. These add to the looks and class of a humidor but may not be something you need.

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