Diamond Crown Humidor

Diamond Crown Humidor

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Diamond Crown has been producing fine smokeables and cigar accessories for years, and their humidors have become highly desirable for their high quality. With their humidification system and multitude of features, owning a Diamond Crown humidor is a luxury for anyone who has purchased one.

Diamond Crown humidors come in a variety of sizes and finishes to match the décor of any smoking room. They sell three different models, the Windsor, Oxford, and the Drake, and each one comes with the same features and construction, but vary in finish to fit your tastes.

The Diamond Crown humidors are well crafted to protect your cigars. Included in all of them is the Diamond Crown Humidification system and digital Hygrometer, and are designed to make the inside of your case as beautiful as the outside. They’re crafted with 11/16” wood and tongue and groove edges to keep it airtight and stable so your cigars stay in perfect condition longer.

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