Digital Hygrometer

Digital Hygrometer

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Hygrometers are an important part of all humidors. Without being able to check the humidity levels in a humidor, it’s impossible to get your cigars to the right climate. Digital hygrometers are easy to use because they don’t require calibration, and give you an accurate reading of the current conditions inside of your humidor.

Analog hygrometers rely on methods of monitoring humidity that might not be 100% accurate, but digital ones have grown in popularity because of the ease of use. The hygrometers are more accurate at higher humidity don’t have to be calibrated after they’re put in place.

Because of this, they’ve become a popular installation into home humidors. Digital hygrometers are more accurate and reliable, so by installing one in your humidor, you can be more sure of the climate of your humidor and in turn the quality of your cigars. Because humidity is important to preserving and aging cigars, a high quality hygrometer can go a long way.

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