Colibri Cigar Lighter

Colibri Cigar Lighter

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Colibri is one of the top names in lighters today, and they provide single, dual, or triple flame lighters to fulfill any smoker’s preference. They’ve been around for over 80 years, and introduced the world’s first lighter. Since then, Colibri has evolved and reinnovated their products to provide customers with the latest technology for cigar collectors.

Colibri’s Quantum lighters, introduced in 1987, were the world’s first windproof lighters. They’ve improved on their original design, and many of their models today contain dual or triple jet flames for better lighting of a cigar. Even though they were the innovators of the first windproof lighters, Colibri has continued to improve their product to fit the requests and needs of customers.

In addition to lighters, Colibri sells a variety of products for cigar aficionados including cutters, ashtrays, and travel cases. So if you’re in the market for quality smoking accessories beyond lighters, Colibri has plenty of products to choose from.

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