Davidoff Cutter

Davidoff Cutter

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The Davidoff name has been around for over 100 years, producing cigars and tobacco products of the highest quality. Over the years, they’ve added more products to their line, and increased the prestige that comes along with their name.

Davidoff Cigar Cutters are among the highest quality in the market. The high price tag is attributed to not just the quality of the cutter, but the materials used to make it. Rather than cheap plastics, Davidoff cutters are usually made out of high quality steel, silver, gold, and platinum. So while they are great to use for cutting a cigar, they also look stunning.

Davidoff offers different kinds of cutters for each smoker’s taste. Whether you prefer guillotine, wedge cuts, cigar scissors, or punches, they have a variety of beautiful, high quality cutters to fit with what you’re looking for. The high quality materials used insure that they’ll stay sharp and last a long time.

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