Cigar Scissors

Cigar Scissors

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Scissor cutters have grown in popularity because of the amount of control they give over the cut of the cigar. They can be used on any gauge of cigar, and after a little bit of practice and adjustment, often become a favorite to guillotine cutters. Many are also self-sharpening, which ensures they’ll make a clear, regular cut every time.

Cutting with a scissors is a bit different than a guillotine cutter. A guillotine makes the best cut with a quick strong cut, however, with cigar scissors it’s more important to be precise with the cut and careful not to twist the scissors and rip or tear the cigar wrapper or destroy the filler.

Many high quality cigar cutter makes like Xikar and Visol sell cigar scissors that share the same high quality and sharpness of cut that made them popular from the beginning. Buying a high quality cutter will last longer than a cheaper one, and will provide the best cut, especially on expensive cigars.

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