Digital Humidifier

Digital Humidifier

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Digital Humidifiers provide the most advanced way of keeping cigars at the correct humidity. Getting a humidor to the correct humidity can be difficult and involves a lot of adjustment and tuning, but a digital humidifier is a solution for those humidors that may be hard to get to or stored away for later use.

A digital humidifier, aided with a digital hygrometer, is set to keep a humidor at the perfect humidity, and will adjust to keep it at the setting. If you forget to check a humidor often, or it’s somewhere that regularly checking and adjusting it isn’t possible, switching your humidifier to a digital one can assist in protecting your favorite box of stogies.

Le Veil and Cigar Oasis make high quality digital humidifiers for different size humidors. The only maintenance they require is to have the distilled water levels refilled every so often, and warning sounds and beeps are often built in to warn you if the levels are dropping too low.

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